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Dec 28, 2020
by Scott Secco  
"Half the Fun" With Bonnie Burke: Bonnie builds and shreds her own trail deep in the PNW forest.

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Bas van Steenbergen - Let It Snow: From snow to brilliant conditions, join Bas van Steenbergen as he gets festive for the masterful lens of Rupert Walker.

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Loud About Being Quiet: VHS 2.0 launch video.

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"When Life" - Fall 2020 Recap: When 2020 throws you a curve ball like Covid you really have no other choice than to make the most of it. This fall, I had the opportunity to ride and get to know some incredible people with the same mindset as me. Merry Christmas and happy riding everyone!

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Back In The Game - Rhys Barter: Rhys gets rowdy at the local trails, Tirpentwys and Cwmcarn DH.

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Local Line - Mt, Gungin Quick edit from Mt. Gungin one of Perth's most popular trails.

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Winter Laps: Snuck in a couple of laps with the homies before winter hit.

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Un Minuto Frío: Thanks to the boy JT for the clips.

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Dillon Butcher - Noir: Dillon Butcher is an underground killa. If you know, you know. Dillon spent the time to build his own line, as well as filming on some local spots over spring, summer, and fall of 2020. Covid wasn't so bad for Dill.

Nick Clarke - Open Casket: For most of my career I have been riding with a vertically torn patellar tendon. Being a typical stubborn man about going to the hospital, I never got it checked out, instead just took an Advil for the pain and continued to ride anyway. Over the years that tear spread with each kneel for construction work or a slam to the concrete while riding. All it took was one slam on December 21, 2019 which would change my life forever. Fast forward 8 months and the overwhelming urge from peer pressure to ride took over and I found myself at the trails. Hesitant at first, when my hands hit the grips it all came back and I proceeded to get upside down first ride back. I called up my best friend and photographer Broderick Horne and we set out to change the game. Having had our biggest clips filmed before the knee ending crash this truly gave us the motivation to get back to business and continue to push my limits. I thought the mental battle of the injury itself was tough. That was before I wrote down the list and started shooting.

Aaron Gwin - Timeless Episode 3: Gwin absolutely ripping at Mammoth.

Dylan Stark - 2020 MTB/BMX Mixtape: I love to ride bikes and I never know which one to choose. Here are clips on everything from my BMX to my e-bike, leaving nothing out. Click play, sit back, and enjoy! Thanks for watching.

Dark Days - Fiend: Dark Days features Garrett Reynolds, Colin Varanyak, Johnny Raekes, Ty Morrow, Antonio Chavez, and Matt Closson in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nathan Williams - Here & Now: Hit the road with Nathan Williams as he embarks on one of his solo journeys, with his dog Jameson, his bike, some camping gear, and not a ton of pre-planning. After a whirlwind year of trips, confinement, NORA Cups, and everything in-between... we decided to just simply document Nathan taking some time for himself and doing what he enjoys to do a few times a year. An integral part of the process that we don't normally get to see. This is Nathan Williams "Here And Now." A BMX documentary by Darryl Tocco and Will Stroud.

Andy Anderson Skateboarding: Some of the most creative skating we've seen this year.

Nyjah Huston - Pushing For Gold: Team USA's Nyjah Huston is a polarizing pro (his mom Kelle even says, "He's the most loved AND the most hated skateboarder"), so you know we had to dedicate an episode of 'Pushing For Gold' to him. Get the history of one of the world's most accomplished skaters, and his outlook on the 2021 Olympic Games.

Deviate: Enjoy "Deviate," the first backcountry project from legendary shredders Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells.

Vans - Evergreen: The 2020 Vans Snow movie, Evergreen., is a culmination of the last three Vans Snow projects. Tanner Pendleton’s goal is to merge each previous film’s style into a brand new vision by taking the drive of Landline. and mixing it with the spontaneous and lighthearted nature of Together Forever and Lovely Day for an uplifting tour de force. Evergreen focuses on key riders to deliver top notch snowboarding, and most importantly it highlights the friendships, community, and camaraderie that is unique to the Vans crew.

The Fine Line: The greatest snow sports athletes join the world's leading avalanche professionals to bring you a new movement in avalanche education. "The Fine Line" is a cinematic journey that unites the cutting edge of winter sports with youth education about responsible backcountry usage. Along with massive avalanches, epic riding, year long time-lapses, crazy true stories, cable cam cinematography, and Alaskan heli to heli, educational materials are made clearly visible. This engaging, and inspiring film can save lives.

The Beatles - Get Back - Sneak Peek: Acclaimed filmmaker Peter Jackson has released an exclusive sneak peek of his upcoming documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” for fans everywhere to enjoy. Jackson said, “We wanted to give the fans of The Beatles all over the world a holiday treat, so we put together this five-minute sneak peek at our upcoming theatrical film ‘The Beatles: Get Back.’ We hope it will bring a smile to everyone’s faces and some much-needed joy at this difficult time.” ''Get Back” is a unique cinematic experience that takes audiences back in time to The Beatles’ intimate recording sessions during a pivotal moment in music history.

Photo: Ian Hylands


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 PB, Thanks for the fresh non mountain biking videos you finish the list with. I find myself checking these first. Looking forward to "Get Back." Loved seeing Billy Preston whose song 'Will it go round in circles,' is my vote for best bike playlist song.
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 Dylan Stark ! Blown away with how much talent that man has And it saddens me to think he lives in America. Where he s the king today but tomorrow you can see him out on the street. I so hope his sponsors pay him a decent salary so that he can easily live out of riding and pay for a house etc
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 That Andy Anderson was a breath of fresh air resto future mod man!!
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 Unreal how good that skating is ! And I love that he rocks a lid !
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 @shawn-in-action: Good role model....
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 e bikes, gold plated crap, over priced plastic stuff, skate boarding, ski clips, surf stuff, all fine, but for the love of god can you please keep draw the line at the f*cking Beatles?
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 The Beatles really are the shit.
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 i wonder if there is a giant zombie mother and a lawn mower included in that trailer from peter jackson
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 I find them to be one of the most over rated acts ever. to my ears their music has always just sagged under the weight of the utterly ordinary. but hey ho.
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 The Dylan Stark mix tape is sick.
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 Bonnie you're a rad athlete!!
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