Movies For Your Monday - Jackson Goldstone, Reece Wallace, Casey Brown, Dennis Ranalter, & More

Nov 20, 2023
by Scott Secco  
Dylan Sheffer - Attainment: Attainment is synonymous with accomplishment—setting a goal and conquering it. Dylan Sheffer epitomizes this spirit as he embarked on a mission to construct a series of trails deep within the forests of British Columbia. With a dedicated group of close friends by his side, they crafted some of the finest trails, featuring a crazy 40 x 55ft step-down that promises to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Soren Farenholtz - No Reason: Mountain biking videos don't all have to have a purpose. This video should just make you smile when watching his riding. over the years, Soren and I have just met up, and filmed... with no rhyme or reason. This video is a collection of these shots from the past season and a half. Enjoy. Locations: Kamloops Bike Ranch, Coast Gravity Park, Sun Peaks Resort, Whistler, and Vanier Bike Park. Rider: Soren Farenholtz. Video: Aedan Skinner.

Harriet Burbidge-Smith - The Perfect Line: It's not a secret that riding bikes can be serious fun. It's also not a secret that doing it with friends makes everything even better! Throw a custom-built jump line in the mix and all the ingredients for an all-time mountain bike session are in place! And that's exactly what Harriet Burbidge-Smith did. The Australian freerider built her dream track with the help of her rider-digger friend Remy Morton and invited her mates Robin Goomes, Vinny Armstrong & Casey Brown to rip it apart with style.

The Eighth V10 Ep4 - The Syndicate Find Success: This is the eighth generation of V10, one of the winningest downhill bikes of all time. What you see here is the Syndicate's remaining World Cups aboard the new bike. 2023 was a year with many ups and downs. But at the end, the Syndicate and and the V10 find themselves on top.

Adolf Silva - Dust To Dust: Nothing comes easy in the desert. ''No Dig, No Ride'' is an understatement. You need to create your lines to send it and not end it. Adolf Silva battled the relentless winds and dust, chasing light to put his mark on the freeride mecca of Green River. Video: Craig Grant.

Transforming Cascadia - Building Community Through Trail Advocacy: For nearly a decade, Trans Cascadia has been one of the most renowned multi-day enduro MTB experiences in the world. Known for its adventurous routes, legendary parties, and overall good times, the Trans Cascadia crew certainly knows how to put on a proper event. In 2022, the Trans Cascadia team announced that no race would be held that year, but instead, they’d host four Work Parties to support the team’s advocacy work for backcountry trail reclamation and maintenance throughout the Pacific Northwest. Transforming Cascadia takes a behind-the-scenes look at the final work party of the year and brings together a star-studded group of pro riders and local advocates as they work to clear trails and re-establish old race routes. Past Trans Cascadia participants like Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, and Eliot Jackson share their journey as racers turned advocates, venturing deep into the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

Little Bike Rides ft. Dylan Siggers - Side Hits 009: Side hits are back! This time, we got the trail jibbing, filmmaking, professional skiing Dylan Siggers up to the deck in his "Little Bike Rides." Take a tour around the legendary Fernie, BC for a lap down one of his favourites. Of course, it wouldn't be a Dylan Siggers video without a healthy dose of that signature style.

Reece Wallace - Seriously Fun: Throughout the summer, Giant ambassador Reece Wallace embarked on a road trip across legendary British Columbia, riding some of the harder-to-access spots his newly acquired Reign E+ now gave him access to.

Reece Potter - VHS RAW: Rapid velocity in Queenstown.

This Is A Video: A collection of digital recordings. Featuring: Dylan Boyes, Samuel Algar, Toby Watson, James Armson, Gabriel Seabridge, Henry Stephenson, Oliver Howarth, Tom Ridley, Jacob Winterbottom, and Monty Dawgg.

Bunch'd Up - Sunday Bikes: Erik Elstran, Justin Schual, Jake Seeley, Brett Silva, Gary Young, Diego Bravo, Speedy G, Broc Raiford, Alec Siemon, Tyler Veatch, and more... all BUNCH'D UP into one mixtape! Filmed primarily in California, with additional clips from Massachusetts, and Virginia. Video: Scott Marceau.

