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Dec 8, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Paul Genovese - Fool's Paradise Part 2: Filmed this fall with the help of my friends. Thanks guys.

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Dominik Puffer and the Chromag Stylus: Rider - Dominik Puffer. Video: Benjamin Jicha.

Views: 16,495    Faves: 194    Comments: 6

Flannel Crew 2019 Recap: This took a lot of 3 AM nights and countless beers to complete. It was a rollercoaster of a season we will never forget. Enjoy!

Views: 8,779    Faves: 47    Comments: 23

Swing It: Is it England? Is it Canada? No... it's Austria! Video: Jo Ambrosch.

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Nate Atkins - Fall 2019 - Nelson, BC: Some amazing fall riding in Nelson, BC with 15 year old Nate Atkins. Video: Tristan Martin-Preney.

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Fast and Loud in Colorado: A great season deserves a good edit, stoked on the 2k19 shred season. Thanks to Christian Luque, Nate Eldridge, and Hill Fitz for filming.

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Dropbars Dream Of Fall: As the days grow shorter and leaves begin to turn, Dylan Sherrard starts to feel at home along roads less traveled. Video: Matty Miles.

Maxxis Rubber Side Down - Boris Beyer: In the final episode of this season's Rubber Side Down, we bring you the man behind the camera - and the majority of our mountain bike photos - Boris Beyer. Boris - a colorful German character typically found sporting his signature Bass Pro Shops hat - follows both the World Cup downhill and Enduro World Series circuits to bring fans of mountain biking stunning images. He's the one that keeps our IG feeds jam-packed with all the berm-blasting, cliff hucking, speed-tucking, and champagne showering that makes our sport great. Our cameras followed Boris during Crankworx Whistler in August of 2019. Whistler is the final stop of the Crankworx World Tour and is also the biggest mountain bike festival in the world. After 12+ hour days of shooting, the work isn't over for Boris as he heads back to his room to edit and upload thousands of photos, so we can bring you the latest. It's the passion of people like Boris that remind us that mountain biking is supposed to be fun!

Inception - Ludwig Jaeger & Jonathan Zachow: Brakeless freeriding on a dirtbike, several fictional layers, rocker BMX riding and more!

Vans BMX Illustrated - Jason Watts - Full Part: Jason Watts brings new meaning to style with his first full-part for Vans BMX by riding everything from bowls to street to trails and drains - you’ve never seen some of these moves before. From San Diego to LA, Las Vegas and Australia - Jason’s style bleeds through on anything you put in front of him with only a bag of candy and soda to keep his fire burning.

Vans BMX Illustrated - Pat Casey, Cory Nastazio, and Tyler Fernengel - Full Part: Pat Casey, Cory Nastazio, Tyler Fernengel join forces in an unlikely split part that takes you from backyard dirt jumping to Argentina ramp riding to Mexico street riding. A little bit old-school, a little bit new-school, this part captures lightning in a bottle from three of the most influential riders in the past two decades.

Vans BMX Illustrated - Utah - Full Part: Eden, Utah - Fuzzy Hall found his perfect location on a secret mountain in Utah to build the perfect dirt jump overlooking his home state of Utah. Riders, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Tj Ellis, Pat Casey, and Cory Nastazio uncork all of their contest tricks at golden hour for the most epic dirt session ever recorded with a BMX flashback from Fuzzy himself to set the tone for this unique dirt jumping montage.

You Good?: For the past 10 months, Red Bull Skateboarding's finest have traveled around the world searching for unique skate spots, taking heavy slams, stacking insane clips, and making lifelong memories in the process. Featuring individual parts from Alex Midler, Jamie Foy, and Zion Wright, with appearances from Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Alex Sorgente, Gustavo Ribeiro, and more!

Das Americas: During the stops, the Latin American team formed by Akira Shiroma, Bastian Núñez, Daniel Vela, Federico González, Geronimo Bravo, Joakin Goto, Kervin Miranda, Vitória Mendonça and Paula Costales was captured in movement by the lens of the experienced director Marco de Souza.

Creekbound And Down: Meet the boys: Trent McCrerey and Knox Hammack. Trent and Knox are pro kayakers that won TGR's community entry for the Tough Fun Film Series, and spent the better part of May and June on a road trip of epic proportions, chasing water levels throughout the American West. Follow their adventure in TGR's final short film from the Tough Fun trilogy, and watch them run some of the gnarliest whitewater in this part of the world.

Climbkhana 2: Some feared 2018’s Gymkhana TEN marked the end of automotive’s largest viral video franchise, but Ken Block is back with the second instalment of the acclaimed series’ spin-off Climbkhana. This time, Block and the Hoonigan Media Machine traveled to one of the world’s most dangerous roads (located deep in China’s interior) with his 914 horsepower Ford F-150 Hoonitruck to film Climbkhana 2: Tianmen Mountain.

Electric Greg: Record-breaking mountain endurance athlete Greg Hill has never shied away from a goal. Through his time spent in the mountains, he's seen the effects of climate change first-hand and came to realize the way he was approaching the mountains was only making the problem worse. Two years ago he changed his approach and set out to climb 100 peaks without burning any fossil fuels. But the question is: will it make a difference?

