Mountain Bike Content Nominated for Vimeo's Best of the Year Awards

Nov 30, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Vimeo celebrates the best videos shared on their platform each year with the Vimeo Festival and Awards. This year, mountain bike content was nominated in three of the 19 categories. Specialized's The Perfect Lap was nominated in the Product Launch category alongside videos by Volvo and Apple. You can read our massive interview with the team behind the scenes on that video here.

Meanwhile, Scott Secco's Madman Trails Of Bhutan with Wyn Masters and Cody Kelly was nominated in the Action Spots category alongside Ryan Gibb's From The Ash with Nico Vink. Shimano was nominated in Brand Story: Large Business, while Dakine and Freehub were recognized in Brand Story: Small Business.

The winners will be announced in a virtual award show on January 14th. More information on that can be found here.


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 The Stumpy Evo ad is one of the best promotional films I've ever seen. It doesn't feel like I'm being sold something but I come out of it every time stoked on riding. I have no conclusion to this comment other than Bike Video Good
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 100% this!
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flag TannerValhouli (Nov 30, 2020 at 15:29) (Below Threshold)
 am I the only one that thought it was cheesy and painful to watch? its like 80% dudes in bad makeup talking in cliches... wish they rode the bikes a bit more
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 @TannerValhouli: videos with dudes riding bikes and music in the background are dime a dozen. Might as well just go ride a bike instead.
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 @TannerValhouli: Yeah I think you might be the only one. Underneath the silicone are a couple of legends.
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 @TannerValhouli: Yup! Ur the only one...
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 @TannerValhouli: I thought the video was actually pretty good.

The problem was that it got so much exposure that I got sick of seeing it as the lead story so many times - it's telling that it was the picture used as the headline for this story - predictable and, whilst perhaps achieving the Specialized Bicycle Company's marketing objective, ultimately diminishing the impact of the video.
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 @TannerValhouli: It's like, it's like they actually WANTED you to think that, right?!
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 you mean there is a site that hosts videos that doesn't automatically play ads during watching, asks you to upgrade to premium, tracks your every video watched, removes songs, and suggests garbage videos of people unboxing things or playing video games????

Thanks Vimeo for keeping it simple.
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 What went in there Mr. Miles? Hahaha.... classic.
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 Not many people know this, but.... you can put your “stuff” in there
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 Expanding on trail etiquette for beginners: yielding to uphill traffic does not mean going from 25mph to 15mph and barely squeaking by. At the least you'll piss off the uphill rider or poor old lady hiking, but more importantly, you're being a poor ambassador to the sport of mountain biking and adding to the overall hate towards us. I would say that a large percentage of riders (even ones I know have been riding for a while) practice what they think is good trail etiquette because they slightly slow down and get to the edge of the singletrack; but in reality, they're still scaring hikers and forcing uphill riders to the edge of a trail. Yielding means exactly that. You wouldn't merge into the same lane with another'd wait until it passed to continue. Be a good ambassador, say "hi" and "thank you" if they let you go by, and forget about your Strava time or whatever is driving poor etiquette.
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 You were ref. to the rented electrics users in the Dolomites?
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 @eugenux: No, but do tell? Interested to hear what happened or is happening there?
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 Oops...I just realized I meant to post this on another PB article...the ask PB anything, including tips for beginners. My bad.
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 Though I understand the sentiment, I wonder if people who say this are people who either 1) Have enough local trails such that they don't have to share them with clueless hikers (headphones in, looking at their feet as they walk) or 2) Aren't very fast going downhill/don't derive the most enjoyment from dh and are perfectly content to bumble on flat ground, ergo do not fully understand that having a perfect run ruined by said clueless hiker is one of the worst ways to lose a boner.
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 Remember that if you go outside the US, uphill yield to downhill. And don't pass hikers faster than walking pace uphill, downhill or whatever. And smile.
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 @steveczech: one step from ban bikes on natural/hiking trails due to idiots on rented electrics having no trail etiquete or respect for hikers, trekking groups..or, pretty much, anyone else besides them, causing accidents/colisions on the trails.

