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Feb 18, 2019
by Scott Secco  
OneUp Components X Jesse Melamed: Jesse Melamed's first trip to the Sunshine Coast did not disappoint. West Coast is the Best Coast!

Views: 30,045    Faves: 270    Comments: 18

Silvia - Treefur with Graham Agassiz: Back on the saddle fall shreddin' at the dirt farm.

Views: 160,201    Faves: 2,352    Comments: 105

Terrano - Mountain Biking Down An Active Volcano: Nico Vink, Kurt Sorge, and Kyle Jameson travel to Nicaragua to experience the culture and be the first to ride down an active volcano.

Views: 5,427    Faves: 24    Comments: 5

Best of Looseunits Crew: Looseunits Crew doing what they do best... shred!

Views: 7,931    Faves: 41    Comments: 29

Ackerbier Nitro: WARNING: Video may contain good times, nonsense, full send, and more nonsense. Enjoy.

Views: 18,990    Faves: 156    Comments: 7

High Times Low Funds - Episode 4: First up Sam Robbie flogs out the Skyline Bike Park on his Intense M29 - probably the only dialed bike in the HighLow arsenal. Then the boys run a "mass start" down Hammy's. Finishing up with a heater jib sesh on the Holiday Inn hotel track.

Kink BMX - Best of 2018: Another year packed full of travels, riding, new spots, new tricks, and some slams. Enjoy some of the best footy selected by Darryl Tocco from last years missions!

Jacob Nedler - WeThePeople: Video: Jesper Sundman.

Being - Rodney Mullen: Take a look inside the most inventive mind in skateboarding, and how overcoming fear and doubt shaped him into becoming one of the most well known innovators and thinkers in the world today.

Rodney Mullen - ''Virtual Reality'' Full Part: Classic.

Cameron Strand - Shoot All Skaters: Behind every great skateboarder there is a great photographer. Throughout skateboarding’s evolution there’s been the photographer right there by the skater’s side ensuring that everything would be documented. “Shoot All Skaters” is our series highlighting the people behind the lens. In this edition, we introduce you to Cameron Strand.

Scott Stevens - ''Stronger'' Full Part: So fun to watch.

The Fifty - Ep. 2. Mt. Superior: En route to Utah, the first setbacks of the season present themselves. With weather, avalanche danger, and crowds, the first line of the year is met with difficult decision making, trepidation, and the need for patience. As the crews change and time goes by, the reward becomes that much sweeter. Featured guests include Pep Fujas, Drew Peterson, Joe Johnson, Weston Shirey, and cinematographer for The Fifty, Bjarne Salen.

A Skier's Journey - La Grave: Skiers Chad Sayers and Tobin Seagel continue their worldly winter journey arriving in La Grave, France - home to the Téléphérique La Grave-La Meije, a quirky yet stalwart cable car that transports skiers to 3200m, high in the Southern French Alps. Here, the terrain is wild, unmarked, and unpatrolled - a stripped down, raw version of big mountain skiing. With 2km of vertical drop, a simple ski run journeys through a labyrinth of glaciers, couloirs, and forest glades. Local freerider Bruno Florit, and UIAGM mountain guide Joe Vallone share how unique and special La Grave is, but also reveal the respect a skier must have for the mountain when in search of such deep rewards.

Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy: Some filmmakers can do action. Others can do comedy. But for 40 years, the master of combining them has been Jackie Chan. Let’s see how he does it.

Photo: Eric Mickelson

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 13
 KInk BMX - the bloke at the end no doubt smashing his head like a pumpkin says it all. Pinkbike should stop promoting these videos until they wear lids. It sets a crap example to kids. The riders have amazing skills, but clearly not much in the way of sense.
  • + 14
 don't agree on the "boycott", but damn i do wish bmx dudes wore helmets - I'm someone who is heavily involved in bmx and it sucks that nobody wears helmets. I'm typically the only one in a lid at a street jam of like 20+ people its wild
  • + 5
A boycott would be harsh, but the lack of helmet is all about the image. Unfortunately I've seen a few smashed heads in my time (including my own) and nothing looks less appealing. Until riding with a brain holder is seen as being the only way, kids will still do it without one. These vid's promote that in the name of looking "rad", "dope" or whatever the latest buzz word is. Hat's off to you (see what I did there?) for bucking the trend though. Obviously you have something in there worth looking after!
As a Dad of a 6 year old, I have made sure that she never gets on anything with wheels without a lid on - the thought of her head on the pavement is not something I want to consider.
  • - 3
 Ha. Funny. If you ban helmet less BMX vids, how are you going to fill in the GLARING lack of skill from the Monday slow mo berm, skid, look at my drivetrain fest?

