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May 27, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Thomas Vanderham - Trail Bike Boss: Thomas Vanderham returns to the Nicola Valley in this trail bike masterclass. Don't miss the crazy whip save at the end. Video: @PeterWojnar.

Views: 13,551    Faves: 189    Comments: 12

SECrew The Movie: SECrew The Movie features a handful of local racers and riders of SEQ. With a talent pool so deep it seamed like the time was right to make a longer film.

Views: 10,652    Faves: 68    Comments: 21

Reed Boggs and Adolf Silva Take on Barcelona: Riders: Adolf Silva and Reed Boggs. Video: Peter Jamison.

Views: 8,366    Faves: 49    Comments: 3

Brandon Semenuk - Utah Night Segment: The Utah segment from Brandon Semenuk's ''Revel In The Chaos.'' Classic.

Views: 106,221    Faves: 1,366    Comments: 29

Springtime in the 707: Good times in the forest, with an all-time crew! Thanks for filming boys. Rider: Evan Mercure.

Views: 9,467    Faves: 151    Comments: 29

Pano Opener: Couple laps in the tacky bike park opening with Aussie, myself, and Jeremy Mcdowell,

Views: 3,645    Faves: 25    Comments: 8

Punch Cards - Episode 1: Every time you send it you get a punch on your card. First one to fill the punch card gets a party.

Views: 3,095    Faves: 14    Comments: 11

Ride The Nation: It’s a unique project of stately size: Sölden, a place nestled in the heart of the Austrian Alps, has built its own nation. In wintertime the elite skiers race down the steep glacier here, in summertime bikers roll the rocks of the 7km Ollweite Line. Riders: Thomas Mayerhofer & Johannes Dietl. Video: Pirate Movie Production.

Views: 4,934    Faves: 17    Comments: 0

Hundy Cruzinnnn: Ben Markwick and I went out to the Slope Line jumps in Hundred Mile House and got some clips.

Views: 1,703    Faves: 21    Comments: 1

E-Masters: The Masters have fun on any bike.

Dropping Into Horsethief Bench: Horsethief Bench is one of the most popular descents in Colorado. For 99% of riders it's a well earned hike a bike. I've watched lots of videos of people riding it, so I decided to give it a try... on my Reeb Dikyelous2 hardtail. Come along for a fun day with my buddies!

Dakota Roche - CULT CREW "It's Later Than You Think" The street powerhouse that is Dakota Roche is a video part machine - each time giving us the goods in epic proportions. His latest endeavour for the Cult Crew​ DVD, ''It's Later Than You Think'' is another gem to his catalogue of mind-blowing sections. Sit back and enjoy six minutes from one of Cali's finest exports. Look out for more 'ILTYT' parts dropping on DIG soon!

Jordan Hango - Real BMX 2019: Gold medal winning part from the Vancouver powerhouse himself.

Simone Barraco - Real BMX 2019: Silver medal winning part.

Brad Simms - Real BMX 2019: Bronze medal winning part.

Nora: In celebration of the first female pro rider to join the global adidas skate team, we are proud to present "Nora," a digital short documenting the birth of skate icon, Nora Vasconcellos. Earning the respect of her peers, both on and off the board, Nora shares the experiences that have shaped her life.

President Of Esports - Skateboarder: John Davidson is Gamestop's Head of Partnerships, the president of the Esports Trade Association, and a lifelong skateboarder. We invited him to film at The Berrics and we picked his brain about his fascinating career path, how he makes time to skate, and how the principles of skateboarding have influenced his approach to business.

The Fifty - Ep. 13 - The Landry Line, Pyramid Peak, Colorado: The Landry Line off Pyramid Peak near Aspen, CO is considered a test piece of ski mountaineering in the Rockies. First skied by Chris Landry in 1978, it was a futuristic, world renowned and seemingly unrepeatable line. 28 years later, the second descent by Chris Davenport, Ted Mahon, and Niel Biedleman ushered in a new generation of skiers and snowboarders making it the top of their bucket list. It's a line of dramatic exposure, puckering steepness and necessitates an entire package of skills to get up and down. After a historic avalanche cycle in Colorado, the conditions turned stellar and stable, leading Townsend to join up with the author of the book, "The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America" Penn Newhard and local ski mountaineer and randonee racer Pete Gaston.

My Life In Monsters - Meet the Animator Behind Star Wars and Jurassic Park: Phil Tippett is the Oscar-winning stop-motion animator and designer behind some of the greatest fantasy creatures and sci-fi set pieces in cinema history. From his humble beginnings as an alien patron in the iconic Cantina sequence from 'Star Wars: A New Hope', to pioneering stop-motion techniques used throughout 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi', to seamlessly merging practical animation and CGI in Jurassic Park and beyond. In 'My Life in Monsters', VICE chronicles Tippett's legendary life work, illustrating the process behind his greatest creations, the emotional hardships of transitioning into Hollywood's digital revolution, and completing his return-to-form, stop-motion opus with the brutal, dystopian 'Mad God'.

Allyson Felix - I'm in Nike's Ads, But They Won't Give Me Maternity Protections: I’ve always known that expressing myself could hurt my career. I’ve tried not to show emotion, to anticipate what people expect from me and to do it. I don’t like to let people down. But change does not come from silence. Last week, two of my former Nike teammates, the Olympian runners Alysia Montaño and Kara Goucher, heroically broke their nondisclosure agreements with the company to share their pregnancy stories in a New York Times investigation. Theirs are stories that we know to be true, but were too scared to tell publicly: If we have children, we risk pay cuts from our sponsors during pregnancy and afterward. It’s one example of a sports industry where the rules are still mostly made for and by men.

Photo: learmiller

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 24
 That Semenuk rock gap is still one of the maddest things I've seen on a bike. Maybe also because of the out-take of him overshooting it. 707 was sweet as well.
  • + 4
 Yep, still holds up as an absolutely beautiful line. That overshoot somehow shows he's both human in not judging his speed correctly, but then also inhuman in being able to mid air decide to tuck back up to not clip the rock and then somehow not just exploding on the landing.
  • + 22
 I have huge respect to all women athletes who have the courage to stand up and fight for their rights, for equality. Big companies need to understand and rethink their politics.
  • + 4
 Nike just dropped all policies regarding pregnancy which penalize a female athlete.
  • + 2
 Be like Nora, kids.
  • + 12
 Holy s..t, that Dakota Roche part was unreal.
  • + 3
 Agreed! Defies the laws of physics.
  • + 2
 he's a damn monster !!
  • + 9
 what's with the no helmet but wear knee pads at skate park? No helmet doesn't make you hard; it makes you dumb and drool sitting in the wheelchair later on.
  • + 6
 Yep, that whole Horsethief thing was cool, rad trails for sure.
  • + 4
 Dropping Into Horsethief Bench: Rad AF.
  • + 2
 Phil Tippett is the dude who inspired me to start down the journey of being a stop-motion animator many years ago! What a legend!
  • + 3
 I'm such a nerd, the Phil Tippett documentary just blew my mind.
  • + 3
 SE Crew FTW!!!!
  • + 3
 chris koviak wtf!!!!!
  • + 3
 Nicely done Mr. Lenosky.
  • + 3
 Dakota Roche is a beast.
  • + 1
 SE Crew video is so dope!
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