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Mar 29, 2021
by Scott Secco  
Entrance: Fifteen year old downhill racer Leighton Pillipow is always up for a rapid descent with some good friends! Farwell Canyon dished up a load of respect and adrenaline on this outing. So happy to walk away with good memories! - Leighton Pillipow. Video: Glenn King / @6ixSigma, Line support from Arthur Roots and Jacob "The Wrench" Mullen.

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Bellinghomies 3: Ian Webster, Zach Zinter, Adam Smokewell, and Jason Eiswald riding bikes.

Views: 4,077    Faves: 19    Comments: 3

About Time - Scott Wink Grant: Video: Brian Park. Additional shooting: Jarrett Moore. Thanks to Dan Leney, Aaron Boss, Jarrett Moore, Joe Esnouf, and lots of others for letting us poach their zones.

Views: 53,520    Faves: 1,154    Comments: 80

Vinny T Goes Rogue: Rider: Vinny T. Director: Louis Para. Cinematography & Colour: Yann Besset. 1st AC: Adrien Lescure. Editing: Thomas Ferey. Sound design: Keith White.

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Toni Tuukkanen - 2010: Pinned at Calpis Bikepark.

Views: 34,717    Faves: 863    Comments: 190

Matt Koen - Marin: Casual rip through the hills. Video: Drew Boxold & Brian Cahal.

Views: 13,152    Faves: 104    Comments: 39

Island Boys: Ryan Forsyth, Erik Harvey, and Ryan Morris, ride Spooks. Additional clips: Dan 'The Man’ Brown.

Views: 1,515    Faves: 4    Comments: 5

Ride The City: An urban ride on the Polygon Siskiu N9.

Views: 7,302    Faves: 9    Comments: 4

Marcel Hunt - Reawaken: My passion reawakened, my meaning for living recharged, refuelled, and reignited. Age is just a number, your dreams don’t have to die at 30, sometimes they reawaken. Video: Ryan Nangle.

Bas van Steenbergen - Duncan RAW: A lap down Double D in Duncan, BC.

Filming A Bike Video 101: Ever wonder what goes into making a bike launch video? Well, wonder no more, our marketing man Stephane Pelletier captured all the behind-the-scenes of our latest project "Christening the Forbidden Dreadnought" on his handy dandy dad cam. No more wondering how we did it, all the tips and tricks are included...

Cultcrew - Jason Watts Down Under: The Australian BMX scene is full of amazing, passionate riders, dedicated core shops and distributors , and unbelievable spots. We sent Veesh, Corey Walsh, and Dan Foley down under to get a taste with two legends. Benn Pigot who lives up to every bit of urban myth he is and we welcome Jason Watts to the squad who embodies everything in a true BMX brother there is. Pure BMX is what this edit is all about, good on ya boys...

Jacob Cable ATX Vacation! - Kink BMX: This past winter we sent Kink Pro Jacob Cable to Austin, Texas on two separate occasions. Two trips, one week at a time, and Jacob delivered! With every release, Jacob is elevating the level of technically impossible riding.

Vans Brazil Presents - Cauan Madona ELO: Vans Brazil’s BMX Family member, Cauan Madona, is forever linked to Felipe Corrêa, his longtime friend who is responsible for his first video part and this most recent project. Over a year, sessions and tricks were recorded in São Paulo, São Bernardo do Campo, Amparo, Serra Negra, Jundiaí, and Rio de Janeiro.

Rough Cut - Nora Vasconcellos' Welcome "Seance" Part: Never has a Rough Cut been stacked with equal parts purple and pain. Bear witness as Nora summons the courage to get up after some ground-rattling slams while attacking wicked concrete walls.

Rob Pace's "Strider" Part: Powering through Sydney’s sketchiest rails, Rob emerges as one of the gnarliest rippers from Down Under - and that’s saying something.

Jack O'Grady's "Pass~Port" Part: Trick after trick of jaw-dropping mania, Jack attacks Sydney like nobody before. Think that cover was a hoax? See for yourself.

The Secret of Bottom Turn: Snowboarder Alex Yoder searches to the ends of the earth for the lost art of "snow-surfing" only to find the answers he seeks on Bottom Turn Island.

Ståle Sandbech - Real Snow 2021: Watch Ståle Sandbech and filmer/editor Spencer “GimbalGod” Whiting’s entry into Real Snow 2021, the all-video snowboarding contest brought to you by ESPN's World of X Games.

Dusty Henricksen - Real Snow 2021: Watch Dusty Henricksen and filmer/editor Cal Aamodt’s entry into Real Snow 2021, the all-video snowboarding contest brought to you by ESPN's World of X Games.

Why CG Sucks (Except When It Doesn't): Are computer generated visual effects really ruining movies?

A Concerto Is a Conversation: Kris Bowers is one of Hollywood’s rising young composers. At 29, he scored the Oscar-winning 2018 film “Green Book,” and this year he premiered a new violin concerto, “For a Younger Self,” at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. For all that success, though, he says that as a Black composer, “I’ve been wondering whether or not I’m supposed to be in the spaces that I’m in.” In Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers's "A Concerto Is a Conversation," Bowers traces the process of breaking into new spaces through generations of sacrifice that came before him, focusing on the story of his grandfather Horace Bowers. As a young man, he left his home in the Jim Crow South, eventually ending up in Los Angeles. Encountering discrimination at every turn, he and his wife, Alice, nevertheless made a life as business owners. Today, their legacy lives on through their family and community in South Los Angeles, where a stretch of Central Avenue was recently designated Bowers Retail Square — in case any question remained about whether it’s a place they belong.

Images for the Keep it Saaf project. Out 23rd March. All photos by Ian Lean.

Photo: Ian Lean


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 The Secret of Bottom Turn was super fun. Good idea, executed well. I'll be tuning in for Chapter 2
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 Nora Vasconcellos' video is crazy, she tries to hang on to so many tricks. True representation of skateboarding slam 100 times for one clean trick - uuugh I hurt watching it.
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 15 years old seems a bit too young to be thanking sponsors for giving you money for risking concussion and broken limbs. Maybe it’s just me.
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 Cauan Madona made my wrists hurt!!!
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 Fun Fact: Smokey is the leading open heart surgeon in North America.
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 smokey = legend

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