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May 13, 2019
by Scott Secco  
A Tribute To Stevie Smith: In memory of Stevie Smith: 1989-2016.

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Ethan Nell's Home: Ethan puts the all new Rampage Pro Carbon to test on his Home trails near Virgin, Utah; where he was born, raised and still calls home. Eboy and his friends spend their days carving lines out of the shale and sandstone to create a massive playground where few dare to drop in. Home gives us all a glimpse of the sage covered beauty and insane riding waiting for Ethan just outside his back door.

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Nostalgic - Paul Genovese: Paul riding in his home town of Fernie, BC.

Views: 61,843    Faves: 916    Comments: 30

Fabric x 50to01 At Revolution Bike Park: The Welsh hills provided us a perfect playground for the 50to01 crew to join us for a day sessioning the popular and hidden lines at Revolution Bike Park. Riders: Josh Bryceland, Max Nerurkar, Sam Cofano, Dave Hockenhull, Tom Isted, Josh Lewis, and Mike Taylor. A film by Alex Rankin.

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Nailed - Toonie Drop: One of the most iconic stunts on The Shore.

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Woburn Trails Jam: Big Jam at Woburn. Riders: Matt Jones, Olly Wilkins, Bernard Kerr, and Finley Davies.

Views: 2,091    Faves: 31    Comments: 3

Lucid - Marvin Buchholzki: Video: Tim Zerban. Assistance from Nima Rafiee, Karim Hussein, Simon Schwarz and Piroschka Brucker. Rider: Marvin Buchholzki.

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Splish Splash Corner Smash: Nineteen year old Rider Max Fejer hitting his home turf just outside the city of Graz in Austria. Video: @jo.ambrosch

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Weird & Revered - ''Vagabond Squad'' DVD Trailer: For the past three years, Canada’s Weird & Revered crew has been hard at work on a full length BMX film entitled, "Vagabond Squad." The video features footage spanning 9 countries, 8 American states, and 4 Canadian provinces and territories. The film will be released on Monday May 13 via digital download and DVD. Orders can be made through

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Brazil Callin' - The Rise in Brazil: Walter and JJ have been talking about visiting Gabriel in Brazil for a long time now and this winter, they decided to make it happen. Heavy rain falls and crazy humidity made riding a little tricky but gave the guys the opportunity to check out some of the beautiful sights Brazil has to offer, and of course, take advantage of being in Rio during Carnaval!

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Berlin - Ludwig Jaeger:Street and skatepark riding fteaturing Pascal Blaurock.

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Scott Sports - Ransom // Speed: Production Company: Scrap.

Max Hides - Shredzila - Christchurch Adventure Park: Ripping in the bike park.

Bird House - Beautiful Mutants: You’ve sampled the parts individually, now gorge on the entire feast! If this is what mutation looks like, we’re gonna start chugging toxic waste immediately. Sick vid, B-Housers!

[B}My War - Clive Dixon: This is the kind of video that makes palms sweaty and the body tingle with anxiety. Clive harkens to the days of Jeremy Wray atop a water tower. It doesn’t get much heavier than this...

The Splits /// adidas Skateboarding Japan: Journey to Tokyo and beyond in this visual piece from filmmaker Patrik Wallner. 'The Splits' showcases the adidas Skateboarding Japan team and introduces their newest team rider, Shin Sanbongi.

Chasing Light: Director: Jeff Bednarz.

A Long Day Out - Kilian Jornet: The greatest adventure might be hidden in your own backyard. Just outside your door you can put your shoes on and start running, and come back home when you're tired. Join Kilian Jornet on a journey around the summits of his Norwegian home and be inspired to live your own adventure!

The Fifty - Ep. 11 - Giant Steps Couloir: The Eastern Sierra of California is a mythical mountain range of massive mountains that rise straight out of the desert floor. Scratching the sky, Giant Steps Couloir, is a rarely tamed and hard fought line that takes careful navigation and strong legs to ascend and descend. Starring author of the book, "Backcountry Skiing the Eastern Sierra" Nate Greenberg and Nick Russell.

2.5 Million: "2.5 Million" follows American skier Aaron Rice as he sets out to ski 2.5 million human-powered vertical feet in the backcountry and set a new world record. To be successful Aaron will have to ski over 330 days in the calendar year and chase snow around the world. The challenge is both physical and mental, and injuries are simply not an option.

Cool autumn sunsets are on fire in northern Colorado.

Photo: scottcodyphoto

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 12
 That drop, momo noriaki!
  • + 4
 Thank you buddy! He was super stoked to get the chance to hit and land it the first time! Smile
  • + 3
 Did he hit his face on the bars? Looked/sounded like it! Full face FTW.
  • + 3
 Yes, his front fork bottomed out and he hit is chin on the stem! He said his neck hurt for about 2 days and his wrist were aching! Man he was so stoked! I saw him and rode with him yesterday and we talked about his fun times in Canada! So many rad lines and awesome drops and gaps!
  • + 3
 @nikoniko: wasn't even on a DH bike. Madman.
  • + 3
 Yes he rode a transition Patrol with a Fox 36 180 but he needed a double crown for sure! lol
  • + 5
 Thanks for the SK8 videos~
Those guys have mad skills.
Chainsaw had that vibe and commitment too.
"Not gonna slow down just to be injury free"
  • + 3
 Anyone thats actually seen the Toonie Drop in person and stood at the top of it, knows DAFUQ is up. Iconic peice of the North Shore right there. Props!
  • + 1
 Epic and beautiful tribute clip for Stevie!!! Missed forever but forever and inspiration!!
Toonie drop....epic hit, nothing less.
50:1.... always a fun time pushing the envelope and beating the bikes!
  • + 2
 yes mate! woburn jam goddammit!! sick. that kid in the red cannonball lid was awesome..
  • + 2
 Jesus christ that drop is terrifying
  • + 2
 He hit is chin on the stem when he landed it but stuck it out!
  • + 2
 Very touched by that tribute to Steve Smith. Life`s a bitch sometimes...
  • + 0
 2.5 million vert feet 1 million metres Massaging the figures to mask laziness is pretty disgraceful.
  • + 0
 Where'd my "less than" symbol go?
  • + 1
 Greg Hill will pissed!
  • + 1
 Yeah that little exaggeration annoyed me too
  • + 1
 That was a super inspirational film. Incredible what the human body can do with will and grit!
  • + 1
 Ransom // Speed that was so i n t e n s e :o

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