Mountain Biking on Fresh Corduroy in "Minnesota Winters" - Video

Mar 10, 2018
by NionixMedia  
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bigquotesHere in Minnesota we don't have the luxury of riding in the mud... Or shorts for that matter. We have snow and real cold, try on -12°F the actual temp the first morning of shooting, but that's the way Minnesotans like it. As my dad once said, "it keeps the riffraff out." Luckily, I was kitted out with products from 45NRTH, a Minnesotan company that specializes in deep winter riding gear, so I was able to stay warm all day long. I can't say the same for my bike with its frozen brakes, drivetrain and suspension or our poor frozen cameras and batteries that we had to tape hand warmers to.Max Fierek

If you look close enough the goggles are iced over on the inside
At -12° F it is so cold that icicles form in beards and goggles ice over from the inside!

The best winter Shuttle available Tracked UTV
Our shoot started at 7am on Friday morning at the local ski hill and bike park Spirit Mountain who agreed to not only let us ride and film in the terrain park on the jumps, but also sent over a private shuttle, a Polaris side-by-side with tracks! Which we have decided is the best winter shuttle vehicle ever, also definitely had Max stoked, no need to hike up the hill 30 times to get the shot.

Hitting the terrain park jumps at Spirit Mountain was incredible So fun

Lake Superior at sunrise
Saturday morning we changed things up, another early start but this time heading to the shores of Lake Superior to ride the enormous icebergs that form from the ice being pushed around all winter.

Groomed fat bike trails at Lester Park
After wrapping up on the lake it was a crazy day, hurrying across town to shoot the groomed trails at Lester Park. One of the great things about Duluth is that COGGS the local trail association actually grooms and maintains many of the trails around town in the winter and they do such a phenomenal job that when it's cold the trails are actually firm enough to ride on a normal bike with pretty much no issues at all! Other than your suspension freezing.

Blowing up iced over berms on the downhill track
Then again we rushed back to Spirit to catch afternoon golden hour on Calculated Risk, one of the bike park runs open both winter and summer. A thick layer of ice on the lower section of Calc made us more then appreciative of the studs, being able to ride a perfectly smooth ice made flow trail that in the summer is so chundery it will rattle your teeth out is something special that you can only achieve when riding in the winter. Spirit is one of a kind where you can ride the lift there year round with your bike.

Overall this shoot was something we all thought only possible in dreams, after 3 years Michael Brower and Max Fierek had finally pulled it together with the help of Rhett Williams. We all would really like to thank Spirit Mountain and 45NRTH for the support of this project. Don't let winter stop you from riding your bike, whether you live in the rainy PNW or the iced over Midwest, get out and ride your bikes. I promise you won't regret it.

Slashing snow in the terrain park at Spirit Mountain

You can follow Max Fierek @mtbfierek, video extraordinaire Micheal Brower @thehansdampf and photographer Rhett Williams @r.s.williams_photography for more content like this.


  • + 12
 Great video! Looks like a ton of fun. Ski hills and bikes! Coming soon I hope. I like snowboarding but to ride down a hill in the winter and hit the terrain park would be amazing!
  • + 13
 Y u no fat bike?
  • - 1
 Self respect, fun, speed, ability to jump, ability to turn, ability to stop, efficiency, lack of rolling resistance, not being over weight, doesn't need an excuse for being slow, doesn't want to look like a look, wants to be attractive to the opposite al.
  • + 2
 Y u no big jumps?
  • + 1
 @BadgerBacker: dont be hateful. Mountain bikes with 4+ inch tires might not be your cup of tea, which is totally cool. I happen to be able to ride way harder on mine than any other bike ive tried. Which doesnt mean that i have any right to bash your mountain bike that has 2.5 inch tires. Arnt we all riding bikes with big tires in the woods?
  • + 10
 Great video!
I’m sure fat bikes laid the tracks, at least the single track. Respect - embrace every season!
  • + 8
 The most interesting part of the video for me is the "supported by Bontrager" yet not riding a Trek
  • + 3
 Max used to ride for Trek, I'm from MN and rode the Spirit Mountain bike park with him a couple times
  • + 5
 I think I spotted a little snow double on your left on that windy trail that you skipped! You forgot to abominably send it!
  • + 5
 Great vid my northern peeps! Cheers!
  • + 3
 Meh... that snow and park looks too good to pass up for me & my board. I think I'd also like to hit the same terrain on my Bucksaw.
  • + 4
 Are there mountains in Minnesota?
  • + 9
 Nope, just hills.
  • + 2
 Nope. Spirit Mountain is as close as we get and it has ~500ft of elevation change.
  • + 3
 @BlackVR: I believe Lutsen has more elevation change.
  • + 3
 Yeah buddy! Grew up riding Spirit! So stoked someone did this. you are the man
  • + 4
 That looked insanely fun! Cheers!
  • + 2
 What does it take to bring a bike to a ski resort will they just let you in or what?
  • + 1
 @MTBingSpartan: Here at Spirit they have winter lift assist Fatbiking! But we had to get special permission to ride the Terrain Park. I've always wanted to just show up at a resort with a bike and see what they do though haha
  • + 3
 @NionixMedia: What about a normal bike.
  • + 1
 @MTBingSpartan: It would be worth trying!
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 Cool Max!
  • + 3
  • + 2
 Aren’t you just special....?!?
  • + 1
 Congrats on the the new venture with Yeti!!
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 MN represent. Calculated risk?? Great vid and 45nrth is hands down the only way to roll sub zero
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 nice video bud
  • + 2
 Very cool max!
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