I keep telling ppl but I am always been seen as a hater/conservative/"old guy"/etc-etc. Electrics riding should be regulated with a driving licence or similar.
When you "learn" the mountains on your own strength, you respect it, you respect others that ate doing the same sport, irrelevant of the lvl of their expertise/skills. When you just show up in your cargo pants, cotton t-shirt, nike walking shoes and super-dry become, very-very fast, the "kind of the road". Of course, not everybody...but most of them are/do exactly that. 'Everyone is beneath me' mentality. That is why accidents happen, that is why idiots die of cold 3.5 kms from the village(as his battery runned out of juice); and this behaviour reflects on the whole comunity.
That is why I am saying, riding an electric should be much more regulated. Much-much more!, thus, not letting johnny big wallet with zero trail experience and princes 'my hubby is a mtb-er' riding on smth that can be harmful for them, as well as others and also be detrimental to the actual mtb-ing community and actual mtb-ers.
We ride bikes for the pleasure of riding into the woods, for mountain adventures, for adrenaline surges at high speed on dh tracks.
"They"(at least, most of them) ride for none of that. They couldn't handle a normal bike on real mtb-ing trails. So why are they allowed to ride electrics?
Would you put a learner driving student to ride across the continent a two trailers truck or a formula 1 car?
Would you allow for a cessna learning pilot to handle a F-22 in combat or to fly an A380 with 600 passengers on board?
Would you let a 1st year medical student to do a brain surgery?
Would now, I think you guys got the point... why ppl with no skill or fitness or even the most basic knowledge about mountaineering are allowed to ride electrics on real mtb and hiking trails?
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 Let me give a current(I guess) cultural-pop reference here:

Everyone thinks that if they would receive power, they would be and act like superman; in reality/when you grow up, you realise that, in truth, you'd be and behave much more like the homelander.

It is the same way with electric bikes for non/wannabe-mtb-ers.
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 @eugenux: That really sucks to hear. I would say that aside from personal rider responsibility (which appears to be lacking due to ignorance), the company renting out the bikes should have some responsibility in ensuring that the renters have the ability to ride the trails and follow the etiquette as well. I mean, it's in their best interest to do so...otherwise the ban will kill their business. Sounds like renting is bringing out all the idiots, since it breaks down the barrier of entry (high cost) into a sport/hobby they otherwise couldn't get into. And I would think that most people buying an e-bike on their own won't make that investment unless they're willing to take it seriously. I know that there are still people with money who don't respect the mountain and others using it, but I'm maintaining hope that they are outliers in most areas. I've been riding a variety of mtb since 2008, and I got my first e-bike this year--not because I don't like climbing or lack skill--because or 'Rona killing shuttles and time limits due to the kids being at home so much. I respect the mountain and other traffic even more when I'm on it. I use the regular road to get up the mountain or go up a ski run where there is hardly any traffic. Then, I either turn the motor off on the DH runs, or keep it in ECO for the other trails down. I've learned that I can self-shuttle more efficiently this way as opposed to planning the ride, wearing masks in a car while still being at risk, using gas on multiple vehicles, and having to retrieve a vehicle at the end of a ride. Sure I miss riding with buddies, but I get my ride in; and I do it without being an a-hole. It's been a huge benefit to me, but I can see how detrimental e-bikes can be in more-than-ever crowded trails. I hope that ban doesn't stick, and they find alternate means to level the craziness out in the Dolomites. All the best, man.
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 @carlchristian: Good to know!
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 I've watched the stumpy video like 20 times, holy I want to move back to the loops
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 I absolutely love Ryan Gibbs work. I feel like he captures the pure essence of mountain biking better than anyone else.
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 Liked the 'Bhutan' video best.
Seems to be inspired by the Bella Coola segment from INTO THE MIND:
which I prefer because it's more OUT THERREE MAANNNN
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 Ew, what a repulsive display of cultural infringement. They shouldn’t be tearing up that monastary in such a disgusting way. Shame on them, SHAME!!! Using an unwitting Buddhist community to sell mountain biking makes me cringe SO HARD. Capitalism at its worst GAH!!!

Sarcasm aside, I was smitten with glee when the kid smacked the camera after the wheelie high fives. Smiles for miles watching that
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 It isn't quite mountainbiking but I still love my old Kris Holm Into the Thunder Dragon dvd (mountain unicycling in Bhutan). I think it is a fun, adventurous yet respectful and positive video (with all original music made for the video).
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 Good one! I had never seen this segment but it has a lot in common indeed.
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 @FlorentVN: Yeah, but what I linked to was just a trailer. The full dvd is well worth it. Not sure whether it is still available but it might be viewable through streaming services. Compared to the mountainbike video here, the Kris Holm video has more smiles.
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 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO video is one of the best MTB films ever created. Congrats everyone involved !!
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 Im so old i thought he was talking about Myles Rockwell when he said "Myles left". I have no idea who these kids are but they ride like somebody is chasing them. Great vid!
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 From the ash was legit one of the best mountain bike videos I've ever seen. Some sick shit.
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 There was no Semenuk, the mines I am out.
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 That was a sick video. too bad it wasn't uploaded to Vimeo to qualify
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