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Mar 27, 2023
by Scott Secco  
Farewell To The High Country: Filmmaker and athlete Peter Wojnar is constantly drawn to the alpine. Whether to ride, to shoot, or just to take in the feeling of being there—something about the landscape above treeline keeps calling him back. But between a gradual reveal in the summer as BC’s thick snowpack melts and an abrupt end with autumn’s first snowfall, it never feels like enough. Throughout the summer, it’s a playground where big days, long distances, and short nights are the norm. But when it looks like the season might be coming to a close… it’s nice to go say goodbye.

Hayden Zablotny Winter In Utah: Title athlete and up and coming freerider, Hayden Zablotny, migrated south from his home in Vernon, BC, in order to ride and continue progressing throughout the Canadian winter months. If you don't already know Hayden, we're confident you will get to know him and the effortless style he's becoming known for, sooner than later. Video: Caleb Ely.

Jim Monro Slays Coronet Peak: Jim Monro is a founder member of the Dyfi Bike Park Dig crew, an MTB coach and a team rider for Continental Atherton. He had a brilliant year in 2022 on board the AM.200.M, notching up his first World Cup top 50, 7th in Red Bull Hardline, and three UK National wins. But Jim is as well known for his style as for his speed - see for yourself as he shreds Coronet Peak, then on to the beautifully sculpted jumps of Dream Track. Rider: @jimbomonro. Video: Nick James.

Adam Craig Brings The World Enduro Series Close To Home: Adam Craig has always loved showing off his home trails in the northern reaches of New England. Following a successful career as an XC and enduro pro on the Giant Factory Off-Road Team, Adam returned home to Maine in 2020 to work at Sugarloaf Mountain, where he builds trails and manages events. When Sugarloaf got the opportunity to host an Enduro World Series event last year, Adam had his work cut out for him. So he dug in and directed an ambitious effort to build a world-class trail network in less than a year. With a small crew and local volunteers, they got it done. In September 2022, the enduro world came to Maine. The EWS event was a success. But even more importantly in Adam’s eyes, his local riding community now has something to be proud of. Right in their backyard.

Jacob Guthrie - Solace: sol·ace /ˈsäləs/ noun. Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness.

Alabama Slamma - The Barry Nobles Story: Join us in learning what went into the making of his legendary career and where he is at today.

Builder Pack Series Pt 2 - La Grave, France: The Builder Pack is not just a piece of gear, but a symbol of working with the land, being connected to the earth, and serving our communities by bringing people together for the common good of making some cool trails for everyone to enjoy.

Kester McQueen - Ride It Out: With the smell of spring in the air, this short film starring Kester McQueen riding the Yeti Cycles 160E, looks to celebrate the beauty, challenge, and numerous rewards of riding through the UK winter.

Vinny T - Snow Day: Après la version video estival du Chill Trail. C'est en cherchant un spot pour réaliser un shooting photo que Vincent Tupin et la team Cell Co sont passés devant la piste fraichement enneigé. La terre avait pu gelêr sous les quelques centimètres qui sont tombé dans la nuit. Conditions parfaites pour Vincent qui roule comme si rien n'était au sol. Le contraste entre la forêt sombre et le blanc de la neige offre une belle opportunité pour shooter. Juste le temps d'avoir les bouts des pieds bien frais, quelques lignes noires au milieu des landings. Les journées d'hiver sont courtes mais intense. Video: Benjamin Chavanne.

Casey Starling - Cruel World: Austin, TX gets worked in this latest hit from Casey Starling and Burn Slow. Clip after clip, this dude keeps producing. The tailwhip game is especially strong in this one. Heavy stuff!

Murray Loubser - Mux: Murray Loubser came through with some of his signature tech style and eye for unique set-ups in this one, "Mux." Mostly filmed pre-covid, Murray and filmer Gregory Fraser linked up on weekends and whenever possible to bring you this awesome combination of art and BMX. Grind your way over to the play button and enjoy. “Gregory Fraser and I made this video quite a while ago as a passion-based project. Most of it was filmed pre-Covid and very intermittently as he lives well out of town and came into town on weekends when he could” - Murray Loubser.

