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Mar 4, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Cappadocia Dreaming: The adventure of a lifetime in the middle of Anatolia. Riders: Burak Uzun & Serkan Yalnız. A Project by Mudfolks.

Views: 5,502    Faves: 24    Comments: 4

Dirty Mike & The Boys: Bike cleaning 101.

Views: 12,278    Faves: 34    Comments: 17

Silvia - Matt Miles In The Fall: Matt hits up Rio and KBR.

Views: 156,076    Faves: 2,981    Comments: 161

Nico Vink Best of 2018 - Bonus Footage: More of the best from Nico! Filmed by: Clay Porter, John Reynolds, Chris Seager, Thomas Sandell, Shaperideshoot, Bart Cautaerts, Jelle Harnisfeger, Thomas Di Giovanni, and Sam Needham.

Views: 8,906    Faves: 57    Comments: 0

Annapurna Bike-Packing: Riding the Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake, Nepal.

Views: 2,640    Faves: 9    Comments: 0

Owen Robinson Shredding: Loose as.

Views: 15,335    Faves: 39    Comments: 5

Good Times In Coastal BC: Just a little footy with the boys. Summer '18.

Views: 6,096    Faves: 29    Comments: 8

Forbidden Druid - Cumberland Winter: Forbidden Druid - 130mm, 29er, high pivot trail bike coming April 2019.

Views: 10,072    Faves: 37    Comments: 5

Rey-Rey Rips Switzerland: Lama's very own Lucas Rey-Sierro shredding Switzerlands Montana Bike Park. Video: Arnaud Sierro.

Views: 8,388    Faves: 36    Comments: 2

Can't Go Home: There's nothing left for you there. Go out. Find yourself elsewhere. Filmed in L.A., Moab, SLC, Seattle, Edmonton, and parts of Arizona. I had a blast putting this together over the last two seasons, definitely some of the best road trips and riding of my life.

Views: 3,597    Faves: 12    Comments: 5

Aesthetics with Luke Peeters & Ryan Lloyd: Luke Peeters is adventuring around New Zealand, and has made a base close to the epic Gorge Road trails. Ryan Lloyd flew over to meet up with him from Oz and Jack Birtles was on hand to capture their effortless flow on some of the most well groomed trails in the world.

Birdhouse's "Beautiful Mutants" Team Montage: A blistering team montage accompanied by a Beastie Boys track and the introduction of Ed Duff to the House of Birds. Does the Birdman have footy? You bet your ass!

Out There - Kader Sylla: He’s Baker’s newest pro, but Kader Sylla is still a 16-year-old kid - addicted to videos games, learning new tricks and messin' with people. Take a peek into Kader’s world. Sometimes you cry.

Rough Cut - Austyn Gillette's "HUF 002" Part: There’s a crispness to Austyn’s skating that separates him from the pack. Everything just snaps off the ground with prodigious power.

The Fifty - Ep. 3. Terminal Cancer: Out in the rugged dusty wild of Nevada, lies an infamously aesthetic couloir named Terminal Cancer. While skied very very often, the crew takes on the attempt to fulfill a quest for "First Descents." The sarcasm runs deeper than the bootpack and the humour longer than the chute itself. Skiing is meant to be fun, so why so serious all the time Reinhold?

Frozen Mind: Pro snowboarder Victor de Le Rue tests the limits of what is possible and challenges himself against unforgiving, ice-covered slopes in Chamonix, France.

Ice & Palms: The documentary follows skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck on their most ambitious ski tour yet. A 100% self powered adventure from southern Germany all the way to the mediterranean sea. The two friends have traveled the world for many mountainous adventures, but while skiing in distant locations this idea grew in their minds: a ski expedition that starts right on their own doorsteps. Six weeks, 1.800 km, 35.000 vertical meters and a dream come true. After pedaling and skiing through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France, they reached the beach in Nice in early June 2018.

