Movies For Your Monday - Brett Rheeder, Danny MacAskill, Steve Peat, Gracey Hemstreet, Dylan Rieder, & More

Mar 4, 2024
by Scott Secco  
Brett Rheeder - Circles: In his new edit - Circles - Brett Rheeder pushes the production level up a notch by partnering with director Clay Porter. This short film is an ode to freeride in all its forms. From scouting the Atacama Desert and Queenstown areas, to finding pristine faces to ride, to big air DH sessions in the ancient forests of British Columbia and Patagonia… Brett lets his pure talent and style shine through, behind the handlebars of a Supreme DH V5, specially created for the occasion."Working with Clay is amazing. He’s a true visionary and knows exactly what he wants when it comes to filming and editing. I like giving filmmakers creative control so the project is a collaboration rather than directing everything myself. Clay is a legend, and I trust in his creativity, so it’s super fun working with him." - Brett Rheeder. Video: Clay Porter.

Danny MacAskill & Steve Peat Ride The Trotternish Ridge: Danny MacAskill is happiest when his friends are having fun. Which is why he invited Steve Peat up to the Isle of Skye, Danny’s homeland, to show him the fun that can be had on a ridgeline rollick. The Trotternish Ridge is an epic route that links together multiple summits starting at the Quiraing and finishing at the Old Man of Storr, two stunning geographical landmarks that bookend the plateau. But, as is common with all rides with mates, much ‘spracheling occurs. Spracheling, as you’ll learn in this film, is how Danny describes the kind of time-consuming detours and incidents that delay or increase the length of a ride. Forgotten equipment, mechanicals, stops to change layers, needing ‘another’ coffee or swig from a flask, confused directions, and lost folks. It’s this kind of low level mayhem that makes a ride all the more fun with friends.

Discovering 'Afterlife': Embark on an enthralling expedition into The Badlands, led by a team of skilled cameramen as they dig deep to uncover the heart of 'Afterlife.' Explore the captivating tales and unique characters that forged the film's narrative amidst this enigmatic landscape, once trodden by prehistoric giants. Join us as we unravel the mysteries and magic of this cinematic journey.

Greg Minnaar & Gracey Hemstreet - Same Names, New Confidence: Riders: Greg Minnaar & Gracey Hemstreet. Video: Nine Five Media + Thomas Sandell.

Zak Mousseau - Jib Pirate: Landings? Optional. Jibs? Most definitely. Dogs? Check. Wild creativity? You betcha'. Everyone’s favourite Jib Pirate is back at it with a full part, exploring his home in the east Kootenays through a different lens. For Zak, the ideal riding spot almost doesn’t look like a riding spot at all… until it does, and we love that. Embrace the weirdness, and ride differently. Rider: Zak Mousseau. Video: Sophie Perrault & Dylan Siggers.

Joonas Vinnari - Summer Dreaming: Winters are long here in Finland... but hey, summer is coming.

Harry Barrett - Dehydrated: I spent some time with Harry Barrett kicking up dust in the forest. - Hugh Stuckey

Flow ft. The Trailrippers: Nathan and Ruben de Vaux - two mountain biking brothers from the Dyfi Valley in Wales - are already making their mark on the British MTB scene.

Dom Platt - Off Season: Myself and Alan Pilkington spent the afternoon in my local woods stacking some clips and this is what came from it! Hope you guys like it as much as I do, enjoy.

Flaming Trails: A ride through a burning forest in Germany. Rider: Armin Herberth. Video: Joel Zeiser.

'Timeless' Hector Spencer-Wood - BSD BMX: Just like the Vans on Hector’s feet or the denim on his back, riding like this just never goes out of fashion. Style for miles at Saughton, KG, East Kilbride, Cowdenbeath and Livingston skateparks, and Glasgow’s Arches DIY. This is Hector Spencer-Wood, Timeless. Enjoy! Video: Dave Sowerby.

Dan Foley - Still Winter: A collection of footage shot over a week and a half in early February 2024. Shot entirely in North Carolina. Luckily winter here is super mild, but it feels like it's dragging forever this year. Shooting this video was a nice excuse to get out and battle the remaining days of early sunsets.

Cultcrew - Backcheck: Chase Dehart, Trevor Holotka, Drew Quinlan, and Joby Suender.

Dylan Rieder - Epicly Later'd: RIP to a legend gone too soon.

Zero Skateboards "Less Than Zero" Video: From Reuben Barrack’s heavy opener to the unadulterated terror of Ben Havran’s onslaught, this vid serves thrills that will shock even the most seasoned Zero zealot.

Dakota Servold's "There's So Much More" Emerica Part: The ultimate road dog continues his quest for new rails and untouched gems across The States in his most dynamic part to date.

What The Hands Do - How Climbing Can Shape The World: Mariana Mendoza and Miguel Casar are attracted to proud, challenging boulders and approach the sport with passion and dedication. At the same time, they believe that climbing hard is not the only thing that matters. As lifelong social justice advocates, they ask: How can we use climbing to cultivate joy and connection in our communities? Can climbing create opportunities for meaningful growth? How can we use climbing to shape the world we want to see? Director: Bing Liu.

Jadis - Looking Backward: Embark on a riveting journey through time and terrain as we delve into the untold story of a shepherd who explored the Pyrenees in 1787. Fast forward two centuries, and join a modern-day skier on an epic adventure that intertwines the rich history of skiing, the majestic Pyrenean landscapes, and a profound journey of self-discovery. Join environmental activist and POW France ambassador William Cochet as he shares personal reflections, shedding light on the significance of preserving the pristine beauty of the Pyrenees.

ÆTHER 5: ÆTHER 5 is a short visual journey of self-discovery featuring the snowboarding of Spencer O’Brien. Allowing her mind to tune into the pace of the world around her, she blurs the line between reality and the ethereal. It is an exploration of the ancient concept of æther, the fifth element. The space between matter - a place where light stands still. As a tribute to this theme, every frame on screen was captured directly in-camera, unaltered. Featuring: Spencer O'Brien. Director: Leo Hoorn.

Suspended In Space: Two skiers are suspended in space and time as the frozen winter scape of the Yukon Territory awakens their souls. The film was made as a nationwide partnership to advocate the natural beauty of the Yukon. Director: Cameron Thuman.

CIRCLES. Photo Tyler Ravelle

Photo: Tyler Ravelle

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 Forever Dylan
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 I'm just here to scroll through the video thumbnails and wish I had time to watch all this instead of working.
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 Wow Gracey has Steez! I don't know if this was filmed before or after Hardline but she looks to be riding with a ton of confidence and ability that maybe I hadn't noticed before.( I know, I know, she's an exceptional talent I just hadn't seen it showcased to this degree) I think this year will be a banger.
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 Dan Foley is a North Carolina treasure
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 Digging the Deftones song choice for the Minaar and Hemstreet video!
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 And Minnaar just looking like he's having a good time on a bike. His bits in Gamble and 3 Minute Gaps were the best but Santa Cruz never really used him like that.
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 right before the pandemic I went on a climbing trip to Vegas. Ended up hanging out with Mariana and Miguel for a bit. Very rad and kind people and such strong, strong climbers. Stoked to see their video here.
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 The Brett cut was bunz. waste of great talent.
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 very wired music choice in Rheeders clip
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 You know that you have spent too much time on you tube, when you look on here and already seen what is on here?

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