Movies For Your Monday - Kilian Bron, Vinny T, David Gonzalez, A Retirement Home, & More

May 22, 2023
by Scott Secco  
Kilian Bron - Cross Countries: In his new edit "Cross Countries,” Kilian goes on another tour, this time on some of the most beautiful North American trails. From the roots of mountain biking in the USA, to the dense Canadian forests and rock slabs of British Columbia, the best spots are all on display. The steep chutes of Sedona, Squamish Jurassic Five, bike-life in NYC, the Pemberton train gap, slick rock in Moab or a Honolulu ridge line… Kilian boarder hops (Cross Countries) in the most beautiful way, as he moves towards a new chapter in his riding life with redesigned video format ideas, so that you are evermore immersed in his extraordinary adventures in the future. “I don't define myself as an endurist, nor as a downhiller, or a freerider. I'm just a mountain biker who expresses himself with his favourite bike. The one on which I can venture into all areas and places unknown. In this case, crossing the USA and part of Canada with my very personal vision of trail riding… Which turned into Cross Countries!“ - Kilian Bron. Rider: Kilian Bron. Directed by: Kilian Bron & Pierre Henni.

Chasing Kasper: A bicycle, in its essence, is a way from one place to another. But sometimes it’s also a way through something. For Tessa Treadway and her nine-year-old son Kasper, who lost husband and father Dave Treadway to a backcountry skiing accident in 2019, mountain biking has helped move them through grief. For Kasper, it’s a hyper-focused outlet for his errant energy. For Tessa, it’s a break from the chaos of single motherhood, as she discovers the surprise gift of joy that flows from chasing her oldest son. Video: Nick Waggoner.

Mahshid Hadi - The Refuge: Meet Mahshid Hadi. Where she grew up in Iran, it’s illegal for women to ride bikes. But she always was rebellious. “On my bike I feel powerful in a way that I had been told I wasn’t allowed to be my entire life,” Mahshid says. “I want to share those feelings of empowerment I feel on my bike with other women.”

Chasing the Lava - Freeriding & Backyard Trails In Chile - Ep. 2: Embark on an exhilarating journey with Josh Lewis, Kasi Schmidt, and Ludo May as they turn up the heat in Chile during the second episode of SCOR's South American adventure. Get ready for an adrenaline-fuelled episode as they tackle Chile's lava trails, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Pucon's crystal-clear lakes, lush forests, and remarkable volcanoes. The SCOR Crew hikes up to conquer scree-slope freeride lines, discovers a singletrack that flows like lava, and collaborates with the local community to build backyard jump lines in the rainforest. Along the way, Ludo attempts to master the pan pipes... with mixed success. Don't miss out on this epic instalment of our Chilean Odyssey series, filled with jaw-dropping landscapes, extreme riding, and genuine camaraderie.

Vinny T & Candice - Two Pinned Siblings: Vincent Tupin, aka Vinny T, aka Vinny Too Pinned. This "too pinned" nickname has stuck to Vinny's skin since a shoot at Châtel back in the days when he kept shooting himself off the tracks in front of Andreu & Luis Lacondeguy because he was way too hot. Tupin, Toupine with Andreu's accent, Too Pinned with Vinny's unique riding style. Is it that unique though? Not sure after seeing little sister Candice coming up to speed now. ''I met Candice a decade ago when picking up Vinny at home to go filming and nothing would have made me think that one day I would be out in the bike park filming with both of them.'' Time flies, the Tupins too. Video: Gaëtan Rey.

Billy Spurway - Choppin' About: Filmed over NZ Summer '23. Rider: Billy Spurway. Location: Queenstown, New Zealand. Video: Nick James.

Ryan McNulty - Desert Days: Video: Nick Zaback.

Andrew Pearson - Out For Recess: [Recess is arguably every kid’s favourite part of school. It means going outside, stretching the legs, and getting pelted by a stray dodgeball. What does Recess mean when you’re getting your Master’s Degree to become a Physician's Assistant (PA)? For Andrew Pearson, it’s getting in a few laps between classes. Born in Tucson, Arizona, but living through most of the western states, Andrew started riding in Sun Valley, Idaho at 16. He started with long backcountry rides on moto trails, but as his riding improved he branched out into many more styles of riding. He’s never felt like he falls into a specific discipline, but rather enjoys, “a good ol’ fashion mountain bike ride.” He’s now on his way to becoming a PA at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. Future plans include bridging his love for medicine with his passion for bikes. He’s not sure how yet, or where life will take him after graduation. But, he’s excited for the time he’s spending in sunny California. Video: JP Purdom.

