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Apr 20, 2020
by Scott Secco  
Loam Factory: Video: Liam Mullany & David Peacock.

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Ackerbier - Better Late Than Never: Afrobiking Ackerbier is back. It took some time, but now it is packed full of action, nonsense, good times, and more nonsense. Enjoy.

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Sending It On A Legendary German Freeride Line: Rider: @mtb.moritz. Video: @kimballcool. We filmed this one back in autumn at a legendary German freeride spot. Super stoked on the outcome, enjoy.

Views: 3,263    Faves: 34    Comments: 17

Jibs, Jumps, & Joeys: Good times with the boys over the last few months of riding. Much appreciation for everyone who filmed!

Views: 3,362    Faves: 54    Comments: 11

Go All The Way: Featuring: Tristan Botterham. Video: Daan Schel - DSV Videography.

Views: 5,577    Faves: 25    Comments: 4

52 And Sending It: My 52nd year on the planet was a fun one. Locations: Whistler, Ogden Bike Park, Blackrock, Eagle Bike Park, and Trailside Bike Park.

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Low Risk - High Fun: With COVID I've had to tone down the send, luckily we have a lot of lower risk trails we can still get out and enjoy. Video: Jordan Tieszen.

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Brendan Howey - A Canadian Down Under: Brendan Howey escapes Canadian winter down under. After spending a few weeks in Australia last year, Brendan Howey made the decision to chase summer this year and spend the majority of his “winter” down under, riding bikes and digging trail in Maydena, Tasmania. Deep in the Tasmanian rainforest beneath the ferns Brendan tears up the Maydena Bike park trails in typical Howey style. Video: Ryan Finlay.

Mike Steidley - Existence" Steidley is a 13x national champion for a reason.

Erik Elstran - Pro Part: There are so many great things you can say about Erik Elstran's riding - it's creative, unpredictable, technical, and straight up difficult. Whatever you love about Erik’s riding, hit play because you’re about to get all of the above. Erik never ceases to amaze and his Pro Part will only leave you wanting more.

GO Miami - Nigel Sylvester: Nigel Sylvester, professional BMX athlete, is at it again with another remarkable ride. This time watch him take on the vibrant streets and beach of Miami in the 6th instalment of 'GO', the global adventure series.

Anthony Perrin - The One That Got Away: Back in 2013 we took a young Anthony Perrin to Budapest, Hungary for our original DIG 'Youth Of Today' Issue and video, and while we were there he did battle with an absolute beast of a stair set. Hit play for the full story from Anto himself...

Rodney Mullen - The Beauty Of Skateboarding: Ask skateboarding’s leading innovator a few questions and you’re bound to get an earful. Rodney Mullen has captivated Ted Talk audiences with his brand of personal lecturing; now it was his turn to edjumicate us. Watch and learn from the greatest.

The Splits: Journey to Tokyo and beyond in this visual piece from filmmaker Patrik Wallner. 'The Splits' showcases the adidas Skateboarding Japan team and introduces their newest team rider, Shin Sanbongi.

The Evolution of... The West Los Angeles Courthouse: While there are many more spots worth chronicling at home in New York, we decided to expand our horizons and take a trip west to California to start chipping away at some of the heavyweights over there. The iconic courthouse has been documented in videos as far back as Risk It in ’90 and continues populating our feeds today with NBDs on the stage.

Vela - Episode 1 - John John Florence: Between surf events, John and a group of friends have spent the last few years testing the limits of smaller sailing craft around their home in the Hawaiian Islands. Looking to push their comfort zone further, John and crew begin to prepare Vela for an open ocean voyage larger than any they've made before.

Candide Thovex - One Of Those Days 1: Candide rules.

Candide Thovex - One Of Those Days 2: The best sequel since Blade Runner 2049.

Candide Thovex - One Of Those Days 3: The end of an amazing trilogy.

The Important Places: Save the Important Places. Protect the Grand Canyon and other wild rivers. Please visit to learn more.

A dark day in the woods from a while back...

Photo: kev1n

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • 20 0
 Go Miami crammed in a lot of douche baggery in that edit.
  • 14 0
 I hate Miami
  • 10 0
 Erik Elstran rules on a bike, never tire of watching his 2 wheeled wizardry.
  • 2 0
 These videos are so self important and aggrandizing. Way to stroke the ego when the world is in chaos. Like anyone cares about bikes when thousands are dying of Covid. Oh, wait. Never mind. Thanks for the diversion!
  • 3 1
 Candiide thovex did everything I want to do but can’t , he’s the Fabio Wibmer of skiing
  • 23 2
 Please do not compare Candide the GOAT with anyone...
  • 4 14
flag Matt115lamb (Apr 20, 2020 at 6:31) (Below Threshold)
 @timesickness: can I compare you to a duche bag ?
  • 6 0
 @Matt115lamb: duche bag certainly not but douche bag yes!
  • 3 0
 Howey vid was amazing...sick the great riding style!!
  • 2 0
 I never bore of the skate vids, Mullen is incredible and such an inspiration to any sport or job for that matter
  • 2 0
 Thanks for putting mine in there @scottsecco! On a separate note, that Brendan Howey vid was amazing
  • 2 0
 love the VELA vid. tween skiing, mtn biking and a few water sports i'm a busy guy.

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