Sam Grace - Colony BMX: Sam Grace only has one speed... full speed! Watch his new video part that's packed full of some of the wildest moves you'll see.

Ratty Maty - Ender Story: A few months after getting diagnosed with Crohn's disease and getting back in shape, Ratty Maty found himself halfway across the country on top of a giant ledge face to face with his ender for Can You Film This?

All Hail Cardiel - The John Cardiel Story: We profile skateboarding legend John Cardiel, whose endless energy and enthusiasm for the sport made him an underground hero. But a near fatal accident in 2003 put his career on the line, and his will to succeed to the ultimate test.

Dashawn Jordan - April Skateboards: Welcome to the team, Dashawn.

adidas Skateboarding - East Coast Tour Recap : 8 states, 24 riders and 2 vans. Watch the adidas team rip through the East Coast, visiting shops and your local spots. Featuring: Dennis Busenitz, Nora Vasconcellos, Daewon Song, Silas Baxter-Neal, Mark Gonzales, Dan Mancina, Mariah Duran, Felipe Gustavo, Diego Najera, Kris Brown, Joey O’brien, Gui Silva, Alec Majerus, Jonathan Perez, Jack Fardell, Frankie Spears, Carlisle Aikens, Vincent Milou, Miles Silvas, Donta Hill, Jamal Smith, Marcos Montoya, and Deandre Thebpanya.

Casino: A snowboard film, featuring: Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom, Sebbe De Buck, Ludvig Billtoft, Ulrik Badertscher, Henna Ikola, David Djite, Zak Hale, Mikkel Bang, and Sage Kotsenburg.

The Polar Star: The most remote classic of The FIFTY, The Polar Star is an iconic ski line. Set on the Arctic island of Baffin, the Polar Star Couloir is aesthetic, breath-taking couloir set among an island of ice, polar bears, and towering granite walls. Joining up with Cody Townsend on his attempt to ski "The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America" is one of the world's best ski mountaineers and steep skiers, Vivian Bruchez. Though the goal of the journey is to ski The Polar Star, a plethora of steep, challenging and beautiful ski lines await in Baffin...and a lesson in just what makes Vivian one of the world's best, comes to light.

Descendence: Dennis Ranalter is one of the world's most respected freeride skiers, his playful style and technical ability earning him a wide fan base and the widely used moniker: D-RAN. Yet away from a name that showcases his self-assurance on the steep slopes of Austria, Dennis’s struggles with identity run deep. At its heart, the question of race and what it means to be black in a sport that remains predominantly and conspicuously white. Descendance is Dennis’s story, a personal journey of self-exploration that examines his relationship with his own skin colour, with those closest to him and all those who share his love of skiing. It’s a journey that takes him from his home valley in Austria to Accra, the capital of Ghana, shining a light on the power of family along the way.

Paint & Pitchfork: In a documentary by Christine Turner, the painters behind the official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama share their thoughts on the portrayal of Black bodies on canvas.

40x55ft Stepdown

Photo: Bryce Piwek

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 F$&@ that drop is huge!
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 The Fifty Polarstar episode is a must-watch if you’re even remotely a fan of skiing.
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 I clearly need to upgrade my ski buddies... That video was amazing.
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 That Dylan Sheffer edit was nuts. Not just the insane drop, but also the high speed freeride sections before that, awesome stuff. Could have done without the music though
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 In the Fifty Polarstar watching Cody, Vivian, and Bjarne laugh like children while skiing was awesome.. Couldn't help but laugh with them. The stoke is real and infectious. So worth the watch. True alpinism and an awesome adventure.
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 Cool videos this week, but for me the standout is the one about the artists who painted the Obama portraits. Really interesting and beautifully done. It’s a nice, unexpected find on this page. Thx!
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 I don't know I ever scroll to the bottom of the videos page... maybe I've learned my lesson this time.
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 You look at the 4th frame up from the landing and yep that's still a decent gap from there, and there's 5 more frames lmao.
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 Best thing about Monday in these darker days!
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 This is a Video is just a fun old school style vid. Smile
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 Yo that road gap is pretty big
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 Kiran if u rember when u broke ur arm at Wyndham pro grt right befor the rock garden
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