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Mar 25, 2019
by Scott Secco  
2019 Rotorua EWS - The Hardest Corner: Unfortunately, I injured myself in practice (fractured hand and wrist) so I decided to film one of the tougher sections of the course during the second day of EWS practice. Video: Max McCulloch.

Views: 58,107    Faves: 38    Comments: 8

Psychose - Mélanie Chappaz: After several weeks of shooting, Melanie Chappaz and Fabian Monchâtre present: Psychose. Inside, you‘ll find the sick Hope HB.160 and lots of strange effects.

Views: 5,403    Faves: 27    Comments: 8

Chromag Family Album Vol. 2 - The Coast: Chromag riders Brendan Howey, Brandon Semenuk, Curtis Robinson, Logan Peat, Dylan Dunkerton, and Kyle Norbraten ride the Sunshine Coast. Video: Mind Spark Cinema.

Views: 162,218    Faves: 2,727    Comments: 61

Agua Grande: Going downhill on bikes with the homies, always a good time.

Views: 2,829    Faves: 9    Comments: 7

Riding Switzerland's Valais Region: Switzerland's Valais region is an amazing playground for mountain bikers with it's extensive network of lifts, roads, huts, mountain villages, and endless singletrack. Could it be the world's biggest bike park?

Views: 4,580    Faves: 48    Comments: 1

Void - Live and Breathe: In preparation for the 2018 Swedish national enduro championships, Void founders Thor and Johan ventured to nearby Nesbyen, Norway, along with Void ambassadors Gary Forrest (Scotland) and Joline Johansson (Norway-based Swede). Live & Breathe looks into each rider’s passion for the sport and the clothing behind it. Video: Niklas Wallner. Soundtrack: Jim Slade.

Views: 3,335    Faves: 3    Comments: 1

Mountain Creek Rocks: Take a tour of some of the (Rock) Garden State's finest DH runs with local legends George Ryan and Mauricio Estrada.

Views: 10,387    Faves: 34    Comments: 6

Is It Spring Yet? Jacob Van Dam rides the local trails at the first sign of sun after a snowy and cold few weeks

Views: 3,017    Faves: 26    Comments: 9

Safety Third: Freeride and downhill riding in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and surrounding trails in Routt County.

Views: 1,790    Faves: 8    Comments: 0

Adam Woodhouse - Spring Ride: Video: @brendangauthier.

Views: 1,090    Faves: 12    Comments: 1

Vision – Teaser: Vision is a film about inclusivity, standing alongside your heroes and redefining the status quo. Vision blends the creative worlds of Veronique Sandler in a coming together of art, design and sport. Veronique Sandler, a former World Cup racer, has paved her own way in the mountain bike industry away from competition. This is a film about her Vision for the future of a sport. Taking inspiration from the streets, dirt jumping and freeride, this action focused documentary follows her journey alongside her heroes as she brings her Vision of a dream line to life, working in partnership with Revolution Bike Park in Wales, UK. Starring: Veronique Sandler.

Chase Hawk - Washington: Simply put, a good time with friends. Camping, skateparks, and endless trees, Chase Hawk and crew take in what Washington has to offer.

Through The Years With Chase Hawk - ESPN X Games: X Games Austin BMX Park and Dirt invite Chase Hawk grew up amid the thriving Austin, Texas BMX scene. This is his story.

Pools: Some quality skating.

The Picnic Paradox: An excerpt from Volcom's "Holy Stokes."

James Stewart - ''The Bubba Scrub'': Miss watching him compete.

Jed Anderson - Buzzcut: "Buzzcut" captures the combination of raw power and unique spot selection that is one hundred percent Jed. Filmed on location in Montreal, Quebec City, Helsinki, and throughout Japan, this edit is a heavy one.

Always Above Us: Leading the life of a climber involves a tremendous amount of sacrifice and hardship, but for team athletes Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson, there's no living without it. In 1999, on an expedition in Tibet, team alpine climbers Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson lost their good friend and exploration companion, Alex Lowe, to an avalanche that narrowly missed Conrad himself. To preserve Alex's honour, Conrad and Kris establish and send the Nutcracker, a new ice climb route in Hyalite Canyon, Montana.

El Montañista - The Mountain Climber: Extreme conditions and temperamental weather are a part of what makes Peru’s Cordillera Blanca an unforgiving and equally inspiring place to live, work and train. Follow mountaineer and alpine porter, Hernan Chinchay Quijano as he takes strides through The Andes to achieve a lifelong dream.

Our Planet - Trailer: Share the wonder of the extraordinary place we call home. Utilizing the latest technology Our Planet was filmed entirely in Ultra High Definition in over 50 countries. From exotic jungles to the deepest seas, open your eyes to the connections we all share.

Photo: Jb Liautard

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 22
 The Bubba Scrub is so rad!
  • + 17
 Our planet is truly beautiful. Why are we killing it?
  • + 2
 Because we're all Tyler Durden. We all want to destroy something beautiful.
  • + 5
 Chase Hawk!!!! My man. Not much of a better or nicer rider out there. Maybe Dennis?
  • + 3
 Everything about pool skating.
  • + 1
 Pool skating is the gnarliest shit EVER!
  • + 1
 Psychose reminds me of an edit from Jan this year, Rider Unknown. Very similar effects, similar music style, and really good riding. Luved it!
  • + 1
 Shout out to Jed for still consistently being one of the sickest street riders ever.
  • + 1
 I'm confused about that Chromag video. Was that a throwback? Or unreleased footage? Says 2014 on the opening logo.
  • + 3
 Yep, it's five years old and an absolute classic. I throw in old favourites from time to time since it's nice to revisit a quality film.
  • + 1
 @scottsecco: Ah ok, I thought it was supposed to be something new. All good!
  • + 2
 chase hawk Washington FTW!!
  • + 1
 The Bubba Scrub, now we must convert it to MTB use.
  • + 1
 people have... for years....
  • + 1
 i think you could only do that on a DB you would need more torque than legs alone
  • + 1
 @scott-townes: where, ive never seen a MTB get that sideways that low?
  • + 1
 @ryanbpoquette: Derp, google image "MTB scrub" and at least a half dozen good shots will pop up. Scrubbing jumps has been common in DH racing for years...
  • + 2
 @scott-townes: "google image "MTB scrub""
I did, I saw a picture of me standing next to Downhill bike.
  • + 1
 good vids
  • + 1
 hell yes to jed anderson

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