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Mar 12, 2018
by Scott Secco  
Szymon Godziek - Charged: Get charged with Szymon Godziek and the NS Bikes Fuzz. Pure big mountain freeride feast!

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Farmer on Patrol 2: Big thanks to Bob Mackay and Rob Kennerley for the help.

Views: 24,903    Faves: 342    Comments: 24

Kendall McLean - Awakening: Kendall came out of hibernation to attack the fresh Vancouver Island forests.

Views: 17,288    Faves: 254    Comments: 12

Max McCulloch - Winter is Tough on Vancouver Island: Winter is tough on Vancouver Island... not! T-shirt weather, tacky trails, and good times. The entire video was filmed over one weekend at Harbourview and Bear Mountain.

Views: 12,402    Faves: 153    Comments: 39

Scott Thornhill - Indoors: Shredding in Calgary.

by kmak
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No EXIF 5 - Slow Down Photography: The photos from 2007 are anything but brilliant. But the decade has added a historical aspect. It doesn’t make the photo better, but it tells a story.

Views: 6,110    Faves: 23    Comments: 8

Weird & Revered: The Lost "Far North" Tapes: Back in 2016 I decided that rather than attending my University graduation, I should road trip up to Alaska. It seemed like an appropriate way to celebrate my freedom from studying. This is a video documenting my travels atop two wheels in The Far North.

Views: 1,610    Faves: 11    Comments: 2

Just Another Day - A Film About Mountain Biking in the Bay Area: My friends and I riding our bikes in the Bay area. Nothing more, nothing less.

Views: 14,012    Faves: 273    Comments: 60

Cruising Maydena Bike Park: GoPro mash up of footage from Maydena Bike Park. Highly recommend checking this place out.

Views: 2,526    Faves: 4    Comments: 3

Joe Nation #sundaysizzle. We teamed up with Joseph Nation on his new Specialized Bicycles Enduro for a #sundaysizzle down a slightly greasy Shredzilla track at Christchurch Adventure Park. In true Sunday fashion, crack a beer, click HD, and enjoy!

Views: 2,582    Faves: 5    Comments: 0

La Poma Bike Park - Game of Bike: Watch the boys battle it out in a game of B-I-K-E at the famous La Poma Bike Park in Barcelona, Spain. Who took the win, and who ended up taking a dip in the ocean? Watch, and find out!

Simple Sessions 2018: Director: Dmitri Shushuyev.

Calvin Kosovich 'Ain't No Love' in L.A. "Downtown Los Angeles is one of the most documented cites in the world, and easily one of the most hectic when it comes to filming. I've always wanted to shoot a film that really captures the vibe and feel of this fast paced city, so I hit up Calvin Kosovich for a cruise and this is what we came up with! Hope you enjoy - Christian Rigal"

It's a Woman's World - Angie Marino & Perris Benegas: BMX is for for everyone that wants it. Don't matter what you ride. We're especially proud to add these two badass girls to the CultCrew Family. Here's a weekend of shredding in the SoCal area from Angie Marino and Perris Benegas.

Classics: Rodney Mullen - Virtual Reality: Plan B followed up "Questionable" by making yet another of the best skate vids ever.

Classics: Chad Muska - Fulfill the Dream: Muska had some ads and interviews, but it was only after this 1998 Shorty's part that a star was born and a legend was made.

Shots From Above: As much we admire the explorers traveling to the ends of the Earth on large scale Expeditons it’s the everyday man (or women) exploring their own backyard that often inspire the most. Guys like Chris Dahl-Bredine, who built an experimental aircraft in his garage in order to bring a new perspective to his life & creative vision. There isn’t much glamour in this type of exploration. No sponsors footing the bill. Just hard work, cold mornings & sometimes a bit of duct tape. Part cowboy, part photographer, part mechanic, Chris' work blends a blue collar work ethic with a special eye for landscapes and the interconnectedness of it all.

Cold: Over the past 26 years, 16 expeditions have tried and failed to climb one of Pakistan's 8,000 meter peaks in winter. In February 2011, Simone Moro, Denis Urubko, and Corey Richards became the first to achieve this alpine dream by summiting Gasherbrum II, surviving -50 degree temperatures and a massive avalanche. Richards captured both the glory and the pain of their adventure in this raw and moving, first-person look at modern super-alpinism.

Seeking Nirvana 3.1 - The Lost Craftsmen: A journey into Japan's rich maker culture and legendary powdery winter. A look at the past, present and future of craftsmanship intertwined with the search for carving the perfect turn.

The Long Way: Sam Schultz has driven south every winter for the past 11 years, leaving Montana's snow-covered landscape behind in exchange for Arizona's dry Sonora Desert. His road trip has always had an end game; to clear his head, build some perspective, and get back on the bike. He'll be the first one to tell you he loves a good road trip, and that the best ones are filled with deviations, stops, and adventures along the way.

Title Photo by: ns-bikes

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 26
 Among the opportunities one should never pass up on is (re)watching a Rodney Mullen video!
  • + 5
 First saw that movie in about '94 and it was absolutely mind boggling then. Still is today.
  • + 4
 Probably my favourite skater of all time. A truly gifted human being.
  • + 12
 The boys from the bay area were on an absolute different level... I have not been that attentive to an edit in a long time. It felt like 50to01 but on steroids just because the sheer speed that these guys were attacking shit at. Absolutely no disrespect to 50to01 (I love everything they produce) but shit this was humbling to watch because it could have been carnage at basically any moment. Props boys!!
  • + 4
 Loved that linetalk.
  • + 9
 Nice to see the cult women wearing helmets. A good video to share with my daughter (on mute, I guess).
  • + 5
 Damn, Christian Rigal is a magician with the gimbal work in Ain't No Love...beautiful!
  • + 5
 Bay Area shredders, no line too gnarly, no speed too fast, no whip too wild. Now that's how you ride some bikes!
  • + 6
 This is always my favorite thread every week Smile
  • + 0
 needs more gun politics
  • + 4
 Nice one of the Mutt, he was also a pioneer of scar tissue removal.
  • + 2
 Corey, Denis and Simone are true badasses and deserve that momentary satisfaction of surviving a near death experience.
  • + 3
 Damn; "Cold" was way more brutal than I was expecting.
  • + 2
 It takes a special kind of madness to want to get up and down a mountain that big in winter. These people are almost slaves to their passion. The pleasure only seems to kick in once they're back safe. And even at that point, they're already beginning to obsess about the next insane mission. I don't envy them.
  • + 2
 Hoshi's Slow Down look-back is very cool.
  • + 2
 The triple set Muska hits is fucking insane...
  • + 1
 When it gets muddie in Utah, your 2.0 tires turn into fatbike tires.
  • + 1
 Scott Thornhill -- you're my boy, Blu!
  • + 1
 makes getting up on Monday almost worth it
  • + 1
 muska was a monster
  • - 1
 Not enough BMX this week.

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