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Nov 1, 2021
by Scott Secco  
Strahan Of The Dead: Zombie Survival Guide Rule #7 - Get out of the car and onto the bike.

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The Spirit Of Freeride: Born and raised in Alsace, France, I fell in love with the Vosges forest where my passion for mountain biking developed over the last decade. When I'm not riding the Alps, I spend most days riding at home and scouting for remarkable natural sites to create unique trails.

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Antoine Buffart – Here I Ride: This is the first part where I ride my SR Suntour equipped Scott Ransom and focuses on trials, enduro, and dirt jump riding. Stay tuned for Part 2 filmed entirely at Châtel Bikepark.

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Long Live Chainsaw - Official Trailer: The untold, true story of mountain bike legend Stevie Smith. Long Live Chainsaw reveals the true story of the meteoric rise, untimely death and long-lasting legacy of Canadian downhill mountain bike racer, Stevie Smith. From humble beginnings being raised by a single mom, Stevie’s unwavering belief not only propelled him to become the best in the world but inspired everyone he touched to follow their own impossible dreams. The film is made with the full cooperation of the family and friends of Stevie Smith, who have given permission for this to be the first feature documentary about his life; Union Cycliste Internationale and numerous filmmakers, who have provided exclusive footage of his races and life; and the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation, the charitable foundation established after his death to inspire and empower the next generation of underprivileged racers.

Glory Daze ft. Reece Wallace: The 90s and early 2000s were the glory days of freeride. Skinnies, ladder bridges, and teeter totters paved the way for riders like Reece Wallace to carve his own path. Extrapolating from old-school freeride, he drew inspiration to build new features which paid homage to this past in 'Glory Daze'.

The Science Of Everesting: Everesting is all the rage these days, yet no one has really talked about the science behind how the brain reacts to intense physical challenges. Ambassador Zanny Venner wanted to put herself through the physical and mental test and learn why her brain chemistry shifted throughout the process of climbing the height of Mt. Everest. She worked with fellow Ambassador Rush Dhillon, a scientist, and illustrator, to understand the effects of the neurotransmitters dopamine and adenosine and how they can make or break monumental physical efforts.

Weekend Slayer - Victoria: We've got an extra long weekend, and the Victoria boys are showing us everything they got! Luke Fulton and Cole Nichol invite us to their dirt jump dream yards. Craig Lunn and Alex Volokhov show us the best trails and stunts in town, and we take a trip up-island for a day of shuttling Mount Prevost with Reece Wallace, followed by a session on his trail "Mayday" with Darren Berrecloth. Grab your rigs, and join us for a rad long-weekend.

From Oak To Anchor - Trail Tales: The Basque country is a land of green mountains which stand firm against the savage Atlantic. It is a land of whalers and fearless seafarers who ruled the waves in the boats they built using both the trees which covered the coastal mountains and the iron mined and refined there. Such an industrial past leaves trails, starting high in the Basque mountains and stretching out over the Atlantic ocean. Follow us as we retrace these trails and uncover some of the secrets they hold.

Brett Rheeder - Trek Rail: This past August, Brett Rheeder plotted a remote mission on the new Trek Rail with the updated Bosch smart system. The crew carefully selected and permitted some remote locations in British Columbia where they could take full advantage of the new electric mountain bike.

Atencio: Wethepeople AM Stephan Atencio put blood sweat and tears into this one. The work ethic of this guy speaks for itself. Filmed in the streets of Barcelona by Guille Lyon. Edited by Rafael Delgado.

Simone Barraco - 10%: Simone celebrates 10 years with an all new video in the only place he would want it to be filmed in, Barcelona. A weird year meant not much travel and forced him to explore his own city more. This video proves how Simo continues to push originality year after year with the style of riding and the overall look.

United BMX - Clement Santos-Silva - Bienvenue: Sit back and enjoy this latest project from United x BMX Avenue's French firecracker Clément Santos-Silva. This bangs!

Vans Skateboarding Presents - Tyson Peterson: Vans Skateboarding presents the story behind Baker Skateboards pro Tyson Peterson’s journey from 11-year-old Florida skate prodigy to a true trailblazer in skateboarding. Tyson had some help along the way, from influential skaters to a support system of friends and family, ultimately getting him to where he is today. This short film delves into Tyson’s ascent to pro and the community that was behind him every step of the way.

Franky Villani's "Alone with My Demons" Dickies Part: Franky’s a rare breed, visualizing new potential in spots, but with veteran mastery. Witness his West-Coast tear.

Mark Suciu's "Verso" Part: Mark's Cross Continental part birthed a legend, but this one catapults him into the stratosphere. The fastest feet in the biz and an approach to skating without comparison, Suciu's Verso is an absolute gift. Enjoy the show...

Touch The Snow - A Video About Carving: The newest offering from Dylan Siggers and the Burrrlapz, 'Touch The Snow' pairs old-school turning with a new-school fashion. From skiing a T-Bar to lapping top to bottom laps at Fernie Alpine Resort, the Burrrlapz reminds us that with the right crew and the right gear it doesn't matter what or where you're skiing. As long as you're skiing, the good times are going to roll. So tune in to this new offering as the Burrrlapz carves up interior BC with a style that will have you craving more.

Boots Over Brim: A few winters back Amie and her dad were showing off their dance moves at the Cowboy bar in Jackson, WY. Their footwork got fancy as they started throwing inverted dance moves. Within moments the bouncer promptly kicked them out saying “No boots over the brim!” A film concept was born that day. Boots Over Brim follows Amie Engerbretson, a professional skier and classically trained dancer, as she dips in and out of a dreamy western dance scene and ski lines in Wyoming, Nevada, and Alaska. Breaking all the rules of a classic ski film, Boots Over Brim pairs two of Amie’s great loves with a soundtrack exclusively set to the electrifying country music of Paul Cauthen. Skiing is an art. Full of connection, grace, touch and style. To Amie, skiing is a dance.

Oh Man - Full Film: Riders: Dustin Craven, Darcy Keller, Tyler Lightfoot, Romain Demarchi, Mateo Massitti, Dozer, Mikey Rencz, and Chalres White.

Run To Be Visible: Lydia Jennings is a member of the Huichol (Wixaritari) and Pascua Yaqui (Yoeme) Nations and holds a doctorate in soil microbiology. Her work is dedicated to environmental science and the essential role of Indigenous communities in these spaces. Her hope is to create more inclusive academic and environmental landscapes. In place of her graduation, which was canceled as a result of the pandemic, Lydia instead celebrated by running 50 miles in honour of the Indigenous scientists and knowledge keepers who came before her. It’s a run to honour the past and present while looking towards the future.

Portrait of Nature - Myriads of Gods on Platinum Palladium Prints: The introduction of photographer Nobuyuki Kobayashi.

Liam Wallace Photo

Photo: Liam Wallace


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 Reece Wallace's vid had the right mix of music, paintjobs, and aesthetics for my monday. [biting my tongue to not to make the wallace- wilson joke]
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 Yeah, it'Scot about everything you want in an edit!
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 You are definitely missing Raw Chaos from Swampfest.

Here you go Smile
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 I enjoyed the Antoine Buffart video
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 The Stevie Smith documentary...I'm 99% sure the clip at :28 seconds is Aaron Gwin.
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 I think you’re supposed to go back one hour...not one day.
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 Less Monday, more Saturday and Sunday, please. ; )
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 Lol straw man
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 Were Saturday Sends and Sunday Saves behind a paywall? Because I didn’t see them in my stream!
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