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Jun 18, 2018
by Scott Secco  
Jordie Lunn - Rough AF Line POV: Jordie is insane.

Views: 13,754    Faves: 165    Comments: 19

Manon & Veronique: Absolutely slaying corners and jumps. This rules.

Views: 21,028    Faves: 173    Comments: 15

Reed Boggs - Utah: Reed looks ready for Rampage.

Views: 16,281    Faves: 189    Comments: 8

Evan Mercure California Raised: Ripping it.

Views: 4,901    Faves: 30    Comments: 8

Freeride on Dreamline: Antoine Buffart & Olivier Cuvet having some fun on Dreamline!

Views: 6,405    Faves: 102    Comments: 7

Joe Breeden: Joe Breeden's road to recovery. Credit: Saddleback UK.

Views: 4,656    Faves: 16    Comments: 0

71 Year Old Shreds the Whistler Mountain Bike Park: At 71 he can hit almost every jump in the park.

Views: 9,403    Faves: 66    Comments: 20

Kenny Smith - Devinci AC: I love all aspects of mountain biking; long climbs, long descents, and sketchy lines. The E-bike is just another realm to explore. I just wish more of my friends would get them.” - Kenny Smith.

McCaul Meets - Nicholi Rogatkin: Cam McCaul goes deep undercover as he tries to track down Russian/American; Nicholi Rogatkin. Travelling to Boston, Cam checks out Nicholi’s sketchy backyard set up. He gets used as target practice by Nicholi’s father; Vladimir. And we learn how this young BMX rider has made his mark and pushed the progression of slopestyle.

Matt Jones - Raw 100: A re-cut of Matt's incredible video from last year.

I Rode Sam Pilgrim's Enduro Mountain Bike On a recent video shoot in Kamloops with Sam Pilgrim, I grabbed five minutes to check out his bike and the trails. He runs his bike completely differently to how I have my bikes -150psi in the fork, 300 psi in the rear shock and a whopping 60psi in the tires!

The Journey - A BCBR Film: A film by Max Berkowitz.

Innsbruck Recap - No Bad Days Talk Show: Join me as I break down the finer points of the Crankworx Innsbruck slopestyle.

Sean Burns - ''The Dirty Sniff'' Full Part: Burns has still got it.

Federal Bikes FTS - LOST IT - Volume 2: Featuring: Dan Lacey, Stevie Churchill, Joe Jarvis, Bruno Hoffman, and more!

Tom Dugan - Holy Fit: A classic.

Nora: In celebration of the first female pro rider to join the global Adidas skateboarding team, we are proud to present "Nora", a digital short documenting the birth of skate icon, Nora Vasconcellos. Earning the respect of her peers, both on and off the board, Nora shares the experiences that have shaped her life.

Nora Vasconcellos - First Try Friday: Nora, ripping with chips.

The 'Most Elusive' Man in North America: Dag Aabye is a septuagenarian Ultra Marathon champion who lives completely off the grid. Can two filmmakers track him down—and if so, what will they find?

Crossing Home - A Skier’s Journey: For travellers, life on the road ultimately winds to an end, and the compass points towards home. In the series finale, after excursions through ski cultures across the globe, Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots go back to the beginning - British Columbia. Embarking on a 3 week expedition, they boat, bushwack, ski, and packraft the spine of the Coast mountains. From interior plateau, steep chutes and over the Homathko Icefield, to the lush, carpeted coastal inlets of the Pacific coast. What is the meaning of home? A cast of characters help them understand what that term truly means.

Tom got along with the dirt super quick. Blake Jorgenson Red Bull Content Pool

Title Photo by: Blake Jorgenson

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 37
 At 52 I was thinking possibly another 5-8 years of big jump mtb left in me. I'm now looking forward to at least another 19yrs! Thanks 71yr old dude, seriously inspirational!
  • + 14
 I'm 50 and thought maybe another 10 years but i've now seen whats possible. Got to love Mountain Biking, fountain of youth.
  • + 4
 I'm 57 and I ride the big bike whenever I can. Usually hit whistler 2-3 times a year. Age is really just number some people get hung up on. I was pretty impressed that he didn't have to stop for a leg break. I need to step up my game after watching this.
  • + 7
 i'm 47 kid, my goal is 82, my biggest inspiration that got me back on the bike was this 82 years old dude i met on top of the mountain, i tried to keep up with him but he was a beast, i was so impressed that i set a goal to be in his shape at 82 with front and back flip in my trick bag.
  • + 2
 Whistler 2048! Stoked!
  • + 1
 Raddest dude on the mtn for sure!!! 71! Dude’s a badass!
  • + 1
 ditto.....exact thoughts...
  • + 1
 Dr John. 'Hip' as in jump, not replacement. My friggin hero!
  • + 7
 dr john fo tha win! my dad quit surfing at 72, cold west coast water finally drove him off. everyone's amazed by vali holl. and she is amazing, but hitting whistler at 71? i'm stoked for that dood. makes me want to ride...more.
  • + 5
 71 years owning the wise... humble fella, knows to mind his own business, in return has given the life of freedom to master what can be possible to become the zone... Way to go pal!
  • + 7
 I'm praying I can still stand up straight @ 71 much less jump a bike.
  • + 2
 keep shredding and ull get there with tons of experience
  • + 4
 I’m 49 and was wondering if I’d be able to ride with my 9 year old son when he’s a teenager. Looks like there’s hope for us old guys! That guy was fast!
  • + 5
 Holy Sh*t!!! 71 years old and hitting Dirt Merchant!!?? Yeah! Get some grandpa! Never too old to learn new tricks!
  • + 4
 Bonedeath is the shiz, best videos,,,, tits and punk rock all day. I want to be Sean Burns when I grow up.
  • + 1
 sorry but 'bone deth'
  • + 1
 @jtayabji: sorry professor butthole
  • + 2
 @fecalmaster: he's right, you're a shitty student
  • + 1
 @zede: Who is right about what ? That is the infinite question nobody should care about!
  • + 1
 I did not get everything about the Sam Pigrim`s bike test: this lad choose a quite awkward setup: 60psi in the tires... seriously? Without mentioning the wooden suspensions settings...
  • + 3
 matt jones' gnarliest course ? wrong video title .. its smooth as butter lol
  • + 2
 Sry burn, down voted by bad. Meant to props!!!!!
  • + 2
 @nicolematt: dont worry. 0 is a good score for me Big Grin lmoa
  • + 2
 Vero and Manon sending. Sean Burns. Cam and Rogatkin. Matt Jones. Sick set of vids PB!
  • + 2
 Sean Burns must've got his riding style from playing Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2.
  • + 2
 Nora! Great bunch of vids this week. Miss skating but hurts landing on concrete now. Her slams brought back memories.
  • + 1
 Tom Dugan goes huge and makes it look so smooth an easy. Sean Burns goes huge and makes it look fucking hard.
  • + 2
 Dear Nora, please wear a helmet all the time!
  • + 1
 Awesome footage Jordie! Please keep them coming!
  • + 1
 Awesome, have not done any work thanks to the great videos!
  • + 1
 sean burns legend!

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