Gamux Factory Racing - RAW S1 E1 - Fort William: The racing season has officially started! Join the boys on their trip to Scotland, where they got stuck into vital pre-season testing and attended the BDS in Fort William. In our new RAW series, we take you on our travels and provide insight into what it is like to race at the highest level globally.

"Schwarzwälderkirschtorten Racing" - A Black Forest MTB Film: Es ist soweit, "Schwarzwälderkirschtorten Racing" ist raus! "Schwarzwälderkirschtorten Racing" ist ein Film von Heinrich Süchting & Bela Maria Walz, zwei jungen Mountainbikern aus dem Schwarzwald. Zusammen mit vielen deutschsprachigen Fahrern und der Unterstützung von Freunden, ist in den letzten 8 Monaten ein feines Stück Content entstanden.

Joe Jarvis & Alex Kennedy - Ambas: AK and Joe Jarvis is one video? Yesssssir! A long weekend in Barcelona with these two is a recipe for gold. Do we really need to tell you this is great? Just under four minutes of classic AK and Jarvis for ECLAT.

Chelsea Wolfe - Can You Film This? With speed, style, and a well-curated trick list, Chelsea Wolfe's Can You Film This? section has all the classic BMX vibes.

Chocolate Truck 2 - Full Movie: Over eight years in the making, and the long-awaited results are stellar. Matt Miller and the Chocolate Truck squad released Chocolate Truck 2 last summer, and it’s stacked with a plethora of full sections from Philly, NYC, the East Coast, Arizona, California, and Spain. Over eight years in the making, the crew went from starting to film for the project as college kids, to getting 11th hour clips as full-on grown-ups. Full parts from Kevin Vannauker, Steve Tassone, Nick Barrett, Breyon Woods, Mike Swift, Brendon Reith, Ryan Niranonta, Joe Niranonta, Matt Miller, John Yoh, and Job Suender. It’s a certified classic.

David Gonzalez - Possessed To Skate: David Gonzalez's infamous "Possessed To Skate" video part featuring some of the gnarliest rails and gaps ever done. This is the video that helped David win Thrasher's Skater of The Year in 2012. Video: Ewan Bowman.

What Makes You A Pro Skateboarder: Skate mags used to run the world, but now social media means every skater can start their own brand. In the year 2023, what does it mean to be a pro skater? Does that title mean anything anymore? We (try to) break it down in this episode of Pushing Forward.

Rowan Davis "Lad Is Pro As" Girl Part: Combining undeniable ledge work with an insatiable appetite for hammers, Rowan makes his mark from Medowie to LA, elevating to the pro ranks in the process. Congrats, Lad!

Creating Space: JoJo Das has always been a mover. From growing up moving homes multiple times to eventually finding his passion for physical movement, being nimble has both shaped who he is today and driven his passion for building community. Come for a run with JoJo and see how the transformative power of community has changed the lives of those around him, and pushed him further and deeper than most on the trails of the Sea to Sky corridor. Featuring: JoJo Das & Adam Campbell. Director: Joel Fuller.

Shining Mountains: Montana’s Glacier National Park has over two dozen named glaciers—but only two are easily visible to the park’s millions of visitors. A team including athletes Mike Foote and Jenn Lichter set out to tell the story of the glaciers beyond public gaze and document their fragile health. What they found was equal parts urgent and inspirational.

The Diamond: “The Diamond,” a documentary directed by Caitlyn Greene, unveils the emotional motivations behind the people who spend endless days—even years—searching for elusive diamonds in deep Arkansas.

The Paradise Next Door: "They try and make you believe that everything here is perfect." A new Op-Doc by Lance Oppenheim explores The Villages, one of the largest retirement communities in the world.

Squamish- Cross Countries by Kilian Bron

Photo: JB Liautard


  • 12 0 posting this here because it should be on this list but isn't!
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 Riding and Trailbuilding are next level! Thanks for adding it
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 So should this, Brosnan and Hill follow cam number 2.
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 Wow...can we all agree Kilian Bron and his crew are on the top of their game! Holy hell.... so bloody creative. The cinematography, scenery, soundstage, riding....all of it....absolutely stunning!
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 And yet it gets systematically ignored for the pibkbike video of the year awards...
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 Chasing Kasper needs a disclaimer, bring tissues. Gah, that hit me deep in the heart.
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 Anything Kilian Bron puts out is an instant watch and favorite for me.
  • 1 0 definitely worth a watch if you like bike upgrades and bike progression!

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