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Feb 3, 2020
by Scott Secco  
Bas van Steenbergen - Farm: Bas van Steenbergen riding a dream track at the Dirt Farm in New Zealand .

Views: 13,711    Faves: 140    Comments: 7

The Red Bull - Ethan Nell: Behind the scenes at Red Bull Rampage.

Views: 3,014    Faves: 28    Comments: 3

The Call - Vincent Pernin: Shredding in Vosges, France.

Views: 5,670    Faves: 28    Comments: 4

Artem Efimchuk: Crazy tricks in the Ukraine.

Views: 2,643    Faves: 27    Comments: 8

Cumberland Hot Lap with Brandon Johnson: Brandon Johnson and I have talked about filming another edit together pretty much since we dropped our first one four years ago. Early in the summer of 2019 we jumped on a gap day in both our schedules that lined up with me working in Vancouver. One day of blistering sun, two adult black bear run-ins, and some serious sweat later, we had this little edit.

Views: 4,402    Faves: 10    Comments: 1

Guanch Crew At All-In Skatepark: CR and Gabi getting in some early(ish) Metro Jam practice. Video: Morgan.

Views: 1,156    Faves: 7    Comments: 3

Connection: It's finally time to present the feel-good documentary Connection. Get an insight into the Swedish mountain bike scene and the personalities that shaped it into what it is today. From the generation that led the way to the youngsters who have just started their journey. These are their stories, why this sport means so much to them, and what it actually takes to pursue a career as a professional cyclist. Starring: Martin Söderström, Robin Wallner, Max Fredriksson, Emil Johansson, Simon Johansson, and Zakarias Blom Johansen. Created by: Niklas Wallner.

Hectic - Kasper Woolley: [ hek-tik ] adjective - characterized by intense agitation, excitement, confused and rapid movement. A short mountain biking video featuring OneUp Components EWS pro racer and Squamish local, Kasper Woolley.

Sun[day] - Modern Winter 2020: Sunday cruising through a warm January 2020 in southern Finland.

Alex Donnachie - Ozmosis: ]After taking gold in Sydney's X-games, Alex embarks on a two week road trip down the sunshine East coast of Australia exploring everything along the way. The result is mind-melting precision mixed with infinite happiness that only he possesses. Welcome back Alex. Video: Rich Forne.

Alex Donnachie On Home Turf: Alex Donnachie's last year of stacking clips around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Video: Dave Sowerby.

Alex Donnachie BSD ''Transmission'' Part: Alex Donnachie drops some serious street science in the final part from Transmission.

Classics - Eric Koston - Yeah Right: Koston's style is timeless.

Classics - Eric Koston - Chomp On This: Chomp remains one of the all-time great vids to mix up sheer fun and dork tricks with gnarly, hardcore skating. Trevor Colden introduces a classic part from 2002.

Classics - Eric Koston - Menikmati: His skating has never disappointed, but this part made it a written-in-stone, fact of life: Koston's an all-time great. And this was years before Yeah, Right! and Fully Flared. Daryl Angel describes a classic.

Scandinavian Migration: In iconic ski resorts across the Alps, it's not uncommon to find thriving communities of Scandinavians. We follow Swede, Lovisa Rosengren, and Norwegians, Robert and Heidi Aaring, on their annual migration in an effort to find out what draws these northerners together in the south.

In The Mountains And Life: Meet Sofia Forsman and Luke Stevens. Two skiers with a mutual goal to make a living in the mountains. We stay at Anderson cabin in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada, in the middle of their future establishment, the vast backcountry. Becoming a guide takes many years. Education builds knowledge. And it builds up the trust other people have for you while traveling with them in the alpine. High winds, cold weather, and prodigious vistas frame our days at the hut. Video: Jay Trusler.

Nomad Africa: A visual experiment featuring surfer Alex Smith and the wild, eccentric landscapes of Africa.

Piano To Zanskar: Piano to Zanskar is an award-winning feature documentary that follows a semi-retired British piano tuner Desmond Gentle on his mission to deliver a piano to a remote village in the heart of the Indian Himalayas.

How Walter Murch Worldized Film Sound: The Godfather of modern movie sound.

Drifting https watch v zX7aTV6iH20

Photo: Calvin Huth

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 As always, thanks for including the edumacational vids at the end. Good stuff.
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 For any snowboarders on here check out SHE - Side Hits Euphoria - Chapter 3. Favorite video so far this year.
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 That Ethan Nell Rampage preview feels scarier than the actual runs (especially when those guys were scoping out that drop). These guys are not human!
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 Monday’s suck ass balls
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 Koston is the GOAT
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 that sunday video is briliant!
  • 2 0
 “I love to sweat, to sweat a lot”
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 Impressed. Those Swedish guys have got it right, both mentally and skills-wise.

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