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Sep 26, 2022
by Scott Secco  
Caleb Holonko - Lights Out: The definition of progression is to move toward an advanced state. Gravity rider Caleb Holonko takes a few of BC’s familiar big hits and turns them into generation-defining moments. There are plenty of riders that do it, but only a few that you’ll remember. Video: Ollie Jones.

Bas van Steenbergen - Desert Wave: A mountain bike video by Calvin Huth and Bas van Steenbergen.

Captyvate Self Filmed 2022: Winner of the ''Raw Reels'' category for the Australian Mountain Bike's Photo Awards 2022. One rider, two cameras, and 15+ years of riding & filming experience

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Justin Skinner - Dust Yourself Off: Justin's grit and determination shine through in Dust Yourself Off. Putting the We Are One Arrival to work at Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario.

The Joplin - Reach New Heights: When Hailey Elise was dreaming of a carefree road trip, the Joplin was the perfect travel companion to elevate her riding experience. Join her as she hits the road for a solo adventure and some shredding on the California Coast. Video: Kelsey Toevs.

Kendall McLean - Training Day: Mountain bicycling, as the name would suggest, is a very intense sport. One that people should treat with the utmost caution and respect. Mountain biking was designed from the get go to be taken as seriously as humanly possible. Said no mountain biker, ever. For a lot of people, mountain biking is a lot simpler than that. Some people call it an escape, some people say it gives them purpose. Well, for Kendall, he just has a lot of fun flying down whatever ends up in front of him on two wheels (he really has been racing for 13 years, by the way). Some of you may recognize Kendall as the Specialized-clad, jesus-looking lighting machine from the BC Cups over the years. Yes, that is the same dude from the podium. And yes, this video is an accurate description of his training regime. Eating good food, riding fun trails, and keeping the smiles big and cheesy are all crucial to making it in the sport; at least in Kendall's eyes.

Braydon Bringhurst - 8600FT - Trailer: The Whole Enchilada” is one of mountain biking’s most epic trails—attracting expert-level riders from around the globe to Moab, Utah, to challenge its 8600-foot descent over raw terrain of rugged rock drops and boulder fields. But no one has ever tried to ride up every inch of the trail—until now. Equally mentally challenging as physical, “8600 FT” is a 1.5-hour feature-length film of Braydon Bringhurst’s attempt to summit "The Whole Enchilada."

Joel Anderson - Home To Roost: A few months back, we sent TommyC down to the West Country to meet Joel Anderson for a couple of days of dirt surfing. With Joel currently out of action with an injury it seems like a great time to release this one as a big Get Well Soon tribute!

All Aboard! - Episode 3: Convert a school bus, get a bunch of mountain bikers into said school bus, drive around New Zealand, see what happens—that's basically the idea behind the All Aboard! A Specialized New Zealand Bus Trip. Come along with Jacob Odonoghue-Price, Matt Begg, Charlie Murray, David McMillan, and Elmo Cotter on this third episode!

Joe Rich - Perspective: "The Ultimate Male" is a nickname Joe shakes his head at, which speaks to his sincerity. He's not trying to be an example, it was just never an option to become anything other than the man he is. Earnest living like that will never fade; it is the way.

Chris Doyle - Full Circle: It took 26 years, but Chris Doyle is doing Doyle things on an S&M again, and suddenly the universe just makes a little more sense.

Matt Ray - Dan's Comp Pro Part: From tech lines to massive drops, Matt is an absolute machine on a bike. To celebrate his one year anniversary at Dan's we bring you his official "Pro Part" video. This project was filmed around Matt's hometown in Massachusetts with Jona Jahchan behind the lens.

Lizzie Armanto’s “Onward” The first full-length edit from Lizzie in nearly five years, Onward showcases what Lizzie has become known for —her humble, hard-working approach, one-of-a-kind style, and tenacity to make any trick a reality.

Attempting To Skate Michael Heizer's Mega Sculpture In The Nevada Desert: We came across a giant art sculpture on Instagram that looked perfect for skating, so we told our new intern Kohl Marantz to do the impossible and go through the desert to try to get a trick there.

