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Feb 11, 2018
by Scott Secco  
Mining for Skills: Kirt Voreis takes on a new approach to bicycle education in this funny video by @NinerBikes. Riders: @Voreis @Djambor. Filmed by @IanHylands @Djambor.

Views: 20,302    Faves: 153    Comments: 7

Laurie Greenland vs. Queenstown ft. DadCam: One Lap with Loz down something other than Huck Yeah!

Views: 13,386    Faves: 142    Comments: 8

48 Hours in Greenriver with Alan Mandel: Alan Mandel and filmmaker Tim Decosta wonder around Green River for 48 hours looking for fun lines to film and ride.

Views: 13,412    Faves: 122    Comments: 10

Frozen Wave: Shredding enduro at the frozen beach and getting pitted on gnarly waves and swells.

Views: 4,823    Faves: 8    Comments: 3

Exploring Malaga on the Marin Four Corners: Veronique Sandler and Nikki Whiles take a break from riding MTB to explore the hills around Malaga, Spain. Turns out drop bar bikes handle very well off road.

Views: 2,759    Faves: 20    Comments: 0

Adventures of the Blaze Tech Park: Local riders Matt Begg and Finn Hawkesby-Browne riding the local trails at the Blaze Tech Adventure Park.

Views: 4,463    Faves: 21    Comments: 2

Season Recap 2017 - Radde: A little highlight video of my 2017 season.

Views: 3,155    Faves: 29    Comments: 4

2K17 - Full film: A recap film from the past year of shooting with friends.

Views: 3,669    Faves: 20    Comments: 8

Kelly McGarry Red Bull Rampage 2013: McGazza forever.

GoPro Riding The Craziest Water Park in Europe: Found one of the most amazing water parks in Europe and had the joyride of my life. I am not a brakeless rider, so expect some fast riding.

Ara Salvaje - Trailer: While trying to find his way in a new world, an Argentinian rider travels to a remote place. There he’ll discover the last wild river of the Pyrenees.

Ryan Nyquist Returns to the Unit: Ryan Nyquist recently re-relocated to his adopted home of North Carolina, which also happens to be home to his private skatepark - The Unit. Watch as Ryan rides the place like only the man with the keys can. Timeless!

Tate Roskelley - The Finer Things Part: Sheer two wheeled creativity.

Dean Dickinson - The Dirty Sniff: Dean Dickinson's section from the full length Bone Deth DVD "The Dirty Sniff."

Ty Evans - Shoot All Skaters - Part 1: As you all know Ty Evans has been quite the iconic skateboard film maker and will be for decades to come, here's an inside look at the legendary films he's had his hand in making over the years.

Ty Evans - Shoot All Skaters - Part 2: The director of Yeah Right, Fully Flared, Pretty Sweet, and We Are Blood gives us a history lesson.

White Blood II: Dylan Siggers skiing in Fernie.

Sean Pettit - 2017 Ski Part: Filmed by: Jeremy Wallace-Maclean, Jerm Thornburg, Ski Chef, Gabe Langois, and friends.

A Hunt: Cole Kramer was ready to take on one of the hardest mountain hunts in the world — brutal elements and all. But it wasn’t just the trophy-sized blue sheep that drove him there, it was the hunt for the entire experience — the arduous journey, the unique culture, and the incredible people he’d meet along the way.

Field of Vision - Concussion Protocol: By the end of the 2017-2018 season, more than 250 players in the National Football League will have sustained concussions. For this film, data artist Josh Begley tracked these injuries.

Old school NS by Ewa Kania - https pstrykania - 5 Feel free to visit http http http http http

Title Photo by: Banan

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 The concussion video is an interesting choice, against all the BMX and skate videos on here weekly, featuring guys not wearing helmets, and getting what often appear to be head injuries.
  • + 18
 You do realize, that especially gravity mountain biking, like Downhill can knock you up pretty good too? Trees and Rocks are hard, no matter if helmet or not. The speed is also way higher than your regular dude skating. I've heard from a lot of athletes, that their doctor warned them, that "one more concussion" would be a big big issue for the future. Still, it is more likely to get knocked over by a car whose driver had to send a tweet or like an Instagram picture these days, so party on.

ps. I am the guy riding that big waterpark up there....
  • - 29
flag YungSketchy (Feb 12, 2018 at 0:59) (Below Threshold)
 I think this comment sums up the pinkbike comment section culture; old, boring, nit-picky.
  • + 1
 @Airik: so are you saying people shouldn't wear helmets then? You go for it buddy...
  • + 20
 @enduroNZ: No, I am saying that life is dangerous and unpredictable, no matter what you choose to do. You can also just click on my profile or see my video above to check on my relationship to helmets....buddy.
  • + 7
 @Airik: Dude, the Waterpark video was brilliant, I was expecting you to throw your bike over the gate at the end
  • + 1
 You do realize you were holding a GoPro whilst driving your car.... I don't see much difference in that compared to holding a phone to text or anything Facepalm
  • + 5
 @nielsdewit: does that require to take my eyes off the road? I don't think its even close to texting, especially at low speed like that.
  • + 3
 @Airik: That was super cool video. I bet it was interesting riding there!
  • + 14
 @Airik: LOL. And I'm more likely to die from heart disease than AIDS or a car I'm not wearing condoms or seat belts...what's the point?

