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Nov 26, 2017
by Scott Secco  
Brendan Howey - 10 Years: Congrats to Howey for 10 years on Commencal. Video: Scott Secco.

Views: 26,113    Faves: 359    Comments: 11

Sendigo - Bendigo Noble: Slapped the send of all the edits I have on my computer into one edit the other night.

Views: 5,731    Faves: 45    Comments: 21

The Silver Lining: It's tough to lose your wife but being surrounded by so many great people in the mountain biking community has helped me get through it. Thanks to my friends @jeff-lenosky and @briceshirbach for getting me out on the bike after a difficult time.

Views: 8,315    Faves: 88    Comments: 22

P.S.I. Taking trail riding to new levels, a rider juggles the pressures of living life on the edge.

Views: 5,441    Faves: 50    Comments: 8

Tomas Slavik and Remy Metailler Ride Grasse: Tomas and I having fun down the city of Grasse.

Views: 3,935    Faves: 30    Comments: 1

Carlmont Kids EP. 4 - Huckgiving 2017: The annual Hucksgiving jam and N.G.A. Underground DH Race took place this Friday right after Thanksgiving, as it has for the last couple of years. Every year, dozens of riders come out to where they grew up riding and throw down in memory of our dear friend, Nick Aguilar.

Views: 6,062    Faves: 100    Comments: 8

Local - Gaetan Ravoux: Stoked to share this short video about our local spot, where I learned everything. I would like to thank Gaetan Clary for the insane production and Cycles Louison, my local bike shop, for the support. Cheers!

Views: 4,290    Faves: 26    Comments: 5

The Coast: The boys getting loose on the Sunshine Coast over reading break.

Views: 4,497    Faves: 11    Comments: 3

Dorval AM Nicolai World Cup Highlights: Here's the best footage from the Dorval AM Nicolai World Cup team during the 2017 season. Video: William Klock.

Views: 2,520    Faves: 10    Comments: 0

Open Gaz - Lucas Rey-Sierro: Lucas Rey-Sierro shredding and steezing his way down the trails of Bromont aboard his NS Bikes Fuzz. Video: Laurent Bilodeau.

Views: 4,789    Faves: 29    Comments: 13

Enduro Biking in Hungary: Seven months ago I started riding enduro. Video: Ede Judt.

Views: 9,634    Faves: 38    Comments: 16

Jeff Lenosky - Would You Ride This Wicked Hard Trail?: This was definitely the most technical mountain biking per square acre that I've ever seen! The entire park is literally Trail Boss video worthy so when you're close to Boston, and you have to pick a trail, go with the most obvious one... WICKED HARD!

Escape To The Cinema: Riders: Chad Kerley, Corey Martinez, Dakota Roche, Garrett Reynolds, and Nathan Willams.

Dennis Enarson - Down The Street: This video is still amazing.

Jordan Hango - 2017 Fall Drop: Jordan Hango absolutely kills it.

Moto 9 - The Movie: Dungey, Anderson, Baggett, Craig, Webb, Osborne, Musquin, Cianciarulo, Palmer, Townley, Bink, Marshall, Mumford, Parsons, Foster, Kranyak, Beckering, Hill, Decotis, Plessinger and many more…

Bearings - EAST: The Blank Collective spent the winter exploring each coordinate directions of British Columbia. Here is what the eastern part of the province had to offer.

Twenty-Four: 8x X Games Medalist Sammy Carlson spent the entire winter in his adopted hometown of Revelstoke, BC, where the Canadian mountains received record snowfall. Celebrating his 24th year skiing, Sammy continues to push himself and the entire sport, taking big mountain skiing to new heights. All of Sammy’s trademark aggressive style and smooth tricks are on display, as he makes his 24th year on skis his best one yet.

Andy: Reknowned photographer Andy Anderson has lived a life of passion, traveling the world to shoot everything under the sun, including fly fishing and wingshooting. He shares some of his thoughts and philosophies about the art form to which he has dedicated his life.

The Last Honey Hunter - Behind the Scenes: Renan Ozturk and Mark Synnott travel to Nepal with National Geographic to experience the last traditional honey harvest.

Rampage 2017

Title Photo by: Ian Collins

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


  • + 26
 A licky boom boom down . .
  • + 1
 Uh huh! Yup! Plus she’s got a beautiful visla (that’s the dog breed, you dogs!)
  • + 14
 Summit tells me @judyshiffer follow list just gone up 10,000% Smile
  • + 3
 The wink at the end left me with a fizzy feeling in my man tackle.
  • - 1
 Kneepads missing !!!!
  • + 1
 @RedBurn: honestly, I didn`t notice......
  • + 4
 My "work from home" day is always a Monday, so that I can watch all of theee in peace! Ideal!

J-Lo's trail looked insane. Probably couldn't walk that without dislocating something!!
  • + 5
 Thanks for the compliment, but don't dislocate anything! :-)
  • + 2
 @jeff-lenosky: your riding has always given me so much Stoke, the early days of the first NWD's your sections and street riding were so influential to me and my mates! Keep on trucking!! :-D

Maybe some street segments for PB soon? :-]
  • + 3
 While I love watching the BMX vids, these fools need to wear helmets! I work as a nurse in the ICU and just took care of a 20 year old kid who wrecked on his skateboard with no helmet, is now brain dead and his family now has the difficult decision of whether or not to keep him on life support. This shit is tangible in my world, I just wish these guys had the first clue on the fragility of the brain. Trust me boys, nothing is as uncool as having a drain coming out of your head and a breathing tube down your throat, put those lids on!
  • + 7
 bmx is so gnarly
  • + 5
 Same with Jeff Lenoski... friggen hell
  • + 1
 @scott-townes: You know it's a tough trail when Jeff Lenosky is bleeding.
  • + 3
 @Endurahbrah and @scott-townes thanks for the support dudes!
  • + 6
 The Last Honey Hunter is beyond tough.
  • + 3
 I've never heard 'flowy' and 'east coast' in the same sentence before! Anyway, classic New England riding in the Lynn woods edit. Good stuff.
  • + 2
 That trail had approximately 0% flow, but that was some great trials riding there. Real surprised to see trails near my house on pinkbike. Nice video!
  • + 5
 Bendigo Noble: "Hold my beer..."
  • + 5
 P.S.I. is definitely worth watching. Haha
  • + 2
 Silver Lining. So sorry for your loss. It is good to see you have support. Time helps, but never fully heals the wound.
  • + 1
 Stay strong. No words can be used here. Keep her in your mind and you will never be alone.
  • + 3
 Enduro in Hungary. Seriously?!
  • + 2
 All you young nerds that want a hot chick that rides mountain bikes, obviously never had a girlfriend.
  • + 2
 Sendigo gets two very large thumbs up.....insanity!
  • + 2
 I reckon most listeners of We are 138 have rad company
  • + 1
 I want the truck Plessinger is driving in Moto9
  • + 1
 anyone know what the song is in that Lama Cycles video?
  • + 2
  • + 2
 Skied all over the West and Revy back country blows everywhere else away. Truly epic season last year
  • + 1
 every time you think Sammy is about to lose it he pulls off some kind of ridiculous spin
  • - 1
 Moto is so dismal

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