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Sep 6, 2021
by Scott Secco  
Introducing Pol Molina: Though Pol Molina only took up mountain biking a year and a half ago, 15 years of motocross racing, and a background in BMX have jumpstarted him into a league of his own. Take note of this dude's name, this isn't the last time you're going to be hearing it.

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Joey Gough's Mixtape: Put your headphones on and take a ride with me through some fun times.

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Greatest Hits - Whistler Mountain Bike Park: James McSkimming, Melissa Penrose, Paul Stevens, Trevor Berg, Trevor Burke, and Justin Dewey Roy ride some of Whistler's greatest hits on A-Line and Dirt Merchant. Video: Christie Fitzpatrick. Edit: Chris Sroka.

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The EnD(OG)uro: A typical afternoon bike ride based in the Italian Alps featuring Edoardo and his dog Jack.

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Mjets Street Edit - MSA: Mont-Sainte-Anne local riders jibbin' for da clip.

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Matt MacDuff - Rotation: Matt MacDuff's dream build comes to life in Oliver, BC. Inspired by his childhood imagination, Matt assembled an A+ build crew to design a creative, feature packed trail complete with a wooden funnel into the void.

Emil Johansson - Bracken: Emil created the “Bracken” video part to celebrate the launch of his etnies Signature Camber Crank shoe colorway. “I’m stoked to produce my first edit with etnies along with the release of my first signature colorway shoe,” said Emil. “The etnies Camber Crank has been my go-to shoe for trail bike riding for the past year. I love how the shoe stays grippy even in the muddiest conditions and keeps my feet from getting soaked. It is supportive and feels great on the foot all day long.”

This is Slopeduro - Dawid Czekaj: BMX riders migrate to MTB world like spawning salmon headd upstream. They won't stop! Yet, Dawid Czekaj is not simply "another one." Dawid has been killing it on the local scene and even made it to the Polish BMX Olympic team with his results. Yet, he chose big wheels, suspension, and long top to bottom runs which he called "slopeduro." What is slopeduro? As a part of the beloved UCI Beerduro team, Dawid Czekaj put his BMX steez into classic trail bikes, and as a result, we simply want to go out and ride!

Insane Eddy: In “Insane Eddy” I take you on the wildest gravel ride ever! Being late for the Saturday group ride, I quickly hop on my bike and start chasing the peloton. Filled with spectacular tricks, jumps, and trials lines, my pursuit takes me through historic villages, beautiful landscapes, straight through gardens and factories, and over the biggest slag heap in Belgium. But is it enough to catch up with the pack?!

The Hell Are You Dugan!? Tom Dugan made his way out to California for a week to chill with the crew, ride bikes, and meet new property owners. Featuring Justin Spriet and Broc Raiford. Enjoy!

Mongoose I SLC: After filming Dirtvana, Mykel Larrin and Kevin Peraza hung around Salt Lake City for a few days to explore and ride some of the local favourites. Mongoose teammate Josh Hult met up with the boys to hangout as they hit various parks, street spots, and some dirt! If you’re craving a straight-up riding video after Dirtvana, you’re in for a treat!

CultCrew - Trev Mags: This one is all Trev Mags - raw cutty street riding from NY to LBC.

Hermann Stene's "Real" Part: Cuttin’ down Cardiel Hubba, piecing together tasteful lines and handling an absurd ramp to rail, Hermann’s versatility is a treat to watch. Don’t miss this.

Kyle Walker's "Ruby" Part: Kyle kills a trove of fresh and iconic spots with his classic repertoire before grinding rails too big to measure. SOTYs are made of somethin’ else...

Genetic Diversity Joslin, Decenzo, Gustavo and an all-star cast ignite spots from every corner of the globe before Marek Zaprazny finishes the job in Prague.

Burrlapz - ''Football'' Trailer: Skiing may be a sport of individuals, but when you have a legendary crew like the Burrrlapz, it feels anything but individual. It takes a team to produce a full movie, homemade or not, and that's just what the Burrrlapz is; a group of individuals, brought together to make one solid team.

Stoke the Fire Athlete Edit - Veronica Paulsen: Undisputed queen of the backflip and reigning Queen of Corbet’s, we’re stoked to welcome Veronica Paulsen to the TGR roster this year to show us her version of what it means to shred Jackson Hole’s bottomless pow. Rising from competition mogul skiing roots in the Bay Area, Veronica decided to upend her life trajectory to focus on what was her dream: becoming a professional big mountain skier in the mecca of it all: Jackson Hole. This year, after a breakthrough performance becoming the first woman to land a backflip into Corbet’s Couloir, she teamed up with her friends and the TGR crew in Jackson Hole to put together an all-time edit celebrating ski bum culture and what it’s all about here. We caught up with the K2 Skis and JHMR athlete midway through the season in between epic storm cycles to hear more from the reigning Queen herself.

