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Dec 31, 2018
by Scott Secco  
Kirt Voreis - 2018 Insta Jam Sandwich: Clips from my @kirtvoreis_allride Instagram account. Thanks Niner bikes, FoxMTB, ClifBar, Camelbak, Sram, Crankbrothers, Maxxis, Oregrown, Sensus grips, Cachet bikes, and all other support, you guys rock. More dumb fun for 2019!

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Dj Brandt - Farewell: DJ Brandt is embarking on a new journey in 2019. It's always a bummer to say goodbye to someone as awesome as DJ, but he is leaving us with one last incredible video for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for repping Mongoose so well DJ, and we can't wait to see what's in store for you in the future.

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Peter Jamison - Outlook: Riding by Peter Jamison. Filmed by Nathan Theologou. Edited by Peter Jamison.

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Home, Bike, Home: Rider: Emanuel Pombo.

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Sendigo II - Bendigo Noble: My 2018 season on the big bike. Unfortunately I spent over four months out due to destroying myself multiple times this year so it's a little short but it's what I got. I hope you enjoy it because I did for sure!

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Timmy Eaton Takes on Canberra: Timmy Eaton making the most out of the early Canberra summer while training in preparation for Derby EWS coming up in early 2019.

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A New Era - Oszkar’s Opening Jam: Breaking in the new course at Oszkar's freshly built setup near Kisvarda.

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Peaty's Badass Santa: With Peaty's rider Rob Welch being the new dark horse to hit the freeride scene, Badass Santa has caught wind of this and has taken to his local spots to film a Christmas shreddit with @TOMGRICE.

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The Endless Migration - featuring Graham Agassiz: As the days grow shorter and the cold sets in, it’s only natural to migrate. But as we do, we must heed the words of Mother Nature. Each instance of change is a lesson to be learned, and there's wisdom in the beauty all around us. All we have to do is listen. Heading south in hopes of prolonging the days before winter arrives, Graham Agassiz welcomes the revelations of the road.

A Journey Through the American West with Mike Hopkins: Near the end of September, North Face athlete Mike Hopkins spent three weeks with filmmakers Andre Nutini and Liam Mullany of Absolute Zero on a road trip exploring America's West. In total, we had traveled more than 7,000 kilometers (4,400 miles), processed inconceivable quantities of roadside cheeseburgers, slept under the Nevada stars on the roof of the truck, poached multiple campsite showers, accidentally drove the wrong way on a 6-lane highway in a full-sized RV, slept in the crater of a volcano, lost a camera to the torrential rains and gone from summer to winter all in the span of just over three weeks.

Earning Turns on North Mountain - Trail Boss Roanoke, VA: My last Trail Boss episode of the year took me to North Mountain in Roanoke, Va and it was a different type of challenge than you’d expect from me. This was a gruelling climb that goes up well over 1200 feet in the first mile and a half. I used it as an opportunity to check out the trail and then blast back down. Follow along on this awesome ride!

Mike Gray Indian Summer Edit - 2018: As fall takes hold in the great white North (Canada), Mike Gray rides the wave of California's Indian Summer into the streets, alleys and rooftops of San Diego to film yet another mind melting street edit. Mike's unique approach to riding will get you motivated and ready for that next ride so don't wait another second, hit play, get stoked, and go ride! Video: Doeby Huynh.

Dylan Stark 2018 Mixtape Part 2 - BMX & MTB: This video consists of some of my favourite clips and some unseen shots all filmed from June - December 2018. Thanks for watching and can't wait to see what 2019 brings!

Misled Youth - Jamie Thomas: A true classic.

Zero Skateboards - Cold War: Full video from Zero Skateboards featuring: Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, John Rattray, James Brockman, Tommy Sandoval, Dane Burman, Tony Cervantes, Tom Karangelov, Nick Boserio, and Ben Hatchell.

Golden Hour: Join Sage Kotsenburg, Halldór Helgason, Sven Thorgren & Ståle Sandbech as they journey to Fonna, Norway and take advantage of the longer days of light for an epic snowboard shred session.

Ikigai - The Shin Biyajima Story: Travis Rice: ''I was able to spend three years traveling and exploring the Japanese Alps with Shin Biyajima during the production of "The Fourth Phase" film. During that time I shared so many adventures and conversations with this new friend of mine. After our film was released, I really wanted to capture a more authentic portrait of Shin and his process of living and riding as a Japanese snowboarder. I spent about six weeks over two years following Shin around his backyard in the Nagano Prefecture hiking, inquiring, and immersing myself in Shin’s universe. Joined by filmmaker Justin Smith, we wanted to capture an intimate portrait of a lifestyle that is quite foreign compared to the norms of North America, yet still strangely similar to the principles that most snowboarders share around the love of the mountains.''

Angel Collinson - All In - Full Segment: Here it is Folks. The full Angel Collinson Segment from All In.

Iran - A Skier’s Journey: “Should we go?” Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots decide, indeed, they should. Upon arriving in Iran, they are welcomed with profound warmth, stunned by the immense beauty of the landscape and culture. Threaded through Tehran’s bustling bazaars to Isfahan’s dazzling mosques, the two skiers get a glimpse at the complex dichotomy that divides public and private lives in Iran. As journalist Elaine Sciolino writes, “Iran can be dazzling, and light-filled, a reflection of its complexities; but it can also be cold, confusing, and impenetrable.” To travel to Iran is a reminder of the virtues of travel itself. Nothing is as it first appears. At private ski chalets atop slopes of the Alborz and Zagros mountains, rules and customs relent.

My Mom Vala: Life has a way of putting us where we need to be. For Vala, that’s in both Greenland - where she works at her family’s fishing lodge - and Reykjavík, where she teaches her daughter how to do it all on her own, too.

Photo: Mark Mackay

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 I want to live inside Kirt Vories's mind and share every ride with him. A total legend
  • + 8
 Can we just have 20 videos of Kirt next Monday please?
  • + 9
 Better wear a helmet! Haha, thanks for the stoke!!
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 Well... my takeaway from 2018 is definitely to follow Kirt Voreis much closely.
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 i would love to see a full DH/ Freeride Edit by Dylan Stark !
  • + 2
 @mongoosebikes pickup Dylan Stark w/ that open freeride slot.
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 dylan stark shutting the game down.

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