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Oct 12, 2020
by Scott Secco  
Jordie Lunn - Rough AF 3

Jordie Lunn - Rough AF 2

Jordie Lunn - Rough AF

Jordie Lunn - Beyond The Bike

Brett And Jordie Ride The Andes: Jordie Lunn and Brett Tippie riding in Peru.

Views: 15,080    Faves: 35    Comments: 3

Rémy Métailler - Best Line Challenge: Following Matt Bolton down the Honza Roll!

Views: 2,577    Faves: 13    Comments: 1

Riding the Ylläs Trails: Come along to experience the pure northern wilderness in the Ylläs mountain biking trails. We ride our trails in Lapland far beyond the arctic circle under the midnight sun. A film by Kota Collective.

Views: 2,610    Faves: 8    Comments: 0

Trail Floof: Five dogs rescued from shelters tell the stories of their new lives after being adopted by owners in North Vancouver, who all happen to be mountain bikers. With thanks to First Mate Pet Foods for supporting the film and allowing projects like this to happen! Based in North Vancouver, right down the road from the trails.

Views: 11,992    Faves: 57    Comments: 3

52 Seconds of Style with Dillon Butcher: Dillon Butcher and the sound of NOBL TR38s laced to Onyx hubs. Video: Max McCulloch.

Views: 1,732    Faves: 4    Comments: 1

Titox The Gaulois: While a global pandemic striking the globe, a young gaulois from a remote village of the Pyrenees is resisting the virus. And riding in the mountains!

Views: 4,634    Faves: 8    Comments: 0

Alfie Heming - Alps 2020: 14 year old Alfie made the most of the lockdown restrictions being reduced to get out to the Alps for a few weeks of insane riding.

Views: 1,908    Faves: 18    Comments: 5

2019/2020 Shred Mashup: Footage from Cat Mountain, Angel Fire New Mexico, and various spots around Texas!

Views: 1,206    Faves: 3    Comments: 2

Cult Crew 3 X Dope: Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, and Brandon Begin throwing down.

Federal Bikes - AM: The AM squad hit the road and put together this video. Featuring: Yog Roget, Alex Baden, Bill Cooper, Kieran Cooper, Lewis Cunningham & Cam Morton.

Fer Dayz - The CJ Collins Video Part: Abandoned pools, desert DIYs, and even some action in the streets from everyone's favourite all-terrain animal, CJ Collins. CJ got in the van to go fast and stack clips from California to New Mexico to Texas, and this, his first full part for Red Bull, features as many spots as you'll ever see packed into 4 minutes. It's style and speed "Fer Dayz" with CJ Collins - press play and try to keep up.

Alec Majerus' Gnar-V - Positive Latitude: Have you ever just wanted to buy a van and travel around the country doing whatever you want with your friends? That's exactly what Alec Majerus did! In February of 2020 Alec took his 'Gnar-V' sprinter camper van from southern California all the way cross-country to Tampa, Florida for the annual Tampa Pro contest. With his friend and fellow ripper, Jared Cleland, Alec and the boys hit the road, skating all sorts of spots, travelling over 6,500 miles through 12 states in a little over 2 weeks!

Our Planet - Fresh Water: Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope. In this episode: The need for fresh water is as strong as ever. However, the supply is becoming increasingly unpredictable for all manner of species

Go Go Go: A simple story about friends traveling the Japanese country side via RV. With the world as their oyster, who knows what they'll find. Skiers: Mike Henitiuk & Callum Pettit. Cinematography: Mike Henitiuk. Editing: Alex Biel.

Charge 2: We took five top freeskiers and a World Champion drone pilot to Mustang Powder Cat Skiing in BC for one week. Their instructions: charge as hard as you can. Featuring: Stan Rey, Leah Evans, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, and Drew Petersen.

A Prayer for Joshua Jackson: What do you do when someone tells you that your dream is over? That the thing you’ve spent your whole life working to achieve is no longer possible? Race car driver Joshua Jackson goes through something that would break even the toughest of souls, and somehow comes out even more resolute on the other side. His determination requires accepting the risks—risks he deems worth it, even though it means putting his life on the line.

Jordie Lunn with brother Craig and dog Vin on Vancouver Island British Columbia

Photo: Sterling Lorence


  • 17 0
 Round AF 2 has to be top 10 all time...
  • 11 1
 is Round AF the name of that bulldog's segment in Trail Floof?
  • 4 0
 @steezysam: Oh boy, silly me at 1 in the morning
  • 12 0
 We f*cking miss you Jordie!!!!!

#roughaf #LongLiveJordie #livelikejordie
  • 15 5
 please stop bringing animals on fast mtb trails
  • 7 0
 That last picture - where do you get the balls!!
  • 2 0
 There is nowhere, I've looked.
  • 4 0
 When he was going through the assembly line he fell down, disoriented he stood up and stepped back in the ball line thus receiving two sets of balls.
  • 3 0
 Jordie comes across in that Beyond The Bike piece as such a sound human being. What a fucking tragic loss, I will never ride at his level, but I'm always going to think of him as I drop into something that is scary for me to ride...
  • 3 0
 The run up alone to that road gap is rough AF. RIP to a legendary shredder
  • 2 0
 2019/2020 Shred Mashup is the best video here. Too bad pinkbike will charge us to watch it soon.
  • 3 0
 Jackson is living the dream, keep pushing son!
  • 1 0
 The tree free fall epic!! Beatific!!
  • 1 0
 The nod to Asterix and Obelix in `Titox The Gaulois` made my day!
  • 1 2
  • 4 0
 Very very full of itself!

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