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Dec 2, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Movember Moustache Ride: Every November I grow a greasy little duster to promote awareness for mens health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer and mental health/suicide prevention. The longer I work in emergency services the more important this has become to me. This year I took the mo for a frosty lap down one of the Sea to Sky's spookiest lines. Click here to donate to Movember.

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Nelson Flow: Riders: Sky Dunn-Sarvis & Kendall McLean. Filmed by: Bohdan Doval & Akailah Yocom. Edited by: Bohdan Doval.

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Vicious Path II - RAW: In 2011 we produced a video called Vicious Path II, reaching over 3.4 million views. This video changed my life forever. Here's a RAW version of Rui Sousa loving every bit of riding.

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Loris Michellod - Demon Speeding: Loris Michellod riding some downhill trail in Verbier. Video: Kifcat.

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Symbiosis - Presence: The second video in the Symbiosis trilogy.

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Breathe - Jérôme Caroli: Time for Jérôme Caroli to hit the bike park. Video: Maxime Rambaud.

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Red Bull Formation: Michelle Parker is no stranger to going all in with new sports, and mountain biking is no exception. When the opportunity presents itself to connect with the sport’s top female riders in Virgin, Utah - the birthplace of Red Bull Rampage, the biggest show in free ride mountain biking—she packs her bags. Throughout her time in Utah, Michelle’s curiosity and inspiration guide her through a moment in mountain biking history, as an unparalleled group of riders test the waters of riding a Rampage-style line. Join Tahnée Seagrave, Vaea Verbeeck, Hannah Bergemann, Veronique Sandler, Vinny Armstrong and Micayla Gatto as they meet up with Michelle, Rebecca Rusch and Jill Kintner for an unforgettable experience.

Eric Porter - Tour Of My Backyard Jumps : Here's a tour of my backyard! It's been an 8 year process building the backyard riding setup in phases, and this gives a good overview of what I have back there! The only way all of this was possible was with a ton of hard work and working towards bigger dreams. Huge thanks to all of my friends for helping with the build, riding, shooting photos and video, and generally having a blast back there.

Altai Bike Packing: This movie is about the hardest and the most spectacular cycling trip of my whole life. It’s not about a total riding distance or amount of climb. We did not have a detailed map for the most critical paths ahead of us, but we started anyway, which was a bit insane. The result was six tough days when we had to drag our bikes along. Facts: 4 riders, 365km overall (235km riding bikes, 90km on foot, 40km by truck), 8350m climb, 12 days, 8 days without any mobile coverage, 30kg of food, 100% self supported. While watching this footage I can feel the air and intensity of of the wild Southeast Altai. Hope I can share it with you.

Vans BMX Illustrated - Gary Young Full Part: Gary Young steps his game up for one of his most insane video parts to date with footage from all over the world and spots that didn’t seem possible to ride. This Nora Cup nominated video part carries a heavy vibe and even heavier tricks for the San Diego native who only gets stronger with age.

Vans BMX Illustrated - Scotty Cranmer Full Part: Scotty Cranmer takes you on an unorthodox BMX journey through Japan, South American and New Jersey with new spots, new tricks, and a park rider’s vision of street riding. From roof gaps to the biggest gap to rail we’ve seen, Scotty put it all on the line for this video part.

Vans BMX Illustrated - Kevin Peraza Full Part: Kevin Peraza produced one of his most original video parts to date with a mix of perfect park and street riding, Kevin pulled some tricks he’s been planning for over ten years in his hometown and abroad. With help from his younger brothers, he got his last two bangers in a single day and lived to tell the tale.

Matt Tomasello - Rodney Mullen on Bath Salts: Round Three: When we first compared Matt Tomasello to some kind of drugged up version of Rodney Mullen, it was meant to be somewhat a joke, since bath salts probably don’t improve your skating (except in rare instances). But now, a year and two videos later, we still haven’t found a better way to describe Matt’s skating, but maybe it’s because there isn’t a better description.

Milton Martinez's "¡DEMOLICIÓN!" Part: The madman from Mar del Plata, Argentina blazes at full throttle no matter the spot. This part is gonna put you on the edge of your seat, from the opening montage to the kickflip into you-know-what. Skate and Destroy!

Chris Joslin - Parks And Wreck: Chris Joslin is an absolute beast whenever he steps on a board. Watch him casually destroy a few skate parks in the greater Los Angeles area.

Mountains Are Calling - Skiing Bottomless BC POW w/ Dane Tudor: Dane Tudor and Simon Hillis take an introspective look at one’s attraction to the mountains, different types of snow conditions and terrain as they explore the mountains of British Columbia. The Mountains Are Calling explores the breathtaking valleys and peaks of the Central Kootenay’s in Beautiful British Columbia. Professional skier Dane Tudor and the young up and coming talent Simon Hillis take a six-week journey in Dane’s custom expedition trailer. Dane and Simon bring together their versatile skiing abilities riding untouched powder at the local secret spots while taking an introspective look at one’s attraction to the mountains, different types of snow conditions and terrain. The film was designed and created by Dane who has always had a desire to create a film based on his passion for the mountains.

Night Of The Turn: When the sun goes down a fleet of snowcats ascends the mountains with a mission of rolling out perfect corduroy. Why wait until morning to appreciate their work. Athletes: Davide Simoncelli, Marielle Berger-Sabbatel, and Bastien Midol.

Alaska: An untamed, big mountain playground with endless opportunities and ever-present danger. Angel Collinson, Nick McNutt, and Griffin Post journey to one of the most coveted locations for skiers, Alaska.

Getting Better At Canada: Hanna Scott, one of Canada's top Female surfers, and her friends Tatum Monod and Sara Taylor, set out by boat to a remote location outside of Hanna's home town Tofino, BC to explore the rugged wilderness in search of surf and escape. We experience the journey alongside the women as they playfully navigate the frigid waters and rugged conditions, in pursuit of the joy that lies on the other side of discomfort.

Canada's Wild Rivers - Into Water: In the third instalment of National Geographic’s “Into Water” 360 series, canoe through the sprawling Canadian wilderness with freshwater ecologist and National Geographic Explorer Dalal Hanna. She researches Quebec’s extensive freshwater systems, collecting samples from streams, rivers and lakes to assess ecosystem health, with the aim of protecting these precious resources. “Into Water: Canada” is the third stop on an around the world 360 tour that documents the work of female Explorers who’ve dedicated their careers to water related issues. (For best 360 viewing experience on a phone, watch in the YouTube mobile app.)

Deep Summer 2019

Photo: Lear Miller

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 i dont care. priorities first Smile have a good one guyz!
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 too short lunch time!!!
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 Exactly. I'm still only on #19 of 50 on that list..
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 can't get my mind to comprehend half of the stuff Matt Tomasello did, just awesome.
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 Wtf that guy is on a completely different planet. Amazing!
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 when slo-mo isn't slow enough...
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 Gary Young is the best! He's so precise I wonder if he's ever had a single pinchflat?

Also, at what point does Gary Young become Gary Oldman?
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 Matt Tomasello - Rodney Mullen on Bath Salts: Round Three

Could we get some folding bike tricks for next week?
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 That video is crazy!Had me clued to the screen and I don't even skate.
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 Matt Tomasello..... biggest wtf did I watch!?
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 Getting Better at Canada is really beautiful.
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 thank you Scotty for being the Pro that shows the young ones its smart and cool to ride BMX with brakes.
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 Movember Ride is such a good edit!
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 Know how to make a guy feel good !
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 "Greasy little duster"

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 I’m hard pressed to hard it a moustache. It’s pretty awful

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