9 Acres - Bro Down: Enjoy some moving pictures, of two brothers who are rad, getting rad. Shane and Nathan session their backyard and dial in their dirt jumps for the eldest statesman, their brother Lukas', impending return to Halahan HQ.

Who Is Mariah Duran?: In honour of International Women's Day we present to you an inside look into one of the most skilled and influential female skaters of our generation, Mariah Duran. An olympian, a photographer, a traveler, and most of all, a skateboarder. Mariah has one of the most established careers in the game, so come along with us as we spend a day with her to find out WHO IS Mariah Duran?

Shake Junk x Emerica: To celebrate this collaboration and put the gear to the test, we hit the road with Emerica and Shake Junt team riders, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Jon Dickson, Justin "Figgy" Figueroa, Julian Davidson, and Jordan Powell to the wild west streets of Texas. First stop, a tour of H-Town’s best spots and a quick visit to the infamous “Screwdio” made famous by the one and only DJ Screw long enough for Beagle to record a mix tape and ending it with a heavy banger by Jon Dickson at one of ATX’s heaviest ditch spots. Witness the ripping, enjoy some hijinx, and hit your local to getchu some!

Etnies X Independent "Time to Grind" Video: Nassim Lachhab goes in with shocking proficiency on ledges and large stacks before Chris Joslin gets his back on set after set in a display of raw ability. This duo's insane.

Vancouver Never Plays Itself: Perhaps no other city has been as thoroughly hidden from modern filmmaking as Vancouver, my hometown. Today, it’s the third biggest film production city in North America, behind Los Angeles and New York. And yet for all the movies and TV shows that are shot there, we hardly ever see the city itself. So today, let’s focus less on the movies and more on the city in the background. Press the CC button to see movie names and locations.

Severin van der Meer - Welcome To The Team: Growing up in Switzerland, surrounded by giant mountains gave Severin the privilege to connect with nature from a very young age. So much so that he never left. You can now find him in Zurich seeking the perfect balance between nature, culture, and inspiration. “Connecting with such a real and unique brand with a vision I can fully stand behind means the world to me. I’m very honoured to dance in the sky with the bird family from now on.” Welcome to the team, Severin Van Der Meer.

CreedleCosm: CreedleCosm, a cinematic chrysalis of endless snowboarding possibilities starring the adventurous, creative, communal magic of creedlers Mike Rav, Scott Blum, Desiree Melancon, Egan Wint, Seb Picard, Arthur Longo, Lenny Mazzotti, Torgeir Bergrem, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi, Jadyn Chomlack, Juliette Pelchat, Estelle Pensiero, Jamie Lynn, Alec Majerus, and Simon Bannerot. Shot on location in Utah, British Columbia, New Hampshire, Michigan California and Iowa. Director: Seth Huot.

All On A Mardi Gras Day: Filmed in a gentrifying New Orleans, Michal Pietrzyk’s “All on a Mardi Gras Day” is an intimate portrait of Demond, who performs as a Mardi Gras Indian, as he spends the entire year painstakingly handcrafting his suit for the big parade.

Anderson Wright - The Diver: On March 11, 2011, the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami devastated the coastal communities of East Japan, claiming nearly 20,000 lives. Yasuo’s wife was never found, but his enduring love for her drives him to continue searching the sea. As the Japanese people observe the 12-year anniversary of this tragedy, Director Anderson Wright and Yasuo Takamatsu take a poignant look at the pain of loss, the strength of love, and the beauty to be found in remembrance.

Peter Wojnar rides his Process 134 CR DL in the BC High Country

Photo: Peter Wojnar


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 Remember when movies for your Monday had user generated movies…Pepperidge farms remembers
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 @dwee I'd love to share more user generated videos! Unfortunately, people don't upload to Pinkbike's video player much anymore. And YouTube doesn't recommend small videos, so that kind of stuff is just very hard for me to find now. Users are welcome to message me their edits and I'd be happy to consider them for Movie Monday.
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 The Poor Vancouver. Given the potential of getting it wrong, I'm still struck by the lack of helmets in bmx and skateboarding.
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 That Murray Loubser MUX edit was one of the most original edits I’ve seen in a while, quality riding, filming, editing and music…well done.
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 So jealous, that Halahan yard is prime.

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