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Movies For Your Monday - Brett Rheeder, Dillon Butcher, Sophia Ervington, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, & More

Jul 8, 2024
by Scott Secco  
Dillon Butcher - Shadows In The Understory: One of the greatest challenges in cinematography is avoiding the repetition of the same ideas. It’s easy to fall into the habit of regurgitating what works to create a video, out of necessity to complete a project quickly. When Dillon and I first conceived the concept for “Shadows In The Understory,” it was daunting. We knew we had no time limit with a concept fuelled by passion, but how do we seamlessly transition between seasons mid-ride in almost every shot? I wanted to do this in a way that was both challenging, feasible, and difficult to reproduce. Naturally, the answer was to film almost the entire video using a cable cam, ensuring smooth transitions between seasons. Tripod and handheld filming would have been too simple and lacked the dynamic movement we envisioned. Initially, I had serious doubts about whether this idea would work. I wondered how it would be possible to have the camera in the exact same spot, moving at the same speed, while Dillon's riding remained consistent and repeatable in each season. I knew achieving this was going to be extremely difficult and time consuming. We both had a hefty job to do. The transition ideas and calculations needed to be correct in the spring, given any variation in the cable lines would result in not being able to line shots up come fall time. There were countless factors to consider. So, we devised a plan, thinking through each shot thoroughly, and set out with a tape measure and all the necessary gear. We both knew that the only place where this could be accomplished was at our local jump spot, Spooks. The layout at Spooks is compact, allowing for similar riding speeds in each season. Most importantly, we believed we could "probably" pull this off even in the snow. Dillon is a true master of this spot, he’s poetry in motion, and watching him ride there is art. If any rider at any location could achieve this, it’s Dillon at Spooks. The logistics of this project were nothing short of a headache. We essentially had to film the entire video over 20 times, considering the number of takes it would require to line up transition seamlessly. Fast forward to today: after 20 days of filming and being blessed with two days of snow all winter, we managed to create something we are both thrilled to share with the world. I can't thank Dillon enough for his determination and perseverance. He is truly a filmmaker's dream and, more importantly, one of my favourite people to spend time with. While I'd like to say this video is about our creative idea, it is really about Dillon's ability to be consistently stylish and fluid every single day he gets on the bike. AND, how beautiful the world is we live in. This is the most challenging video concept we’ve ever undertaken. We poured our heart and soul into this project, and we hope you enjoy the result as much as we enjoyed creating it. Special thanks to Race Face for supporting this video, every human who has ever put a shovel to dirt out there, & Cole Nichol for his snow plowing arms! Rider: Dillon Butcher. Video: Calvin Huth.

Brett Rheeder - Electric Unicorn: Electric Unicorn, Upper BX, Vernon, BC The trail is fun. We've filmed it multiple times for multiple films over the years, but now we're sharing it with the public. Enjoy this short video, along with the trail itself. Trailforks will have directions soon but for now, the trailhead coordinates can be used. 50°17’14”N 119°09’41”W. Cinematography: Cole Nelson, Shaunoh, and Dane Scott. Editor: Cole Nelson.

Sophia Ervington - Welcome to the Team: Earlier this year we took a trip out to Powell River to welcome Sophia Ervington to the team and check out her local trails. Video: Forrest Riesco.

Sam Hill & Friends - UnEarthed Les Gets/Morzine DH 2002: This time UnEarthed takes a step back to the very start of production. Before I was officially shooting for Earthed, I was working for Orange MTB at the World Champs in 2002. After that race in Kaprun, Austria the circus traveled to Les Gets, France for the final round of the DH World Cup series. Whilst waiting for practice to start, I killed some time shooting some extra stuff for Orange, with riders here like Marc Beaumont, Dave McLaughlin, and Luke Strom. Then other riders joined in the session, like Dan and Gee Atherton, Justin Havukainen, and Sam Hill. We can also see Rowan Sorrell, Bike Park Wales co-founder. Sam had won his first Junior World Championship the week before this footage was taken, stay tuned for more classic clips.

Creator Story - Making The Stumpjumper 15: Many (dirty) hands, one (awesome) bike…this is how we made the new Stumpjumper 15.

Luke Clayton: Introducing Luke Clayton. Edit by James Emmerson.

A Decade Later With Liam Wallace: It's been almost a decade since we've filmed together. We managed to film this in four hours and tied it up in classic fashion with a creative intro.

Transition Goes To Psychosis: Five of our employees packed up the van and booked it to Golden, BC, to race the legendary Psychosis track. After taking a 16 year hiatus the Golden Cycling Club brought back the event for it's 25th anniversary. Check out this video to see what the race is all about!

Asher At Narbethong: Bikebot produced this killer edit of Asher a while back. Give it a watch!

Underbiking Down Under: Rigid dropbar skids down a Wellington classic.

DeMarcus Paul - Headlights: DeMarcus Paul's epic closing section from RideBMX "Headlights," a full-length video by Mike Mastroni.

Kevin Peraza - Keep Pedalling: De niño soñaba en ser parte de los xgames. Hoy en día he podido ser uno de pocos multi medallistas en todas las disciplinas en mi deporte. Les deje el primero episodio de esta aventura, de como me preparo para X Games 2024 en Ventura, Ca. Espero que lo disfruten. - KP

Marcel Andersen - Cultcrew: Marcel Andersen has been on a rampage lately, and he's just getting started. Video: Trey Jones.

Owen Wilson In Yeah Right! ''Wow,'' he shreds.

Jack Black In Pretty Sweet: This is not the greatest song in the world, no, this is just a tribute.

Independent's "Get Your S*** Together" Video: Indy packs the van with Doobie, Wes, Surrey, Madars, Marius, and a stacked squad to hit Helsinki's underground sets and heavy stacks for an unforgettable ride.

Balancing Acts_ | Climbing Outside Of The Box: After years away from climbing, Ben Fenton returned to the sport with newfound vigor, helping create the community he’s always wanted to see at the crag and gym through Balancing Acts_, An organization that provides access to climbing for people who have been marginalized from the sport, Balancing Acts_ lets Ben share the magic of climbing and prove that the sport is a vehicle for togetherness.

The Blackcountry Journal: A modern classic.

Chasing Monsters: They snap power lines, topple buildings, inundate roads, and smash the work of humans with cool indifference. But to behold a monster storm up close is to taste the infinite. This short, intense film follows storm chaser and photographer Nick Moir, cutting straight to the heart of what fuels his obsession.

Quality Time: Benjamin Kontoullas, the last neon bending apprentice in Perth, Western Australia, takes us on a dreamlike tour through why neon is his life.


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 Electric Unicorn the edit is great, and the soundtrack is gorgeous. You can't miss it.
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 Owen Wilson is great Big Grin
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 How long must they have been talking? The guy in sitting in the trunk puts an entire skateboard together and he didn't look hurried.
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 didn't know he had it like THAT!!
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 Yeah, I caught that Frank Black reference in the Jack Black edit (it's the one in South California).
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 Click bait just sent me down a deep dark hole of random shit. Thanks guys.
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 Exposing people to any sport is fantastic, but “marginalized “ doesn’t seem to fit in this context.
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 Shadows in the Understory might be one of the coolest ideas for filming outdoor sports.

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