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Oct 7, 2019
by Scott Secco  
The Transcascadia Experience: Four days of blind backcountry racing and some of the best times you can have.

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Hugo Langevin Shreds Bromont: Hugo going fast.

Views: 3,684    Faves: 20    Comments: 8

Sending It In Squamish: A few of my favourite clips from fall time riding in Squamish.

Views: 25,850    Faves: 293    Comments: 46

2019 Stevie Smith Memorial Race: Video: Nick Van Berkel. Additional dad cam footage: Kendall Mclean.

Views: 2,704    Faves: 18    Comments: 2

Loamliness - Jakob Hartman: Jakob Hartman gets out for one last shred in some Vernon loam before going to Slovenia for the winter. Video: Jackson Parker.

Views: 10,173    Faves: 51    Comments: 6

Fall Riding On Vancouver's North Shore: Location: Mt. Fromme, North Vancouver

Views: 1,808    Faves: 5    Comments: 0

Summer '19 With The Boys: Why so serious?

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Peter Wojnar - Self-Shot Squamish: While self-filmed bike videos are nothing new, this project was a first for me. While I have plenty of experience behind the lens, I've never been the athlete who has to keep going back up for "another" every time a shot could be better. Armed with a strange contraption of a lens that I wanted to experiment with (and have grown to love), I went off into the woods this fall to see if I could make something worth watching - a challenge both for myself as a filmmaker and a rider. Fall is my favourite time of year for riding, as the temperatures drop, the low-hanging clouds settle in, and the rain begins to foreshadow winter. Some people put their bikes away when the weather turns... others double down and get their fill before the snow flies.

Sixty Eight Ft. Matei Moisil: 60 seconds of pure downhill riding with Matei Moisil.

Garrett Reynolds - Deadline - Full Part: Probably the greatest street part ever.

Garrett Reynolds - TripTape - Full Part: It just doesn't get any more technical.

Garrett Reynolds - Fiending: Another iconic segment.

Garrett Reynolds - Red Bull Part: A classic.

Garrett Reynolds - Real BMX 2016: Reynolds' gold-medal winning part.

Modern Lines: Modern Lines is a one-of-a-kind skate experience grounded in style, flow, self-expression, creativity and fun. Modern Lines is all about reimagining what competitive skateboarding looks like. Curren Caples, Sean Malto, Mariah Duran, Chris Colbourn, Theotis Beasley, and friends pursue this passion by teaming up with the world’s best designers and builders to create a high-speed course where transition meets street. It’s all about stepping up, working together, and making something amazing that’s never been done before.

Corey Duffel - Downtown Lights: As a skateboarder, there's no better feeling than cruising the empty streets of your city in the late hours of the night. No cars, no people, no distractions. It's one of the most freeing experiences you can have on your board. It doesn't matter if you do it alone or with friends, it's something every skateboarder, once experienced, can n ever forget. This is our attempt at capturing that feeling. Hope you enjoy and then get out and shred!

The Fifty - Ep. 14 - Middle Teton, WY: The Fifty has always been about learning, so who better to learn from than the couple, Mark and Janelle Smiley, who attempted to climb all fifty of the Fifty Classic Climbs of North America based upon the book of the same name that inspired the ski-centric book Townsend is now following. While ascending and descending the classic East Face of the Middle Teton in Wyoming, Townsend takes to learning from the lessons of the wise couple about their ups and downs, struggles and triumphs and their mentality around leaving such an audacious "un-finished" project. This is Episode 14 and line 14 complete of The Fifty, a project following Cody Townsend as he attempts to climb and ski all fifty of the lines and mountains chronicled in the book, "The 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America." The series documents Townsend's journey's, travels, challenges, and each line and mountain listed in the book. It's a journey through the most majestic mountains and ski lines in North America along with a unique insight into how skiers make decisions in the backcountry, how they plan, navigate, and safely move through the mountains and the people that dedicate their lives to the mountains.

The 7 Stages Of Blank - Trailer: Based out of the coastal mountains of British Columbia, Blank Collective Films is an athlete-owned film production company. After multiple "Movie Of the Year" nominations at Powder Awards, the Blank crew does it again with their newest creation, "The 7 Stages of Blank". The fifth annual film features: Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, Mike Douglas, Sam Kuch, Tony Lamiche, Mark Abma, Vinnie Gagnier, Evan McEachran, Barclay Desjardins, Jordy Kidner, Nico Vugnier, Jules Mandin, Andrea Byrne, Phil Langevin, and the Whistler Freeride Club.

Forest Man: Since the 1970's Majuli islander Jadav Payeng has been planting trees in order to save his island. To date he has single handedly planted a forest larger than Central Park NYC. His forest has transformed what was once a barren wasteland, into a lush oasis.

The Last Honey Hunter: In the steep mountain jungles of Nepal’s Hongu river valley, members of the isolated Kulung culture have risked their lives for generations scaling dangerous cliffs to collect a wild and toxic honey. Deep and dark, the film glides through a misty world of forest spirits, dreams, and woodsmoke to share the story of the leader of the harvest and his final journey.

Descending into Mordor with the ring..

Photo: tris400d

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 Garrett Reynolds is a Wizard!
  • 2 1
 Please someone give him an MTB.
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 we need definitely more trees, and we need mtbikers to be allowed to ride there.
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 Majuli island is actually a pretty fun place to ride bikes. Mind you, it's completely flat, but there's basically zero trafic, there are many interesting satras to visit, the people are super friendly, and you can do it all on a 40+ year old steel city bike Smile
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 Wow, now that's a true trail builder. One master>many trees>many trails.
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 Last Honey Hunter was fascinating....
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 Love that Corey Duffel vid.

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