Hate to paint a picture, but it's the BMX vids that promote the style, grace and skill MTB is so quick to chew on.

Worry less about the helmets, and try to learn something, maybe manuals, how to nosedive, or how to take your fingers off the brakes.
  • + 1
 May as well ban the Rodney Mullen video since he too was not wearing a helmet?.. C'mon guy. All these sports are inherently dangerous. Rampage with only a fullface!? BAN. Slopestyle with only a fullface!? BAN. Downhill with no neckbrace!? BAN. It can go on forever. No more videos. They all "promote" danger... People can make their own choices and they will have to live with them. Parent's need to set the example for their kids and make sure they are wearing helmets. Watched johnny go run off a bridge so now i'm going to do it... Said only someone with no common sense. I agree that not wearing a helmet is not the smartest choice, but that's not my problem if others don't choose to wear one. I didn't wear one for 10+ years on the bmx. I made it out okay. somehow.. I do wear a helmet at the skatepark these days, though, as it its clearly the smarter safer choice. However, you are out of your mind if you think pinkbike is promoting "not wearing helmets" when they post a bmx video.
  • + 1
 @scottyrides5: No where near as "out of his mind" as the guy at the end of that video.
Not arguing that any of this is dangerous - it is and I have many injuries to show for it. But brain injuries don't heal anywhere near as well as broken bones, if at all. My argument is that kids (including mine) see this kind of thing and wonder at the skill demonstrated without seeing what happens when you try that stuff and smash your skull into concrete. Like yourself, I "got away with it" for not wearing helmets for a long time - I didn't own one until I was almost 30. But I also know several kids from my youth that got serious brain injuries from having no lid, who never fully recovered. It affects them for the rest of their life and all because they wanted to look cool when they were young.
  • + 1
 @jjwillTOmaui: Not doubting the skill of these guys at all - they are more skillful than I'll ever be. But when it goes wrong, all of a sudden the skill counts for nothing. The last few seconds of that video illustrate that well. If I have to explain the benefits of not smashing your head onto concrete, then my words are clearly lost on you mate.
  • + 1
 @JiminOz: I follow you, your argument''s scope.

I guess part of me questions the PB rhetoric for including BMX at all. Granted most of the included bmx vids are more glam rock or played than I'm used to; or similar to the "same 'ol" as mtb.

Since the hardcore'ist part of MTB is the over marketed bike or 18 speed cassette, having a weekly run of dudes riding bikes with zero fanfare doesn't seem to fit - helmet or no helmet
  • + 8
 I’m always pretty pumped for Movie Monday’s, but mainly for the skiiing. I love where I live, and sometimes my local trails are even in these videos. But, since living in NC and having two boys under 3, skiing just doesn’t happen.
I miss big mountain lines, big skiiing lines. Take me back to Jackson!
  • + 11
 chackie chan goat
  • + 6
 That Looseunits Crew vid has an entire Friday Fails embedded in it. Hope everyone is OK...
  • + 2
 Only long term damage was done to the corners
  • + 4
 High Times Low Funds crew looks like a blast to ride with.
  • + 2
 rippin bunch
  • + 1
 Just my opinion (perhaps) but for "Silvia - Treefur with Graham Agassiz" part, i prefer, by far, this edit :

Longer and another sound !
  • + 3
 The first two videos were fire. Winter is killing me I need to ride some fresh dirt!!!!
  • + 2
 Don't mind me, i'll ahem just leave this here...
  • + 2
 A non functioning link. Insane bro. Insane.
  • + 1
 The greatest death scene in history, it is called DEEZ NUTS.
  • + 1
 Should that be "Dee's nuts" possessive or not? - this answer will determine whether I'll look for it or not.

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