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Apr 1, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Canadian Corroboree: Rhys Ellis, Brendan Howey, and Dewy get together down under for some good times at Maydena Bike Park.

Views: 14,967    Faves: 213    Comments: 20

Remy Metailler - Nevados de Chillan Bike Park: @remymetailler rides the park.

Views: 4,168    Faves: 21    Comments: 7

Taylor Vernon - 2019: Left with out a Team ride I will take on the 2019 Downhill Mountain Bike race season as a Privateer. With help from sponsors we will attend the World Cup and British Championship. Having come from previous Factory Teams this year will be a new experience but will remain with the same aim. Filmed and Edited by @98_vision at Bike Park Wales

Views: 6,192    Faves: 16    Comments: 5

Connor Fearon - 2008 Promotional Video: We think this kid has a future.

Views: 43,582    Faves: 706    Comments: 191

RAD: A classic BMX film.

Views: 60,511    Faves: 205    Comments: 27

Spring Is Here: First dry session with the boys.

Views: 1,547    Faves: 9    Comments: 1

Project - Alpine Vale: Alpine Vale is a spot residing in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Riders: Jonny Eden and Billy Meaclem.

Views: 30,235    Faves: 43    Comments: 9

Feistel Racing - Hometrails: We wanted to know if it's possible to make a mountain bike movie at home with local riders... without Whistler Bike Park, Dolomite panoramas, alpine trails, or world cup racers. Here is our result.

Views: 2,661    Faves: 7    Comments: 7

Trail Party Autumn/Winter: Team Trail Party had a blast this season with all of our friends. 2019 here we go! Riders: Shawn Neer, Jimmy Smith, Carson Lange, Jeremiah Work, Javy Zuniga, Chris DeHaro, Josh Payne, Chase Havens, and more. Huge thanks to: Wes Crow, Steve Abbenante, Jeremiah Work. Editor: Wes Crow @asthecrowflies. Cheers to all the builders out there. The unsung heroes of the sport.

Views: 2,367    Faves: 8    Comments: 2

Lousa Portugal Cup 2019: Raw footage from Lousa.

Views: 7,480    Faves: 14    Comments: 0

Riding My Bike In Queenstown And Vancouver On The Same Day Riding my mountain bike in Canada and New Zealand was a goal the moment I booked my plane tickets - stoked that I got the opportunity to give it a go.

Team Pivot & friends in Tasmania: A week with the boys in Tasmania... and what a time it was!

High Times Low Funds - Episode 5: Last couple weeks of antics from Queenstownland.

Cultcrew - Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop In - AZ TRIP: Riding BMX in pools takes dedication. Searching and trespassing a tight, steep, imperfect, set up that you usually have to drain and clean.These dudes wouldn’t have it any other way. Watch as they destroy some of the best spots in AZ.

Liam Zingbergs - Kicked Outta Cali: California may be the dream location for many riders but the reality of making a video there means dealing with private property, cops, and security on the regular.

Watch Legend Tony Hawk Yelling "Do A Kickflip!" At Skateboarders From His Car: Tony Hawk is the one… the one skateboarder everybody and their mom knows, and the kickflip is the trick everybody and their mom knows. Combine these two things and you have the chocolate/peanut butter cup of skate videos. Hey Tony: "Do a 900!"

Sankhara: Featuring: Marius Syvanen, Axel Cruysberghs, Tom Karangelov, Marquise Henry, & Anthony Schultz.

The Fifty - Ep. 6. - Aemmer Couloir: A last minute decision to go to a place not known for mid-winter steep skiing descents takes the crew to the Rocky Mountains of Canada. Yet just getting there is half the battle with sketchy highways, early cold mornings, and a 13km walk just to get to the base of the infamously beautiful Aemmer Couloir in Banff National Park. Starring: Chris Rubens, Kevin Hjertaas, Bjarne Salen, and Cody Townsend

The Incredible Hulk - Emily Harrington and Alex Honnold Free Climb "Solar Flare" (5.12d): The North Face athletes Emily Harrington and Alex Honnold take a walk up the Incredible Hulk for a free ascent of "Solar Flare" (5.12d) in the high sierra of California.

Eli - Ultra Running in Navajo Nation: As a rancher growing up in the rugged northeast corner of the Navajo Nation with no electricity or running water, Eli Neztsosie learned through years of work what it meant to rely on discipline and endurance. Now he relies on these same skills, running long distances - striving every day, in his words, to be better than he was the day before.

Revel Co Contra

Photo: the4color

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 13
 All of Rad?!?!?!? Not even an April Fool's joke? Aw this makes my day!! Thanks PB!!!
  • + 4
 Dude. No Sh*t!! I am 45 and way too excited about this. Big Grin
  • + 5
 It's like Scott Secco sent us an angel.....riiiiiiight now
  • + 2
 Was just going to comment on how gruesome RAD is. God almighty, the 80s was a dog's dinner of a decade.
  • + 5
 Iconic. Such a great bit of nostalgia. Also love the irony of Lori Loughlan standing up to corporate greed and showing us that integrity is more important than money... in the movie that is...
  • + 1
 I just started watching and I just couldn't stop.
  • + 2
 @bman33: Listen to the Space Brothers interview with Eddie Fiola:

Then watch it again. He has a whole pile of insight on the movie in addition to a bunch of other cool stories from back in the day.
  • + 1
 @sd351: Will do. Thanks!
  • + 12
 Team PIVOT tasmania video = best edit in a long time
  • - 1
 That was so good!
  • + 8
 Not really into skating but Tony Hawk is f*ing awesome!
  • + 8
 Get the fuck outa here with the punter videos..
  • + 6
 Alex Honnold is entirely super human in his ability to climb. If you saw Free Solo, you know what I'm talking about. The finger strength amazes me.
  • + 8
 Have your seen his hands, especially his fingers? Dudes a freak. If he was a lesbian he'd be well hung.
  • + 4
 I can't wait to watch RAD. Even thought it's awfully un-rad. How things have changed.
  • + 3
 Hawk's an American treasure. I'd love to see a video with Semenuk driving around saying do a manual.
  • + 1
 I was watching the vid and asking myself what the 'kickflip' equivalent for MTBing would be. I would have called it a Wheelie I guess, a manual would make a 360flip Wink
  • + 2
 Some of those pool clips in the cult video we're nuts. I cannot imagine ever looking that smooth on transitions like that!
  • + 3
 10% tasmanian content.
We must be doing something right down here.
  • + 2
 Love the Kickflip videos and Tony Hawk took it to th next level. So good.
  • + 2
 Pretty sure as a kid I set the record for most views of RAD.
  • + 1
 Ever notice how much Christian looks like a young Aunt Becky?

Much irony @scottsecco
  • + 2
 Yeahhh Connnah!
  • + 0
 No one's gonna call out Tony Hawk for not wearing a helmet . . . ?

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