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Jun 15, 2020
by Scott Secco  
Weekend Slayer - Micro Hit - Levi the Trail Dog: There's no better riding partner than your dog! Join Lornny as he attempts to chase Levi down Boogie Nights, in this self-filmed Micro Hit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Linked Passions: Damien Guiot is a passionate French mountain biker, photographer, and nature lover. He also makes candies in a little factory located in Les Vosges, a mountain region in the north east of France. Video: Paul Fisson. Thanks: Régis Ricard / Edgar Hans.

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Greens Estate - Freeride New Zealand: Greens Estate will quite clearly play a huge roll in the development of New Zealand riders. Brad Nieuwkoop and Paul Needham have been the driving force behind it, and now are welcoming riders in. I am proud to be involved in this project, along with riders and builders that want to give back to the community.

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Loam Ripper: Rider: Jakub Béreš. Video: Ewia Production.

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A Dream Ride: Too much work, not enough sleep, and long evenings. Not the best mix when all you want to do is go out riding. But you've still got your own dreams, right?

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Mikayla Parton: Fort William local riding one of her favourite trails.

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Simon Tellier - Sender 'Till You Bender: Simon ripping his moto and dh bike in preparation for the return of the downhill racing season.

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Nate Atkins - Splendid: With my bike being broken Nate and I headed out to try something a bit different, and created this video.

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Weird & Revered DVD - Cary Lorenz: Filmed from 2016 to 2019, "Vagabond Squad" is a full-length video from Canada’s Weird & Revered crew. Next up in the online release of sections from Vagabond Squad is Cary Lorenz.

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R-Dog - All Day In Queenstown: What does the perfect day of riding in Queenstown, New Zealand look like? From sun up to sun down, Ryan 'R-Dog' Howard has the recipe perfected.

Bonehouse - What The F#%k Is Bonehouse? Not the fastest, not the most stylish, not all the tricks. Not the most expensive bike and not all the gear. Just having fun riding with your mates and getting creative!

BSD Recording: Featuring riding from: Alex Donnachie, Sam Jones, Liam Zingbergs, Guy Scroggie, David Grant, Noah Huntzinger, and Kriss Kyle. Recorded in Barcelona, Beijing, Glasgow, Israel, Lyon, Madrid and Tenerife. This is a recording. Video: Dave Sowerby.

Taj Mihelich - Life After Pro: One of the most influential riders in the history of BMX, Taj Mihelich took a less is more, passionate approach to everything he did. After a chronic back injury forced Taj to put down the BMX bike, he's found a new direction. Here's the story of the legendary Taj Mihelich and his Life After Pro.

Taj Mihelich - Forward: Taj's classic part from Etnies Forward.

Loveletter To LGBTQ+ Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding: Love Letters to Skateboarding is about the love we all have for skateboarding, a commonality we all share regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. We are all one people with a love for skating. This LGBTQ+ episode is testament to that. On March 31st, 2020 our beloved legendary Vans family member and larger than life defender of skateboarding, Jeff Grosso, passed away. Jeff said this LGBTQ series of Love Letters and Love Notes were the episodes he was most proud of in the 11 years of the show. These were the last episodes he filmed. In the episodes Jeff admits, “I was taught at a young age to speak this way… I have been part of the problem…but I am trying to change…the last thing I want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable or make them not feel safe ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO SKATEBOARDING.”
It is a fitting send off to our dear friend who believed that skateboarding is for everyone and all are welcome.

Justin Henry's World Peace: Filmed earlier this year, Justin Henry’s World Peace uplifts the importance of rallying around community and youth, and fostering a kinder world with equality for all. With strong ties to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and its local skateboard scene, Quasi Skateboards’ Justin Henry grew up skating crusty spots and learning the value of putting in work and making each try count. He invited Vans inside that world recently, recounting his journey from young talent to pro, and his determination to give back to the community that has shaped him. Directed by Patrick O’Dell.

Frozen Mind - Over The Ice: Next level freestyle in a hostile environment. Featuring Victor de Le Rue and Frederik Kalbermatten snowboarding the glacier in Saas Fee, Switzerland.

The Reef Beneath: Sometimes it’s the things we don't see that matter most. Connected by a shared passion for the ocean and a desire to protect it, Belinda Baggs, Kimi Werner, and Wayne Lynch embarked on a sailing journey along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The largest living structure on earth, the reef provides habitats for thousands of species. The reef, however, is under threat. Currently almost half of its coral has been lost or damaged, most of this in some way attributable to human impact, the biggest single factor being climate change. The three sailors explored the reef and experienced personally how something as vast and wonderful as the Great Barrier Reef can at the same time be entirely vulnerable, realizing as they sailed and swam that time is fast running out to save it.

Imogen: Imogen Caldwell is a 23 year old woman from Red Bluff, Western Australia - one of the remotest regions I've ever traveled to, known for its abundance of perfect waves, Outback dust, and treacherous wildlife. Over the course of a year, our adventures took us from her homebreak to the icebergs of Iceland, forests of France, and the jungles of Indonesia. Video: Morgan Maassen.

Trango Towers: Four Chileans were leaving for Pakistan with one thing in mind, the Trango Tower. This tower is iconic for world mountaineering for bringing together multiple disciplines such as climbing, altitude, mountain knowledge and conditions that require extreme resilience. With a summit of 6,250 masl, it is the target of ambitious and daring mountaineers. On July 17, four prominent national mountaineers, Sebastian Rojas, Diego Señoret, Diego Sáez and Nicolas Gutierrez managed to put their feet on top of this granite giant. Around 11 AM they would reach the summit after having to sleep in the open the night before at more than 5,000 meters above sea level at -30 degrees C. An ascent that lasted five days of vertical climbing along the iconic "Nameless" route. Route established in 1988 by one of the strongest alpine ropes perhaps in history.

Photo: Siete


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 I have to say sometimes I feel a bit cheated with Monday’s videos as half of them have been published in the week before
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 Yes pinkbike! Cheers for posting the BONEhouse edit! Go check it out, well worth 5 minutes and 45 seconds of anyone’s time on a Monday!
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 Those waves Imogen crushed are massive. Unreal. Beautifully shot too. Those shots just after the 4 minute mark are stunning.
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 the whole of the BSD vid is amazing but the Kris Kyle segment is especially mindblowing
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 Yes bonehouse. !!!!
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 You da best, Taz, you da best....
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 Jesus, that dog is wicked fast
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 wow that dog is sooo fast Smile
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 Also why didn't this make it: -

Get out there people and do a bit
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 thanks pb!

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