Bryan Fox - Life In General: In 1994, Bryan Fox’s dad bought a 1975 GMC Vandura. Its name? General. Its purpose? Family surf/skate/snow missions from Baja to Baker. General served the Foxes on countless good trips before the kids reached adulthood and they gave the van to a friend in Mexico. Fast forward a few decades and Bryan was given the chance to own General. Within a day, he was on a flight. Within months, he was kicking off a new trip in General. The next several weeks were spent surfing, fishing, hunting, split boarding and meeting people. They shared old stories. They created new ones. They lived a simple life and they focused on the things that really matter.

Travis Rice - ''Dark Matter'' Trailer: Coming soon: World-renowned snowboarders Travis Rice and Elias Elhardt team up with legendary director Curt Morgan for a celebration of space and time during incredibly unique conditions, at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in the remote Alaskan backcountry.

Dream Job: Katie is tired of working behind a desk. She ventures out for a day in the life, with mountain professionals to find her calling in the ski industry.

Photo: Ross Bell

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 I'm a MTBer first and forever, but the BMX edits these days have something very few MTB vids have, not sure how to articulate it. The Jordie stuff scratched that itch along with the old Crusty moto vids but it's hard to get excited about most of the MTB stuff these days...I appreciate the riding and effort, but just dont get that stoked about it.
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 have you heard of 50to01?
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 With a bmx video there’s a chance you’ll see something never been done before and that’s more exciting than another dude blowing up a berm. Semenuk edits come close but aren’t as raw as grinding a big handrail while simultaneously dodging a security guard.
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 Yup yup and yup

It's hard to explain because it lives outside the glam rock over marketed drivel that represents most wheel sizes over 20 inches. BMX has always been about riding. The reason we stay connected to it for forvever and the millions of peeps who do the same is because riding provides an unspoken connection. I don't show up to ride (vert, trails, whatever) and stare for hrs at someone's bike. Who cares... It's what they do with it that matters... BSR!

Thanks to PB and the brands paying ad-space, you'll be force fed 'only the bike matters...'. hard ma-fa fact of life y'all...
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 Bryceland and 50:1 were there with those last edits coming out when he was on SC. Bummed to not see the same energy from the newere 50:1 edits.
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 @ice7: you get it then, I agree, the 50to01 vids hit the mark too, good call.
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 It is such an overload of the same thing (guy ripping downhill doing whips in a full face). Most mtb videos I don't even watch any more. Brandon Semenuk, Danny Macaskill, and Fabio W. at least have something different and you don't know what to expect when you start the video but are likely pleased when you finish.

BMX just had the street element that you don't know what they are going to hit and how big. That makes most of the videos unique.
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 BMX and skate videos are light years ahead of mtb stuff. They are much better at capturing the excitement and fun of those sports, without needing all the filler. A lot of MTB stuff is just infatuated with high end production gimmicks and really fancy high speed cameras. Fabio wibmer's videos are a great example of this. His riding is sick, but all the stupid story lines and unnecessary crap that is in a video like Urban Freeride Lives 3 completely turns me off to watching it. Alex Rankin and the 50to01 guys seem to always put out my favorite stuff, and they keep it real simple. Sick riding, without editing and filming trying to overshadow it. Also stop making overly serious edits about how important bikes and connecting with nature is. You're not saving lives, get over yourself
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 Maybe if you rode more DJ/Street/Freeride you would......
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 I think Voreis is able to capture some of that same creativity, rawness and humanity- but makes sense given that I think what BMX vids are carrying was something that was started in the VHS Skate vid era- the stuff he and a lot of us grew up on. I think the videos that really did well were the ones that captured the emotion of the experience and also had the technical stuff- Heath Kirchart and Daewon song come to mind but there were so many others from that era. In BMX I feel like Trey Jones is a guy that captures that in everything he does. In MTB, aside from Voreis I'd say the 50to1, Kerr and a few others have that feel. For movies- I think Ride to The Hills stands out as a classic for that feel.
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 More drone footage will fix it.

