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Jul 1, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Paul Genovese - Fool's Paradise: Thanks to all my friends that helped make this happen!

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The Driven - Hannah Bergemann: The Driven featuring Hannah Bergemann. Rider: @Hannahbergemann. Video: @Dorkin.

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Shift: Scott Thornhill shows how much effect a shift can have when riding a single trail in Tasmania.

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The Future Is Freeride: Reed Boggs has been busy in 2019. He's hit Utah, New Zealand, Canada, and even the Crankworx Tour. We recently spent 10 days in Utah digging and filming to push our limits on big bikes and the crew was insane. Thank you to everyone who helped and all the friends who made the trip what it was. Looking forward to the next adventure, much love to the real ones!

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Y Lladdwr Mynydd: Rob Williams thrashing the track that he's grown up thrashing. This is Rob's local DH track and one he's rode over, and over, and over. Check out the speed he carries and some of the crazy lines he takes!

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Preface - Gabriel Lesueur: Do you know Gabriel Lesueur? I don't think so, and yet there are many things to show you and some may even surprise you! After riding street trials for two years, he decided to get into dirt. Video: William Flandrin.

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Simply - Hervé Roos: Rider: Hervé Roos.

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Relative: You know this Albert who said time is relative? Time can be slow, fast, important, irrelevant, whatever. Racing downhill against the clock is just nuts. No mistakes, all out, flat out, 2-4 minutes long. Rider: Basil Weber. Video: Roland Ogg.

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Hyperactive: Robin Perez, in collaboration with Julien Abellan and Jordan Colin, offer us a short and dynamic edit.

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Aspect Media 2019 Show Reel: Great work from the Aspect crew.

Why Is Whistler Bike Park Such A Big Deal? In a recent poll, it seems that 78% of you have never been to a lift access bike park like Whistler, which is actually pretty unsurprising. Some of these places are not easy to get to, and some of you aren't even that interested in downhill. Nevertheless, "Whistler" pops up a lot in MTB news as well as YouTube, and most of this content presumes you have certain knowledge about the place. Some of you may feel that you have "stupid" questions about it, but I feel that no such questions exist. This video is meant to serve as an introduction to Whistler so that other videos are easier to understand.

David Grant VX Rated: David Grant delivers big setups and spot use of the highest calibre all captured in those lush VX1 colours by Alex D.

Eclathens: It may be famed for being one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back 7000 years, but Athens, Greece isn't just dusty cobbles and philosophers in sandals. We sent DIG video guy Peter Adam off with Eclat's Bruno Hoffmann, Lewis Mills, Alex Kennedy, and Jordan OKane meeting up with locals, including Eclat teammate Jason Eustathiou, to sample the city's best spots. Needless to say with this crew things got heated, fast. Sit back and enjoy nine minutes of high grade from some of the best to grace a bike.

Odyssey Tourism Bureau - Australia: Broc Raiford, Justin Spriet, and Preston Okert flew to the other side of the world to meet up with Odyssey's newest pro Boyd Hilder and session the finest parks, trails, and street Canberra and Sydney have to offer. These guys rip any terrain and came through with a diverse and mind-blowing edit, and Broc even blessed us with a fresh NBD on a classic Sydney spot.

Classics - Mark Gonzales in Video Days: The Blind video detonated like an atomic bomb in 1991, altering the course of skating forever. Here's the most influential skater of all time, in the best part from an epic video.

Mark Gonzales - Legend: Meet up with artist Mark Gonzales in his Lower East Side studio. The Supreme team member still skates, but has mellowed from his raucous early years. “I think at 50, I think I reached the type of maturity where my art is fine art,” he chuckles. “Where before it was just kid stuff.”

The Evolution of... Miami's MLK Ledges: We’ve previously only profiled New York City spots for this video segment, but seeing as there is an entire skate world outside of New York, we figured it was time we got off our asses and traveled more than 45 minutes to visit an out-of-town spot. For the fifth instalment of “Evolution of…” we sent our filmer / good homie Richard Quintero to his hometown of Miami, Florida to check out the MLK Ledges. Like other good skate spots in big cities, it’s not in the safest part of town and there are a few factors that make it just a tiny bit less than perfect, but it still has a lot to offer in terms of history and skateability. Richard was able to get in touch with Forrest Kirby, Kenny Anderson, and Zered Bassett to piece together a little oral history of notable tricks that have gone down at the spot, along with some tales of sketchy run-ins with locals. This spot has fallen out of favour with the more recent generation who was spoiled by skateparks, but hopefully these tales will inspire kids to try some NBD ledge combos and film a sponsor me tape just like the good ol’ days. Absorb some spot history in the video above and yell at us below if you’ve got a spot you want us to profile, especially if it’s outside of NYC. We could use some travel days. (Just make sure it’s not only available in THPS.)

Kamchatka Steelhead Project: In Russia's Far East, follow a team of anglers on a fly fishing adventure to document and preserve the legacy of the Kamchatka steelhead trout through angling.

Carlin Dunne - 2018 Ducati Team Racer for Pikes Peak Hill Climb: Carlin Dunne was the first motorcyclist ever to traverse the 12.42 mile Pikes Peak race course in less than 10 minutes. With two Baja wins, three Pikes Peak wins, and three World Records, man & machine vs. mountain is in his blood. As a previous record holder of Pike’s Peak and valiant member of the Squadra Alpina he knows the mountain well and is motivated to deliver the best.

Carlin Dunne - New World Disorder 6: RIP. Our condolence to Carlin's friends and family.

Photo: RambaudMax

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 10
 If you have not seen the opening carnage from the Mountain of Hell 2019 then sit back and watch the pure magestic ballet of Bambi Bikes on Ice.
  • + 3
 Holy Hell! Looked like a bunch of ants piling onto each other - and they just kept coming! Hope no one was badly hurt.
  • + 1
 this video cuts out right before they release the bears from their bunkers so you're only seeing half the carnage
  • + 4
 Old school 90s skateboarding clips really do it for me. I can’t even come up with the words to explain it.
  • + 5
 RIP Carlin Dunne you inspired a lot of people.
  • + 2
 Scott Thornhill can ride a bike like a demon. Was doing well cool stuff with a few of the Local boys in Melbourne and Tassie to
  • + 3
 The news regarding Carlin Dunne is very saddening. Such an amazing and humble human. Rest In Peace good sir.

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