Mountain Revelations - Official Teaser: "Mountain Revelations" follows three professional snowboarders - Jeremy Jones, Ryan Hudson, and Rafael Pease - on a human-powered 10-day mission in a remote corner of Alaska's Chugach Mountain Range. As they explore epic lines on the steep and unforgiving terrain, the physical and emotional challenges they overcome during the harsh, endless days of the waning Alaskan winter serve as a catalyst to examine the roles their backgrounds had on their respective paths to this expedition.

The Groundbreaking Design of Mexico 1968: In 1968, Mexico City introduced a new modern vision of the host country through their innovative Olympic design program by Ramirez Vazquez.

Can a Trans Runner Like Me Compete Fairly?: In the highly politicized debate over whether transgender women should be allowed to play women’s sports, opinions tend to divide into two starkly opposing camps. There are those people - including lawmakers in dozens of states - who argue that the integrity of girls’ and women’s sports needs to be safeguarded against people assigned male at birth and the physical advantages they may possess. The other side argues that by the very fact of their gender transition, trans girls and women have earned the right to compete as their chosen gender. But Andie Taylor, a 48-year-old trans woman and competitive runner who has much to gain or lose in this debate, finds herself staking out a more nuanced position, somewhere in the apolitical middle ground. In the Opinion video above, Ms. Taylor describes how she is eager to compete among women and yearns for inclusion - but only if the scientific research unequivocally shows that her years living as a male did not give her an advantage. There is little research regarding the performance of transgender athletes, in part because their numbers are so small. Some evidence suggests that trans women retain some athletic advantages after a year of undergoing testosterone suppression. Researchers have also found that those advantages, with time, largely fall away. As research advances, Ms. Taylor is imploring all sides in the debate to refrain from using the issue for political gain. “I want to win,” she says, “but I only want to win if I know it’s fair.”


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 Hope you like our Insane Eddy video! We think it's the first front flip on a gravel bike, but it's definitely the first zipline and underwater ride on one ever! Smile
  • 4 0
 Those poor rims! Enjoyed the vid.
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 @IMeasureStuff: Haha. They took a beating but survived though!
  • 4 1
 Loved it. Only constructive feedback I'd give is to trim it by another 1-ish minute to keep the energy up. More vids, please!
  • 4 0
 @rrolly: Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback! Tough to kill your darlings sometimes but I'll keep it in mind for next time. Cheers!
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 @FineLine-Media: I know, right! It's one of the things that is hard to teach my film students. The payoff, however, is massive when they see the viewers' response. Again, please make more! Good creative energy here!
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 @rrolly: Will do! Smile
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 the most fun video across all
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 REALLY looking forward to the trans-sport discussion here based on the Ms. Taylor video! I personally highly respect the person and the opinion in the video, also I think there is no general way to allow trans women in the female competitive sport world
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flag thelovemonkey (Sep 6, 2021 at 12:03) (Below Threshold)
 African Americans have higher bone density and skeletal muscle on average compared to other races. Should we segregate black people and make them compete in their own leagues? No, that would be racist. So why is that argument generally accepted for genders? Because of institutionalize sexism. End gender segregation in sports, quit telling girls they’re weaker than men, and provide the same social incentives/disincentives for how people eat, use supplements, and weight/cardio train, and watch the performance difference between genders disappear.
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 @thelovemonkey: so ending gender segregation would mean that we should just let all genders compete together? Pretty much all the world cup female downhillers would beat me every race but they aren't close to the top men. So we would still end up classifying and saying the a rider who finished 40th is the best female rider. And in sports where it's a one on one battle, like tennis, women will never win the big trophy. I'm not sure what the answer is. It's odd that we don't hear much argument about transgender men. People don't seem to have an issue with them competing against other men.
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 @thelovemonkey: I understand that you don't agree with gender discrimination, but this doesn't make sense. You can't compare the differences between races and the differences between genders. Have you noticed that in many sports, there are competitors from many different races? That is because race doesn't greatly affect your performance in sports. Gender does. Men have around 8 times as much testosterone than women. This means that men can grow their upper body muscles 90% stronger than women, and their lower body 60% stronger than women. This isn't gender discrimination. This is facts. Facts don't have feelings. Facts don't care if you are offended that your gender is physically stronger or weaker. Both genders are different, and we have our advantages and our disadvantages. Women are better at some things, while men are better at other things. We are all created equal, but not the same. The separation between genders in sports is not discriminating against women, it is actually helping to prevent discrimination. If women and men competed together, women would have no chance in sports, and would never be drafted into any sports. There would be no female athletes.
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 Theft. Check. Littering. Check. Riding like an a*shole and pissing off pedestrians and motorists. Check. Gratuitous trail damage. Check. Sexist portrayals of women. Check. Crappy light beer product placement. Check. Correction hops and b*tch cranks. Check. Bar humps. Check. Lack of social distancing during COVID. Check. That ‘Insane Eddy’ vid literally has it all. 10/10 would watch again
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 I can guarantee the beer is not so light.
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 those eds though NIce
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 Those Etnies look a decent shoe tbf
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 Matt Macduff's videos always make me want to pick up my bike and ride!
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 Matt rocks! That video was intense and yeah keeping it fresh.
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 Funky Pol Molina
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 Pol Molina - HOLY COW!

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