Movies For Your Monday - Graham Agassiz, Sam Reynolds, Vinny T, Celeste Pomerantz, Dan Lacey, & More

Apr 1, 2024
by Scott Secco  
Celeste Pomerantz - Echoes: Almost one year after a disastrous trip in the Chilcotin Mountains which left Race Face athlete Celeste Pomerantz with a dislocated elbow and broken bike, she finds herself exploring a different kind of challenge: how to get your mind back into a confident space to continue to explore these longer and dangerous bike adventures. Video: Will Binamé.

Kirsten Van Horne & Ian Morrison - ABUS Mixtape #2: Riders Kirsten Van Horne and Ian Morrison went to scope the scene in Bellingham, Washington, but not before hitting a classic lap on the North Shore first.

Brendan Howey & Jesse Munden - Dyad: Brendan Howey joins Jesse Munden at his home resort, Sun Peaks Bike Park, for some shred sessions. The result is an edit where the style of these two speaks for itself. Video: Matt Brooks (Lone Wolf Productions).

Graham Agassiz - This Is Living Vol. 1: This season I've decided to pick up a dad cam, document some of my travels, and bring everyone in to check out some behind the scenes of things I get up to that you might not normally see from me. This Is Living is an ode to my grandfather. A catch phrase he often mentioned when telling stories about him and is friend's adventures. It's been a few years since I've been back to Darkfest due to injuries, but this year feeling healthy and strong, as well as having that new bike stoke I was keen as to ride those jumps again! I went a week early to get used to the new bike, get acclimatized, and of course take advantage of some epic fly fishing! This event is one of if not the funnest event I attend all year, and this year's was certainly one for the memory books. Thank you Sam Reynolds, thank you Monster Energy, and thank you Darkfest! Cinematography: Graham Agassiz. Editor: Eric Lawrenuk.

Sam Reynolds - Duplicity: Sam Reynolds has forged a path in the freeride world that few could emulate. His passion for progression sat at the heart of his ambition to build the world’s biggest jumps and push the sport to its limit. That same mindset has run throughout Sam’s life and any sport he touches. “I’ve always loved cars since I was young and remember watching Formula 1 with Dad. So much of what I enjoy on a mountain bike, the speed and the g-forces I’m sure are connected to that early love for motorsport. Now I’m older and able to explore both passions side by side, there is more to be had in common between 2 and 4 wheels, and motor and pedal power than you would first imagine!” - Sam Reynolds

At Home With Vinny T: Vincent Tupin shreds his home trails in Evian-les-Bains, France. From jump lines to flowy and fast sections, these are some of Vinny T's favourite zones. Video: Cell Co.

Hemispheres - Atherton Bikes & Dyfi Dig Crew: Last Summer was a heavy one for the Dig Crew! The park was bursting at the seams with a record number of laps by a record number of riders which meant countless hours of trail maintenance. On top of that, the weather around Red Bull Hardline made winter look dry! Come Autumn it was clearly time for some fun … so where would they spend their winters? Jim Monro and Dennis Luffman flew South to NZ, where the sun shines, the dirt is good and the vibes are all time! The boys took full advantage of some of the best riding in the world while catching up with a huge crew, sending super-sized jumps and railing the dusty corners of Queenstown before hitting the skatepark… and the odd party! Jim said “We’ve just been riding as much as we can, hardly working so we live super cheap! It’s been sick, the S170 is a beast of a bike, I’ve given it a good thrashing all through the NZ summer doing DH laps all day. I’ve been flipping it, spinning it and it goes well, deffo a sick all-rounder. I’m pretty stoked to spend more time on one of these rigs” Half a world away there’s still a Bike Park to run so of course Dan Atherton wintered in the Dyfi! Shred Mansion’s Alf Raynor and Alfie Heming stayed to help, braving the Welsh weather to keep the tracks in top condition … but when the sun came out so did the prototype Atherton S170s for some serious abuse! The film was directed, edited, and filmed at Dyfi Bike Park by local production crew Peny, headed up by a long-time friend of the Atherton family, Robbie Meade. New Zealand footage was filmed by Tom Booker, Etzioprodigy while Visual identity for the campaign including graphics and animation were provided by another talented Dyfi regular, Dora Grabkowska.