Bob Burnquist - ''In Transition'' Part: Bob Burnquist's breathtaking In Transition entry was filmed entirely at Dreamland. This is classic Bob, constantly pushing boundaries.

Breathless - How World War II Changed Cinema: RIP to Jean-Luc Godard, 1930-2022.

Feel Real - Official Trailer: It’s been said, since time immemorial, that one of the best courses of action in life is to live in the moment. For their eighth feature-length, action and personality-packed ski movie, Blank Collective Films opts to not only adhere to that ideal, but to celebrate the moment itself. From embracing vulnerability, to engaging in exploration, opening your eyes and ears, and never taking oneself too seriously, Feel Real represents the past and present moments, memories and friendships that have shaped The Blank Collective into the skiers they are today.

Hávamál: An extract from Hávamál, a collection of Old Norse poems from the Viking Age. Featuring: Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan, Luana Silva, and Anna Gudauskas.

Em: Emilie Pellerin is likely the best climber you’ve never heard of. Knowing this might be true for much of the climbing world, friend and filmmaker, Alexa Fay, set out to make things right. In her directorial debut film project “Em”, Alexa and Emilie place you at the beginning of the story of how one woman’s natural ability, forever positive problem solver’s mindset, and commitment to the “dirtbag life” has turned her into a yet to be known force in climbing. From the trip to Spain that pushed her to pursue her passion full time, her onsight climb of Squamish’s iconic and notoriously difficult “The Shadow” (5.13a) pitch in 2018, and through her latest challenge, “La Zébrée”, a 5.14a trad route featuring a soaking wet overhanging crack that has sent even the strongest climbers home packing, this film puts Emilie front and centre.

Kill Your Lawn: Seen from above, it’s not the undulating rows of square houses that make American suburbia so recognizable. It’s the wide rivers of lush, almost neon-green grass that cut through the landscape. And on long, hot summer days, the lawn is where suburban living reaches its idyllic peak. But while the lawn may be a powerful symbol of American postwar prosperity, it’s also an ecological dead zone that’s sucking the nation’s aquifers dry. In this video essay we argue that it’s time to kill your lawn, not just to save the planet, but for your own health and sanity too. And while the idea of euthanizing such a beloved member of the family might seem harsh, we show the alternatives that could make the loss more bearable.

Caleb Holonko Riding in Pemberton for Kaz Yamamura

Photo: Kaz Yamamura


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 that 3rd video , self filmed, 15yo dude , is SICK . give this kid a sponsorship! incredible riding !
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 Did not watch, but it says 15+ years of riding and filming EXPERIENCE. So assuming an min age of 16+15?
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 @dirtyburger: indeed I read a bit too fast haha
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 Easily mistaken for a 15yo at times
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 If it has Joe Rich in it I'm watching.
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 You NEVER see bike things on a skateboarding site. Skateboarding is the best!
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 SLAP would say that bikes are lame then they'd kook anyone that disagrees.
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 Chris Cole had a bunch of BMX footy when he SoTY and even a Skate/BMX apparel brand. Pharell was skating for Zoo York and owned a piece of Brooklyn Machine Works. John Cardiel is arguably the OG of the Fixie free ride scene and another SoTY. Even in this Movies for your Monday there is a Joe Rich video over T1 that the artist Michael Sieben was/is involved with while he was doing the illustrations for Thrasher. You might be right on the surface level "but game recognize game grandad, and right now you ain't looking to familiar".
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 Chris Doyle, always stylish.
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 Haven't watched BMX videos for 20+ years, but still knew his turndown was the best trick in the biz. He confirmed.
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 Justin Skinner - Dust Yourself Off, I can tell some of it was filmed using vintage lenses!
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 I love the " Perspective " series. The Mike Aitken one is very inspirational.
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 Ditch the lawn!
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 I come here for bike stuff, not environmental advice from someone underqualified and over funded.
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 Pinkbike - Buy a new bike every year. Ship components and bikes all over the globe. Travel in your van to destinations to ride a few miles. Take helicopter shuttles. The list goes on and on.

Also Pinkbike - "Please watch this video and consider killing your lawn to stop climate change and save the planet.

The hypocrisy is astounding.
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