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Apr 3, 2017
by Scott Secco  
Tassie Grown - A Tasmanian MTB Film: Featuring 10 Tassie riders shredding trails, around Hobart, Launceston and Derby in Tasmania, Australia. A Magneir Media Film In association with Apex Media & Alec Weaver Productions Featuring Thomas Booth, Nick Plumb, Dan Booker, Flinders Johnston, Andy Butler, Angus Reid, Andy Grant, Harry Nichols, Aidan Peterson, Kaelan Durbin, and Ollie Tice.

Views: 10,563    Faves: 95    Comments: 9

Kendall Mclean - Island Essence: Kendall showing the true essence of Vancouver Island. #longlivechainsaw

Views: 20,368    Faves: 330    Comments: 27

Free Candy Tour - E1: A Verification Situation: The Free Radicals go on tour.

Views: 7,620    Faves: 40    Comments: 10

Bluecastle: Hiking is rough.

Views: 4,901    Faves: 47    Comments: 9

Adventum: The visit.

Views: 4,989    Faves: 68    Comments: 8

IDK Volume 1: Footage from the summer and fall of 2016. Riders: Matt Monod, Sam McConnery, and Josh Fultz-Veinotte.

Views: 1,958    Faves: 26    Comments: 5

Ride Down Istanbul: Video: Bulut Şahin and Ömer Günyaz.

Views: 4,146    Faves: 78    Comments: 14

Jason Bohl: Jason takes his new Santa Cruz V10 for a rip in the Bay Area.

Views: 4,040    Faves: 20    Comments: 3

Hollywood - Ty Bennett: Taking a lap down Hollywood at Beacon Hill in Spokane, WA.

Views: 3,089    Faves: 26    Comments: 5

Hunt VI: The story of 220 miles, 26 hours, and 32,000ft through the San Gabriel Mountains as a group of hunters ride the equivalent elevation gain to Mt. Everest and then some.

Young Nicholi: Crankworx Rotorua slopestyle champ Nicholi Rogatkin, age 9.

Vans BMX Illustrated - Ty Morrow - Full Segment: Ty Morrow searched the streets of Perth, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Arizona for this one-of-a-kind video part with technical lines and heavy spots that you only want to visit once.

Grow Up - Aaron Ross - Full Segment: He's still got it.

RADAR - Tyler "Squints" Imel: Episode 3: Tyler Imel (better known as “Squints”) recently put the finishing touches on his latest part, which will be airing this weekend. In this first episode of his RADAR series, we go back to the very beginning: the vertically challenged ollies of an eight-year-old and the old stomping grounds that shaped the wild man we know today. By episode three you’ll understand that Squints—perhaps more than most—has his eyes wide open.

Tyler "Squints" Imel - RADAR Part: Ladies and gentlemen, the latest part from the one and only Squints.

BJ Baldwin’s Recoil 4 in Cuba: BJ Baldwin's 850-horsepower trophy truck rips through the streets of Havana, Cuba for the most epic drive the car-crazy country has every witnessed.

Fever Island: Patrick Gudauskas takes a trip.

When The Mountains Were Wild: On the search for mountain wilderness in Europe a crew of five snowboarders/skiers/filmmakers drove down from Austria through several Balkan countries and witnessed the debris of the Yugoslavian war for the first time. Their destination was the incredibly beautiful and wild Valbona Valley where time had seemed to stand still for a long time. After studying vague maps, checking weather conditions they found themselves on a 25km hike to a promising looking zone in the heart of these mountains and came to a stop in a little abandoned shepherd hut. Six days of heavy snowstorm later the crew woke up in Freeride heaven and enjoyed a well-earned magic day in the snow. Watch the movie and see what more craziness our team faced on this wonderful journey.

The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe: This is a documentary movie uncovering the difficult and time consuming process of making traditional expanded dugout canoe using mostly traditional hand tools and techniques.

 Eric Palmer

Title Photo by: Eric Palmer

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 53
 The Canoe stole the show. Sorry mtb world
  • + 7
 Heck yeah! Before I hit play I saw 18:44min and went yeah na too long, then I remembered @scottsecco picks these so it's probably worth it, but it's still 18mins so I'll still skip through. End result start to finish mesmerised and not a single skip.
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Yeah.. what a beautiful creation. The whittler in me jumps in joy in the sight of an adze.
  • + 3
 @boardnz: same. so amazing to watch from start to floating.
  • + 5
 amazing...if everyone spent a little extra time to perfect a craft the world would be a better place.
  • + 1
 That and the back country ski video. I'm ready for mtb season, but damn I wanna ride some back country now!
  • + 2
 Agreed! Best vid in the lot today. I bet these guys could craft some awesome skinnies too.
  • + 7
 That was for sure my meditation for the day...
  • + 1
 i agree!!! incredible!!
  • + 2
 I thought this was a joke but oh my goodness that was an incredible display of craftsmanship
  • + 3
 I love the look on the man's face, from serious/snobbish look during the build phase, to a look of content/happy after. Smile
  • + 1
 I found these guys on YouTube a few weeks back, their home building videos are just as nuts!
  • + 1
 In those days, when almost everything is made by machines within few hours, a hand made object, that needs few weeks to be done, gets absolutely different value...
  • + 9
 God damn, imagine the amount of rebound dampening you'd need for those hits on that Hilux! Thing just wants to fly......
  • + 2
 Hilux. . . . No Hilux could perform like that. Front end resembles a Toyota Tacoma more than a Hilux anyway
  • + 5
 The only thing it shares with a Hilux is the Toyota badge. Full space frame chassis, there ain't much standard Toyota in it
  • + 3
 He took huck-to-flat to a whole new level
  • + 7
 Those canoe/woodwork craftsmen are incredible. Amazing showcase of skills. Also, Rogatkin @9 > me ever.
  • + 5
 I was hoping Nicholi would still be wearing a visorless fullface at age 9....but still what a beast!
  • + 6
  • + 2
 The canoe video is great and the craftsmanship is awesome, but honestly the finished product looks sketchy and probably tracks like your momma down a waterslide.
  • + 2
 The Istanbul and Canoe videos are the best this week imo. Truly amazing stuff.
  • + 4
  • + 1
 shure that truck can huck. but can it do flips and 360,s . hucks are so yesterday.
  • - 2
 Aaron .. really growing up would be wearing a helmet. You know what you're doing, but there's lots of kids watching this that don't. Or at least just gaffa yor cap on so it don't just fly off. Never know, you might save a life.
  • + 1
 At least 3 of the clips from Ty Morrow's part were in Albuquerque. Poor NewMexico not getting recognition
  • + 1
 Shoutout to Wheel Sport for the Hollywood jump line edit. I expect the Hubapalooza edit any minute now...
  • + 2
 The Instanbul vid for the win, making the most of what he has
  • + 2
 Braking with two fingers is like eating pizza with a fork
  • + 1
 We need more dirt jump/slopestyle videos!
  • + 1
 Wow IDK Vol 1 was really cool. Super different and funky
  • + 0
 Why is Jason bohl using a v10 on one of the mellow XC trail videos I've ever seen?
  • + 1
 Canoe wins

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