Every 2 wheeled activity wears helmets except BMX. Why is that? Because BMX is dominated by young males and senior flat brim bros overly concerned with the perception of "cool."...and some unresolved childhood rebellion issue from their mother nagging them to wear a helmet.
  • - 1
 @Grunk: get a life and focus on yourself.
  • + 0
 @Grunk: youre super likely to get aids in boulder
  • + 2
 I know, also these people get payed a lot of money to play and take the risk, I bet if you ask them to stop playing because of the risk and get normal jobs they would laugh. not sure why people are always attacking the NFL be careful because Hockey will be next BTW the woman's olympic hockey teams are scrappy AF such good games to watch
  • - 1
 @Grunk: wow wow. Going from not wearing helmets to nagging mommys.

Don't ever let anyone tell you different. You have skills, bro. SKILLS.
  • + 42
 I came to watch a video of the epic ladder bridge in the thumbnail, only to find it's a screenshot at the bottom WTF?!?
  • + 24
 Bruh, don't post a pic of the gnarliest ladder ride ever and not a video... such a tease.
  • + 21
 Concussion movie was tough to watch. The more I see that, the less desire I have to watch football and support it. Brutal.
  • + 4
 it isnt just football... this is the risk we take as bikers/skiers/etc
  • + 7
 @adrennan: Not really. Multiple studies have confirmed CTE is caused by repeated head impacts, not specifically concussions. NFL players sustain an average of 50 head impacts per game with at least one of those creating force similar to a severe car accident.

16 games per season = approximately 800 head impacts and 16 severe head impacts.

I doubt any average skier, biker etc. experiences that level of trauma in a single season.
  • + 0
 @Grunk: okkkk don't accept the risk mountain biking presents.
  • + 4
 @adrennan: Lots of activities leave us at risk for head trauma. Getting distracted while walking the stairs might lead to a debilitating fall, as does getting hit in traffic. But there's something disturbing about sports where head trauma is not just an occasional accident, it's baked into the thing itself. Boxing and (American) football really stand out in that regard. That's more than just a difference in degree of accepted risk - it's a qualitative difference.
  • + 1
 @Grunk: This ^^^^^^

I've had enough concussions to where these videos make me wonder why Im not a complete mess of a person mentally. Every concussion I've suffered has been over a month since the previous one.
  • + 7
 @Gunk: Exactly. Thee is no way to play American football and not hit your head every game. Especially at NFL level. It’s the equivalent of hitting your head 50 times every DH run. Of course Mtb runs the risk of head injury. We crash sometimes. But repeatedly smashing your head isn’t part of the technique required to participate in the sport.
  • + 3
 Aparently CTE is common in past soccer players as well through heading the ball.
  • + 15
 Man oh man Greenland is impressive.
  • + 3
 I want him to clear up at the World Cup this year. He’s a rockstar! Judas Priest too. Winner!!!!!
  • + 2
 Good to see a video from Queenstown Bike Park that wasn't Vertigo to Huck Yeah to Original too!
  • + 1
 @red720: smashing those brutal parts was golden...reminded me of Sam Hill
  • + 7
 Every Monday I am reaffirmed that BMX riders are the greatest thing on 2 wheels. Everything MTB guys do, was poached right from the mighty riders on 20". Truth is in the footage.
  • + 5
 Nyq-whip still rocking the old school BMX set up- Today's groms would be like "look how high his seat is!" Still impressive though!
  • + 2
 He's so stylish, love how relaxed his bar spins are. He almost looks more controlled when he's not holding on to his bike!
  • + 4
 Ara Salvaje, that's worth watching. The Hunt - I don't understand the desire of killing animals for fun, but everything else in that movie looks amazing.
  • + 1
 For me as compeling as Semenuk ones! So many pure ingredients... with outstanding screenplay and story...
  • + 2
 It is always a bummer to find out the image you use to bring us to the page is just an image and not one of the videos! Stop click baiting us and use a still from one of the vids!!!!
  • + 4
 Redbull needs to give that Tate Roskelley guy some money, and a helmet. I could watch that stuff all day.
  • + 3
 "There are people so damn poor all they have is their money", best line I've heard all year
  • + 4
 Someone tell the skiing rider @COhippy to put on some gloves!
  • + 2
 Nah bud, #noglovegang 4 life haha
  • - 1
 I didn't wear a helmet when i was street skating as a kid. No one does.... street BMX aint much faster or dangerous. Always wear a helmet on the trails or in a park but street BMX/ Skating IMO doesn't really require it. Sometimes it might but most of the time probably not.
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 “Frozen Wave” reminds me of something you’d see on a ’boat when it’s really cold.
  • + 1
 Where was Frozen Wave filmed?
  • + 2
 @MTB-Colada: Steamboat Springs, CO
  • + 1
 @COhippy: I thought we weren't talking 'boat this...?
  • + 1
 @nuttypoolog: touché, 'boat time someone called me out
  • + 2
 video #1 @ 3:06.....Avid turkey gobble made me cringe
  • + 2
 Tate Roskelly , I will never tire of watching what he does on a bike.
  • + 2
 Ty Evans! impressive, nothing will beat skate films for me
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  • + 1
 A Hunt very cool
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