Power Hour - Dream Track: We got the lads back up Dream Track together one last time before all splitting up again for the year! Shoutout to all involved. Shoutout shoutout.

Matthew Tongue - Keep On Livin': My buddy Hugh and I made a plan to film for a day at the start of this summer, and it took us until almost the end of fall to make that happen. This is a little day(ish) in the life and a look at what I get up to in Pemberton when I'm not filming or sitting at my computer editing. Coffee and croissants were an important part of this video. Please enjoy.

Jheez On Toast: Raw vibes from a typical bicycle ride with the 50to01 crew.

Dan Lacey - De Nada: De Nada is a true testament to Lacey’s timeless style and fearless approach to big setups. What initially started as a casual riding trip with friends, quickly escalated into a full-on mission in Mallorca and Malaga, Spain resulting in this 3-minute masterpiece. You’re welcome. Video: Rich Forne.

Sibling Unity - Home Turf: It’s quite the treat witnessing the Halahans shredding their local spot, 9 Acres, in Western Pennsylvania. The stratospheric trajectory of Lukas, Nate, Shane, and Kaci’s riding skills, and the exponential expansion of 9 Acres over the last few years helps confirm the bonus of having like-minded siblings to ride and build with on a daily basis. Here’s a glimpse into some synchronized casual cruising by the entire Halahan clan on home turf. Video: Rob Dolecki

Animal Bikes - Ahuevo: This is the perfect start to our week. Zac Mealman and Chris Kerrigan recently took a three week trip down to Mexico to premiere their full length video, 'Keep It Down.' They linked up with the local homie Wriel Blancarte and filmed this dialled video for Animal Bikes.

Rayssa Leal - Out There: From an unassuming three stair in Brazil to the States' most iconic 16, Rayssa's meteoric rise is nothing short of a fairytale.

This Old Ledge - Grant's Tomb: Who’s buried at Grant’s Tomb? Not just a former president and his wife (and dog). A more recent and gnarly history lives at this Upper West Side spot, highlighted by Ted Barrow and the rippers who tested the beveled blocks at this exalted NYC staple.

VANS "Make Impact" Tour: Vans' massive roster charts a course across the States, charging triple kinkers and putting on a helluva show at every park. Hop in with Elijah, Curren, Zion, Rowan and more of the best out there.

Elena Hight — Close-Up: Elena Hight burst onto the snowboarding scene at a young age and quickly gained recognition for her talent and innovative riding style. Elena made history by becoming the first woman to land a double backside alley-oop rodeo in competition. Competing on both the Winter X Games and the Winter Olympics. Her dedication and achievements have solidified her status as one of the top female snowboarders in the world. Off the slopes, Elena has found balance in yoga, meditation, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. “Today, my competitive side still in there but I think that I have more tools to bring out that energy when I want it—and hopefully calm it down when it’s not needed in order to stay more balanced.” Get Close-Up with snowboarder, Elena Hight.

Get Rich Quick Scheme: Starring: Cal Carson, Harald Hellström, Joel Magnusson, Mainio Ormio, Oscar Weary, Lauri Kivari, Antti Leikas, and Chase Mohrman. Video: Oliver Hoblitzelle.

The Traditionalist - Chapter Two: In our second instalment, Jacopo journeys to the birthplace of Trad. In the UK, he finds another culture steeped in tradition, ethics and a rich history. On his short visit, Jacopo tries to soak up as much variety as he can, by climbing on different types of rock and different styles of routes. Far from the powerful, but relatively safe climbing of the Yosemite cracks, how will Jacopo fare, when faced with the psychological challenge of one of the Peak District’s most dangerous and mentally challenging classics?

Undamned - Amy Bowers Cordalis & The Fight To Free The Klamath: After witnessing a massive fish kill on her ancestral home waters, Yurok tribal attorney Amy Bowers Cordalis dedicated her life to reversing the generations-long destruction wrought by the Klamath River dams. Undammed follows her journey to free the Klamath, from testifying before Congress to passing down fishing traditions within her young family. Now that the Klamath dams are finally coming down, she remains confident that the future of her tribe is bright. “It’s not a test,” Bowers Cordalis says of the largest dam-removal project in US history. “It will work.” Help restore the Klamath River by supporting Ridges to Riffles Indigenous Conservation Group. Director: Shane Anderson.


Photo: Sam Needham

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