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Nov 7, 2022
by Scott Secco  
Paul Genovese - For Your Entertainment: Paul riding like it's a modern New World Disorder segment.

Tour De Gnar 2022: A dream team tames the toughest lines of the Sea to Sky. Riders: Cami Nogueiraa, Steve Vanderhoek, CJ Hauptman, Max Grayson, Ryan Rodriguez, Nate Spitz, Mark Mathews, Peter Salido, Lewis Buchanan, Aven Elsberg, Sergi Massot, and Yoann Barelli.

Braydon Bringhurst - 8600 Ft. Watch Braydon Bringhurst’s feature-length film “8600FT” above, documenting his climb of the iconic "Whole Enchilada'' trail in Moab, Utah. “The Whole Enchilada” is one of mountain biking’s most epic trails – attracting expert-level riders from around the globe to Moab, Utah, to challenge its 8000-plus feet of descending over rugged and raw terrain littered with rock drops and boulder fields. But no one has ever tried to ride up every inch of the trail – until now. Equally mentally challenging as physical, “8600FT” is a 1.5-hour feature-length film of Braydon Bringhurst’s attempt to summit "The Whole Enchilada."

Matt Bolton - A Brief Shredit Of Unassuming Nature: As this fall continued to flaunt summer like a halloween costume, it was hard to remember how long our spring stretched out. Matt Bolton remembered it well as he battled mother nature's wicked elements while filming this video. For the final move in the video, we had gone to film it but it had completely grown over with moss after the wet spring. We came back with a harness and a wire brush, as well as some tools to make the runout rideable. Just as we were finishing up it started to rain making the freshly cleared rock super slippery. I got on my bike and we got the shot right as the skies opened up." - Matt Bolton. With a good mix of classic Squamish slabs and perfectly crafted dark dirt features, this video will have you itching to get into the woods! Check out the video to see Matt Bolton ride his favourite slabs and some new dirt work.

XC Sucks: Inspiration for the video: It has been getting better over the last few years, but it used to seem like any XC related post on the internet was followed by comments like “XC suuuucks” (hence the title of the video). In our eyes, these comments couldn’t be any further from the truth and if our video hasn’t convinced you, just watch any XC World Cup replay. XC definitely doesn’t suck! About Lief: If you’ve already watched the video, you can see Lief Rodgers is a wizard on a bike. He’s also the real deal when it comes to XC racing with top finishes at the national level and a win at the Whistler Back40. If that wasn’t enough, this past summer he took a stab at Enduro racing and came out 3rd in U21 at the Whistler EWS. Just another day in the office for Lief. Video: Max McCulloch.

Long Liver Digger, Long Live The Shore: The saturated, mercurial landscape of British Columbia’s North Shore has been cemented in many riders’ minds as the birthplace of modern mountain biking. The fern-lined and root-entangled trails of this region were captured and circulated in the glossy pages of print magazines and influential VHS tapes, including the North Shore Extreme series that revealed trails unlike anything we’d ever seen before. Grainy, handheld video depicted skillful bike handling on originative features, all built by hand on steep and deep terrain. Todd “Digger” Fiander, whose name is synonymous with the massively influential North Shore style of trail building, was the mastermind behind many of these trails. He continues to sculpt singletrack from the rich soil of Mount Fromme to this day.

Vero Sandler, Sian Dillon, and Becci Skelton - Revolution: Earlier this season Ben Gerrish joined Brandon Lancaster and took a trip to Revs bike park where they met up with Becci Skelton, Vero Sandler, and Sian Dillon for a day of bike wrapping and park brapping. We asked the girls to share what it is about riding that gets them fired up. In light of the recent news that Revolution Bike Park will be closing indefinitely, we figure now is the best time to release this project to encourage you to get out there and make the most of this magical place before it closes. Revisiting the very same soil they held their first Women's Gravity Jam, Vero, Becci, and Sian are no strangers to Revs. Project Evolve took place in early May to push the UK freeride scene in a non-competitive environment.

Unrealistic: A short film about mountain biking, joy, fear, and getting older. Emil Carlson is a clinical psychologist and former Norwegian national downhill champ. Svenn Fjeldheim also holds a couple of national titles. Together they explore new trails as well as their own mental landscapes. Where are they at as «extreme sports athletes» with 30 years of riding behind them, and the prospect of turning 50 looming on the not too distant horizon?