Adam Ondra - The Balkans Road Trip: From establishing a beautiful 9a+ in Bosnia during the Drill and Chill festival to a first go attempt at Croatia’s formidable 8c multi-pitch Spomin, BD Athlete Adam Ondra’s recent road trip through the Balkans of Southeastern Europe was, by all accounts, historic. Leaving a trail of hard first ascents and futuristic projects in his wake, Ondra not only developed new routes in each country but also forged lasting friendships with a global community - a community forever connected by one thing: passion for climbing.

Shifting Dreams: In 2015, Caroline Ciavaldini set herself the ambitious project of free climbing the Voie Petit, a 450m granite route graded 8b on the Grand Capucin on Mont Blanc du Tacul, Chamonix. Established by Arnaud Petit in 1997, and first free-climbed by Alex Huber in 2005, the route is protected by a mixture of trad gear, bolts and pegs.

Odd Man Out: Camille Egdorf grew up on her parents’ remote fishing camps in the Alaskan backcountry, started casting lines when she was just four years old, and has been dominating the outdoor community ever since. She’s traveled the world over as an angler and guide - from the Seychelles to Kamchatka, she’s landed some legendary catches and racked up some unbelievable stories. Camille undeniably pushes the limits of what we expect out of a contemporary angler. She’s as smart as she is strong, friendly as she is fierce on the water.

Sam in Madeira while shooting deathgrip. Jacob Gibbins Apect Media

Photo: Jacob Gibbins

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 Does anybody have any inside info on riding in Turkey? Heading out there soon for a business trip and would be epic to shoe-horn some riding in.

Also, Eddie + Rupert cannot be unseen.
  • 5 0
 Dirty Mike & The Boys: Bike cleaning 101.

Nope it cannot,
  • 1 0
 Where in Turkey are you heading? There is decent XC and All Mountain riding in the South around Marmaris and Antalya.
Not much in the sense of purpose built bike trails other than a couple of locations.
But if you want to spin your legs and see some really good scenery, I can point you in the direction of some good folks in Marmaris.
  • 5 0
 @Iwanttoride: I don't want my eyes anymore.
  • 1 0
 @denomerdano: I'll send you a message, we're not going to be be far from there at all on the grand scheme of things!
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 dirty mike and the boys reminds me of that time I lost my virginity to the chicks from that band Hanson...good times. good times.
  • 7 0
 That old edit with Matt Miles is one of my all-time favourites
  • 5 0
 I want to go go trout fishing off a dirt jump in Argentina with my DH bike , and land in a raft with an outdoorsy chick
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 I'm more intrigued by the Druid than any bike that's been released in a while. I picture it being awesome, but I also can see it being an incredible descender for it's suspension travel, but giving up too much pop/fun to merit going this direction on a short travel bike rather than just going for one of the great climbing 150mm bikes out there now.

I'll be eager to see once reviews start coming out!
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 I feel like the Annapurna Circuit video was specifically chosen to annoy me because im in Nepal right now and was planning to do it but its closed due to snowfall ????
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 this is the best bike riding video anyone will see this week:
  • 4 0
 Best set of Monday videos on PB that I've seen yet.
  • 1 0
 Big ups for including my video! Super thankful. Just doing what I can to keep creative trials media alive in North America. More soon.
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 Not much rock climbing stacks up to Alex Honnalds climbing now.Alex is the most precise human ive ever watched do anything.Just crazy amazing!
  • 3 1
 Based on pure strength I doubt Alex could climb alot of the stuff Adams sending, Alex is the strongest mentally though which puts him on another level since hes a free soloer
  • 2 0
 @endurogan: Yeah, Alex himself admits he's not the technically the best or strongest climber in the world. What he lacks, he more than makes up for in mental toughness and preparation. None of these guys would ever dare do some of the free solo routes he's attempted.
  • 4 0
 Alex definitely is ahead of the crowd with his mental game, but there can be no doubting that Ondra is perhaps the greatest climber in the world right now. The dudes off the scale.
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 Kader Sylla film is really sweet. Incredible sound life advice from a 16 year old.
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 Adam Ondras an absolute crusher!! Albania looks like some super sweet rock aswell
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 yeah awesome collection of vids

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