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Jun 10, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Whiskey Run: Through overwhelming community support, local political advocacy and the cooperation of a once-reluctant land manager, the Whiskey Run Trail system went in with record speed. Already, over ten miles of singletrack dodge back and forth under a shaded canopy of fir, spruce and alder, and if you stop long enough to smell the blooming rhododendron, you can even hear the waves rolling into shore.

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The Paperboy: Dane Jewett delivers the latest issue of Mountain Life up and down the Sea to Sky Corridor (and of course rips some trail along the way).

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Don't Tell Anyone I'm On A 29er... Filmed, Edited, & Music by Bryn Atkinson.

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The Tweed Valley: The EWS Continental Series descended up on the village of Innerleithen, in the Tweed Valley. With a rich history of racing Chris Hutchens takes us through the then, the now, and considers the future of mountain biking and enduro in the area in this short film.

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Sweden & Norway: This is a small recap from our 2 1/2 week trip through Sweden and Norway. We had a blast!

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First Ride On The Alpine Trail: Threw together some clips from the first two months of riding on the Marin Alpine Trail. Rider: Evan Mercure.

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Highest Volcano On Earth By Bike: The "Nevado Ojos Del Salado" volcano stands 6,893 metres tall (22,614 ft). Our film, "Guardian of the Valley" consists of climbing the highest mountains by bike, mountains that were sacred to the great culture of the Incas.

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Whismas (Official Music Video): Starring: Matt Dennison, Andrew Santos, Kaz Yamamura, and Micayla Gatto.

Chasing The Ride: Sarah spends the majority of her time down on our South Island trying to push her riding for the love of it. With an infectious smile and some serious skills to boot, more often than not you can find her down at Bowenvale dirt jumps fixing up and riding these private trails.

Evil - Utah: Kyle Norbraten, Mike Giese and Graham Agassiz head to Utah to shred against the scenic backdrop of Virgin, Utah. The Black Collar crew put the Evil Following MB and Offering to the test on some fast flow trails with some solid rocky jank gnar thrown in. The Evil Insurgent and Wreckoning LB Park Bikes also came out for the boys to hit some of the famous Rampage warm up lines that cascade off the mesas.

Mike Grey - Vans: Whenever Vans Canada Team rider, and recently appointed team manager of the Canadian Vans BMX crew, Mike Gray's name appears online we always know we can expect some street riding on the larger end of the scale. Despite possessing a massive array of technical tricks, this Canadian's ability to go big is undeniable. Filmed throughout the Great White North.

Chase Hawk - "It's Later Than You Think" - Full Part: He first featured on the pages of DIG back in Issue 14 (Jan/Feb 2001) as a young whippersnapper kicking his bike around with effortless style. Fast forward 18 or so years and he holds a spot as one of the most respected riders out there, an icon of bike control, and possession of an ability to make the simplest (and not so simple) motions become a work of art. With many epic video parts under his belt it’s time to introduce you to his latest masterpiece (if you didn’t catch it on DVD already), released last year, his Cult “It’s Later Than You Think” section is another banger which will leave flow and style fans’ jaws on the floor. The Austin boy did it again.

Kris Fox - Mental Exodus: Kris rides everything at warp speed and it's so fun to watch.

One Step - Miles Silvas: Featuring Miles Silvas in the heart of the Koreatown neighbourhood of Los Angeles, "One Stop" is a five-minute, one-take line of Silvas spanning over seven city blocks.

Evolution of... NYC's Black Hubba: A solid skate history lesson.

DC Shoes - Gotta Eat: Australia and New Zealand are dream destinations, and the DC squad took full advantage of all their splendour, devastating spots and soaking up the good times. This is one helluva tour vid.

Grind Now. Shine Later. Chris Boucher wasn’t supposed to be in the NBA. But he is. ‘Grind Now, Shine Later’ is the story of how he made it this far. It’s that unlikely underdog tale told again and again, but never ceases to amaze. It’s about overcoming adversity, against all odds, and turning negatives into positives. It’s about inspiring others through action. It’s about grinding now so you can shine later.

Blink Of An Eye - Aksel Lund Svindal: A classic.

Markus Eder - ''Drop Everything'' - Full Segment: Freeride World Tour Champion Markus Eder is hysterical and one of best skiers we have ever seen. Sit back and get your fill of big airs and insane ski action.

Al Eagleton - Instinct Skis: Al Eagleton is the founder and owner of Instinct Skis in Rossland, B.C. Al didn’t set out to build a ski company. He started teaching woodworking in a local school, but he tends to get carried away. Al now works with the help of his kids, harvesting trees from his property and building a range of skis in his own shop.

Evening dust clouds

Photo: damonberrymanphoto

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 18
 Straight to the BMX and 2 of the most rad riders ever, Kris Fox and Chase Hawk, thanks PB.
  • + 7
 Same here (every week). Nice to hear some Stone Roses in a BMX edit.
  • + 5
 Haha, nice to know I'm not the only one who does that. Those huge pocket airs in Kris's part were just mind blowing!
  • + 5
 Those backwards manuals that Hawk pulls. Goddamn. Can many other riders do that so smoothly?
  • + 2
 No joke man - both those sections are unreal.
  • + 1
 exactly the same ! My top 2 riders just right there ! Hell yeah I like monday
  • + 3
 It's unfortunate that my beloved skate culture is becoming so thirsty that they're just making shit up now. That black hubba ledge is not deeply rooted in the culture, it was first session'd by BMX'ers and ::gasp:: Inline street skaters. We weren't able to session there for years after construction was completed, not until the rails got knocked off because it was too hard to get speed on the approach. "When it was first built, I saw it on instagram" - holy 5boro bullshit batman! that fountain was built 10+ years before Instagram even existed.

You can also credit the BMXers for practically destroying it, its almost un-skateable today due to the chunks of marble they keep chipping.
  • + 5
 He means he saw a throwback picture on insta of when it was first built, not that someone posted it literally the day it was built...
  • + 2
 One stop has to be the most boring vid i've ever seen on here! Every time you think he's going to slide down a rail etc, dude gets off and walks! Not saying he has no skills, we just didn't see that much of them on show...
  • + 1
 It was all done in one shot, which is pretty impressive. I thought it was cool.
  • + 3
 to the guys going up in the highest volcano, congratulations, incredible scenery and experience, Chile is amazing.
  • + 3
 Thanks! Cheers from Chile!..
  • + 1
 Really like the variety of content on here recently (BMX, skiing, running etc.) This week - Grind Now, Shine Later. Interesting look at Chris' story. Perfect timing to feed into the hype.

Lets Go Raptors!
  • + 4
 No mention of new documentary about Emil Johansson..
  • + 1
 Dakota Roche last week and Chase Hawk this week...mind numbing how good these dudes are on two wheels
  • + 1
 That Chris Fox video destroys everything I’ve seen here! That dude is unreal.
  • + 1
 Forthed to see some skiing, as the season is starting up here in NZ. I wanted more summer....Now I want pow pow!
  • + 1
 I can't see the Kris Fox one in work, but I'll recommend it anyway. He's a fantastic rider to watch.
  • + 1
 @jjwillTOmaui such a wounder
  • + 1
 Chase Hawk is a cool kid.
  • + 1
 Well, he's certainly chilled in his tutorial on how to do whips...
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