Fear & Loaming Halloween Party: The scariest sight on Halloween are the braking bumps after a summer of riding and no rain.

Kriss Kyle - Kaleidoscope: Kriss Kyle performs a number of world's first BMX tricks in an ever-changing environment that isn’t quite what it seems in this ground-breaking BMX film.

Kriss Kyle - Transmission Part: BMX astronaut Kriss Kyle defies gravity as he takes to the streets in his part from the BSD ''Transmission'' DVD.

Kriss Kyle - Dig Deep: We followed Kriss throughout 2012 from Simple Session in Estonia to his local skatepark in Scotland, Unit 23, and find out his thoughts on riding contests versus filming for videos, and more.

Around: Featuring Nile Gibbs. Shot over two weekends in SF on 16mm / Bolex.

Axel & Lizzie's "Till Death Do Us" Part: The happy couple sets the standard for spousal bliss in the first-ever husband-and-wife part, getting back-to-back rips in pools from the Combi to Hawaii. Ain’t love grand.

Nyjah Huston - Battle Scars: Hey kids, do you want to hear some scary stories? Nyjah Huston has more than a few spooky tales about handrails that go bump in the crotch, and he shares them today in the latest 'Battle Scars.' Happy Halloween!

Kai Jones - Magic Hour: As with any young athlete, there comes a time when you outgrow your local stomping grounds and seek bigger and badder objectives. For 15-year-old Kai Jones, that time started to come a few years ago, but it wasn’t until this past season that he truly got bit by the bug for exploration and opening up new places to ride. Yet again, his skiing stands out among the crowd, especially when you realize the kid's barely got his learner's permit.

The Faction Collective - Alta: The Faction Collective team descends on Alta, Utah for a spring session to remember. From sailing through deep pow to slashing through springtime slush, follow in the flow as the team ride through every type of terrain in Alta’s renowned winter playground. Starring: Alex Hall, Andrew Pollard, Antti Ollila, Blake Wilson, Cody Cirillo, Duncan Adams, Elisabeth Gerritzen, Kellyn Wilson, Micah Evangelista, Sophia Rouches, Tim McChesney & Vasu Sojitra. Director: Etienne Mérel.

The Fifty - Line 38/50 - A Return to the Steeps - The Sphinx, AK: In 2019, The FIFTY sent it up to Alaska to attempt the modern classic, The Sphinx. But the puckering steeps, cruel exposure and hardpack conditions sent the crew home with their tail between their legs and the line unfinished. Three years of watching the weather, conditions and stability from thousands of miles away and a miraculous window beckons in April of 2022. A mad dash scramble the day after skiing Line 37 of The FIFTY leads to a strike mission to Cordova, AK and the base of Points North Heli. This line represents not only a monumental moment in the history of freeriding when it was first ridden in the late 90's but also a measuring stick for the progress of The FIFTY. Returning to it's legendary steeps to climb again highlights just how far the project has come since its inception in 2019. Co-Starring: Nick Russell and Ed Shanley.

Night Ride: On a cold December night, Ebba accidentally hijacks a tram. As she begins to pick up passengers, conflict arises in a way she didn’t expect, in Eirik Tveiten’s “Night Ride.”

Legacy Regenerated: In 1865, Patrick Brown’s great-grandfather escaped slavery on Oakley Grove Plantation in Warren County, North Carolina. After the war, he worked as a sharecropper on another plantation and started what would become a fourth-generation farm. Today, Patrick is committed to regenerative farming practices so his century-old farm can stay in the family for at least another 100 years—and he’s leading with industrial hemp. Follow Patrick’s journey of stewardship, hard work and his powerful vision to subvert Oakley Grove’s sinister legacy.


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 Kris Kyle is on another level
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 Tour De Gnar for the win. Although the crash at the beginning makes me cringe every time they show it.
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 Check out in the hills gang - heathens voyage pt 2. Up on YouTube now.
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 That braydon guy does not party
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 Tour de Scream! Can't watch.
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 Tour De Gnar is Rampage in the forest.
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 Kriss Kyle is so epic! all his RB productions are fire
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 Imagine being Nyjah Hustons feet man...
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 Alta on pinkbike is a great crossover

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