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Sep 23, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Kirt Voreis - 29 Air: @carson-storch gave me the keys to the Black Sage course and @caleb-ely captured the ride. Didn't get much time on the course during the event, so real stoked to get some runs down this monster. Spinning the 40ft dub at 45 years old makes this fool happy! Thanks Carson and Kyle for letting me shred!

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Transcontinental - Headliners 2: This is the follow up to Headliners with more World Cup race footage from around the world. It features many riders who are still going strong today (Peat, Lopes, Voreis) as well as vintage footage of Nicolas Vouilloz racking up wins on his way to the still unmatched 10 World Championships.

Views: 18,402    Faves: 80    Comments: 4

DH With A Camera Bag: In this self filmed video, I wanted to prove how realistic it is to ride flat out with a heavy pack full of camera gear.

Views: 3,724    Faves: 15    Comments: 6

Tahnee Seagrave - 13 years old! Tahnee was pinned as a junior.

Views: 14,974    Faves: 46    Comments: 47

Up to Down: Some technical climbing and descending in OZ trails. Ride, Film, Edit by Matt Slager.

Views: 6,707    Faves: 24    Comments: 11

Dodging the Dreich: Liam and James can't be hooped with the February rain back in Fort William so bail to Finale for some dry bike riding. Liam has Edie and Lilia with him so James chances upon some company of his own between the trails!

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Berm Slaps and Trail Gaps - Jakob Hartman: Getting loose at Silver Star with that rad Slovenian guy who used to live in the Bike Ranch parking lot and has recently migrated to Vernon. We ended up having time constraints and managed to get something rad out of it, owing to Jakob's ability to thrown down for five hours straight. Video: Max Loukidelis.

Views: 14,896    Faves: 139    Comments: 5

NF-370 - Jacob Guthrie: My summer project is done! Jacob Guthrie rips local trails built over the summer in Bend, Oregon. Put a lot of hours into this one. Enjoy!

Views: 3,482    Faves: 15    Comments: 1

Owen Marks - Last Sessions: It's sad to say that the final days of the "Freedom 40" trails have come to an end. For the last 10 years this little patch of perfection has served as a training ground for the best mountain bikers from around the world. However it is has also been a home for many of us that live in town. Owen has spent thousands of hours at this gated 40 acres keeping the lines perfected. I owe it all to this pristine landscape, and I am sure Owen would say the same. The legacy of the "Freedom 40" trails will live on forever. Massive thanks to Eric for the unreal hospitality over all the years.

Christian Rigal - Street Sends: Rigal sending it on a trail bike.

Christian Rigal - Still United - Full Part: One of the best rail parts ever.

Christian Rigal - 2015 Demolition Part: More heavy moves in the streets.

Markit Zero - Full Movie: Featuring incredible parts from: Chad Kerley, Connor Lodes, Dennis Enarson, Mike Jonas, Geoff Slattery, Rob Wise, Ronnie Napolitan, and Christian Rigal.

Where Are We Going? We took Alec Majerus, Louie Lopez, Milton Martinez, Jackson Pilz, Simon Bannerot, Collin Provost and Jhanca Gonzalez to New York City to see what they could put down on some crusty east coast spots.

Spitfire - Keep The Fire Burning: ]You won’t find a sicker road trip squad than this crew right here. The Spit team leaves nothing but scorched Earth and crushed concrete in its wake.

Geoff Rowley's "Take It Back" - Raw Files: 43 years old and still ripping.

Ricky Carmichael - Real Moto 2019: Watch Ricky Carmichael and filmer Jack Berg’s entry into Real Moto 2019,

The Mountains Are Calling - Trailer: Dane Tudor and Simon Hillis take an introspective look at one’s attraction to the mountains, different types of snow conditions and terrain as they explore the breathtaking peaks of British Columbia.

Defined By A Line: Josh Ewing began visiting the Bears Ears region of southeastern Utah to climb at Indian Creek and explore the local archaeology. But when he moved to the town of Bluff, he saw degradation from oil drilling, looting, and careless visitors. Ewing knew simply loving a place was no longer enough.

Jackie Chan - How To Do Action Comedy: Some filmmakers can do action. Others can do comedy. But for 40 years, the master of combining them has been Jackie Chan. Let’s see how he does it.

In the blue room.

Photo: Hailey Elise

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 Jacki Chan video is awesome. Really interesting to have it broken down like that! Beer
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 The same channel do a great one on visual comedy, talking about Edgar Wright/Shaun of the Dead
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 I'm sorry about telling you how to do your job, but I would like to share my opinion:

It feels like people are working so hard and putting so much care and effort into making edits that just drown in all the other edits on pinkbike. I think this is a good sign; you guys have incentivized so many people to make sick edits. But now it's too much.

If I were you guys, the only videos that would get their own posts would be the Must Watch videos.

I would completely stop titling videos without the rider: "unnamed rider on description of trails in destination location" doesn't work for me as a headline.

I would convert Movies for your Monday into Breakout Movies for your Monday and feature all the edits from up and comers here.

I would then create a new compilation- maybe on Wednesdays to get us all through the hump day and pumped for the upcoming weekend that features all the sweet edits from well known riders that don't fall into that 'Must Watch' category.

That's just my opinion, hire me if you want I'll move to Canada. Smile
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 I think now there're so many edits appearing that we could easily break them into some more categories like:
- Amateur
- Behind the scenes
- Cartoon
- Casting
- Celebrity
- College
- Compilation
- Hardcore
- Interactive
- Music
- Old/Young
- Public
- Red head
- Scissoring
- Solo
- Vintage
- Webcam

etc.... Big Grin
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 "Movies for your Monday" SHOULD NOT exclusively shine spotlight on new riders. It should be a Monday segment, syndicated by pinkbike to get good content out on a Monday... It's for Monday inspiration, and it does a good job already!

You put banger sections in the beginning and the end of the work week, for maximum stoke. (Movies for your monday, Fail Fridays.)

It aint broke, dont go fixin it.

Just. my. opinion.
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 naw that's a terrible idea. movies for your monday's is nailed. as in they nailed it.
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 @brooce: shit that was a good laugh
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 Here’s another must watch skate film you missed:
You are welcome.
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 Chad Kerley throwing down some tech wizardry in that Markit zero film. Slams are more savage at the credits then most friday fails. BMXrs are core riders, making me feel lazy on a squish bike. Props Dennis & all the riders!
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 More Jackie Chan. You can't fight without getting hit (a little, at least.)
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 Shop out Pinkbike for the Bear's Ears spotlight. Bikes and archeology is a weird combo, but thats what I live for!
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 Up to Down:

Finally a celebration of the climb! Well done!
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 Really enjoyed Tahnees throwback video!
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 Rowley is not a human
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 i'd venture a guess that he's some sort of gopher/beaver/woodchuck cross, just judging by his chompers
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 What did Jackie Chan get for his birthday? 'ATOI'
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 That rowley slam at 13:21 is heavy. So much hurt.
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 RC still a moto madman
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