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 @snl1200: good call on Voreis...he absolutely nails it too! That last edit up in Whistler where he destroys himself on that final transition drop I still think about...
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 Check out The Rise. It will get you going.
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 Dudes of Hazzard. They deliver the goods every time.
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 Trust me dude, you’re not the only one that feels this way. I’m out here trying
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 I blame the full sussers that allow every mtb video to look the same
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 @paulgenovese: and doing a helluva good job IMO....
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 Totally agreed. I think there's a few reasons for it, but one of them is that it's easier to identify the scale of things in a BMX street video. If some guy on an MTB shreds some trail, it's great, but it never looks as fast or as burly on a video as it does in person because it's really hard to convey the steepness / scale of the trail. But in a BMX street video, it's really easy to tell how tall that roof they just rode off is, or how big that 20 stair kinked rail is. I can't ride like that, but I can identify with how burly the move is and how severe the consequences of failure are.
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 Get the same thing with dylan stark edits
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 The reality is no mtb dirt jump/trails video part will ever look as good as Mike Aitken doing a simple 1 footed table.
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 Mountain bikes are fairly expensive compared to a bmx bike or skateboard. In general if you can afford a mountain bike you have reached a point where responsibilities of life influence creativity and risk. If in the grit BMX and skateboard life stages there is nothing to lose and boundaries will be pushed. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!
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 Yeah I think you also have to look at the history of our movie culture vs. the history of the BMX culture. BMX culture very clearly came from an urban skate video culture often even using the same spots. It was low budget, raw, emphasis on personality, risk, and one upping. It was also super accessible, any kid with a skateboard and a handycam could give a lens into their world that at times was a lot like mine and at others so different. CKY, Jackass, Bjornson's all came from that tradition also. The guys who really put our sport on the screen initially were from a different crowd- guys like Christian Begin and Bjorn Enga were more influenced by ski movies IMO and guys like Warren Miller who still had the punk rock but were using bigger and better cameras. I think most of the edits we see are more from that ski movie lineage and so when we see something more on that Skate VHS genre it feels different. I think both are rad and lot of the movies I remember watching had a little bit of both. Think "Shift" ( and, the year before, the first Kranked ( I'm old. I remember burning those out on the VCR. Moving forward from there I think there has been bigger production in keeping more with the ski movie genre and less of the raw- so I'm stoked to see someone capture that accessible excitement these days- like BMX riders do, movies by youth etc. Nothing against the epic movies though- those are rad also.
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 @snl1200: good post snl, I'd agree. I am old too and used to get so stoked on those Crusty moto videos from the early 90's, Dana Nicholson and Jon Freeman also came from a snow board your point. Once they got fancy cameras, helicopters, etc, again to your point, they became more polished and lost some of that approach ability. I could see me and my buds hitting some random jumps with crappy cameras on our clapped out bikes partying, but couldn't really relate once they started riding motos in the Dunes of Morocco with a helicopters chasing them. It was cool, it was eye opening but was not accessible....
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 Can someone please explain what the movie about the guy riding along roads is all about... it was like watching paint dry
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 I humbly agree...tough to get stoked on 29rs racing blue square single track?
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 Paul Genovese - Fool's Paradise Part 2
The shot of Semenuk comes across like the shot of the deers. " look at this rare species it is rather shy dont get too close or it will run" Smile

(nice riding, I know deers arent rare and semenuk is indeed a rare species)
Enjoy your monday
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 Ken Block giant burnout up Chinese mountain, immediately followed by Electric Greg using no fossil fuels.
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 Good to see a bit of kayak here with that Creekbound And Down film.
Just too bad to see this shoulder dislocation episode lost in the middle of nowhere. I know that body armors and protections are not comfy, but this sport is so exposed to rocks. The spine, shoulders, elbows...! It`s really scary and totally risky.
... but not as scary as a mullet haircut actually!
Good trip anyway.
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"Electric Greg - Two years ago he changed his approach and set out to climb 100 peaks without burning any fossil fuels. But the question is: will it make a difference?"

Given that the preceeding movie is "Climbkhana 2 - Block....traveled to one of the world’s most dangerous roads (located deep in China’s interior) with his 914 horsepower Ford F-150 Hoonitruck", I'd say the answer to the question posed by Greg is "no, probably not"!
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 Do your best, fight for what you believe in and hang on for the ride...
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 I had a dream that I started a skate shoe company. The thing just blew up beyond comprehension so I took my zero effs money and did whatever the eff I wanted. A lot of which was building the fastest cars imaginable and getting governments to close roads so me and my bros could video me hammering them at mach 10 while the global internet community just shook their heads at how lucky we were. Life done right Ken Block. Respect.
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 that pic at the end ... superbe
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 That's what I was thinking - haven't watched any of the films yet but that shot is incredible.
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 you forget this one from Pollard:
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 I think i finally found a good shuttletruck anyone know where i can buy it ? seems pretty straight forward to clean too.
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 That road in climbkhana is absolutely incredible. There should be a tour of china UCI road race just to see that race up tianmen mountain.
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 Aaah, movies for my Sunday
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 And my Monday
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 Mr Block has a good life.
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 Paul Genovese video: the only time Evil gets a look in on PB...
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 Yes! Whitewater Kayaking - the only downhilling, where the course moves beneath you. Love it!
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 Kudos to Mr. Greg Hill
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 Dark Matter looks to be INSANE
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 Creekbound And Down video is crazy!!! and Montana is no joke with it's snow
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 Once again great choice of movies PB...except for the GOOFY euro short..Inception..WTF Smile
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 That Jason Watts Video was insane. What a crazy bag of tricks that guy has.
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 Ken Block is amazing !
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 How boring is pinkbike without tech from the pits of dh wc
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 Repetition, is form of change. Great!!!
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 Pol Tarres new moto video DOMINICANA needs to be on here
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 Bryan Fox

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