MS Mondraker Confirms Team Line-Up for Their 10th Race Season

Feb 6, 2021
by Lukas Haider  

Press Release: MS Mondraker

After an extraordinary year, MS Mondraker Team is fired up for a new start to downhill racing with an exciting 2021 team line-up. Today they confirm the return of the core of their multi-national, podium-winning team alongside three new talented riders to build on their 2020 season successes.

It's a special year for MS Mondraker Team as they proudly celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the partnership between Mondraker bikes and MS-Racing. Back in 2012, MS-Mondraker started a race programme with riders including Emmeline Ragot, Damien Spagnolo, Markus Pekoll and Brook MacDonald. Brook then went on to win his first world cup in the same year. Fast forward to 2021 and the MS Mondraker team have great results under their belts; individual World Cup victories, World Champion titles, National titles and the team World Cup overall in 2016.

The MS Mondraker Team rider squad is a dynamic mix of experience, courage and young ambition. Elite World Cup winner and former Junior World Champion Brook MacDonald is set to race in the MS Mondraker Team after making a tenacious return to the racing circuit last year. Brook's crash on Mont-Sainte-Anne’s 'La Tarzan' rock drop in 2019 left him with a serious spinal injury, but "The Bulldog" eventually made an incredible comeback in 2020 with a short and promising season. All eyes will be on the Kiwi in 2021 as he picks up his Mondraker Summum once again.

Longstanding team member from Great Britain, Laurie Greenland, had his 2020 World Cup cut short when he sustained an injury in Leogang. After successful surgery and recovery, Laurie has been busy preparing for a critical season as he hopes to repeat his victorious 2019 World Cup run in Val di Sole. It's a track that suits him well as he also placed 2nd there during the last World Championships in 2016.

Italy's double national champion Eleonora Farina returns with fresh confidence this year after an impressive performance in 2020 that showed off her technical abilities. Wearing the Austria-based MS Mondraker jersey, she defended her national title with grit, securing two podium results at the first and second World Cup rounds in Maribor.

On-form this season is Frenchman Thibault Laly, who placed 21st in the final round of the 2020 World Cup in Lousa. His eyes are firmly on establishing himself in the top 20 of the UCI World Cup and winning a hard-fought spot on the French World Championship team this year.

Three promising new riders join the MS Mondraker squad this year and all are itching to prove themselves in their new team colors: Toby Meek, Yuki Kushima and Vincent Jouvenal. Toby Meek has already spent some time with the MS Mondraker team, taking the opportunity to learn from fellow Kiwi Brook. Yuki Kushima from Japan is already an experienced rider, looking to test his limits in World Cup racing with the support of a factory team. Last but not least, young gun Vincent Jouvenal from France joins MS Mondraker. At only 14 years of age, he's showing the right attitude and skills to prepare for a career in MTB racing. He hopes to learn what it takes to become a successful World Cup racer under the guidance of his teammates and support staff.

Lukas Haider, manager of the MS Mondraker Team, said: “We've achieved some amazing results in the last decade, but we're not sated yet. Our team this year combines a depth of experience with raw talent, re-signing Brook, Laurie, Eleonora and Thibault as well as recruiting new faces. It definitely puts us in with a good chance of securing some great results in 2021. Everything we do really wouldn't be possible without the help of our partners in racing, so I wanted to say a huge thank you to them on behalf of the team for their continued support."

All this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our partners in racing. We are happy to continue our partnerships with:

Mondraker bikes
Shimano let us accelerate and slow down on a high-performance level
Fox keeps us on track with the best possible suspension
Michelin takes care of our traction with some black gold
Ethirteen keeps us rolling with wheels and keeps the chain in place
Renthal let us steer in the right direction and
SDG components offers the best performance and comfort when we have to sit down.


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 Hope Laurie Greenland has a good season. Always exciting to watch. Would love to see him win a few more races.

Also hope the team goes back to the bold blue and red colour scheme (i think they changed it last year, unless i'm mistaken). I don't know what it is about the blue and red, but it makes for the best looking team bikes at the races (in my opinion, at least).
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 Hands down one of the the most exciting riders to watch. His racing style is so crazy.
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flag Ds1234 (Feb 6, 2021 at 10:43) (Below Threshold)
 feel like both mondraker and devinci have had pretty lame kits and bikes this year.
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 @Ds1234: What would make each one more exciting for you?
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 @R-M-R: I think using the colours they used to - I remember devinci used to have some really cool frames. And the kit for mondraker team should go back to the old one.
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 @Ds1234: Fair enough. Their colours haven't been very exciting, recently. When you say the bikes are lame, do you just mean the graphics or is there more to it?
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 @R-M-R: might just be me but I always remember the devinci bikes having some curve to their frames and that made them really stand out to me from other bikes. Also as said above the blue and red combination really worked and no other company used them so it made them stand out. I feel like a black coloured frame isn't really exiting at all.
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 That prototype high pivot was pretty as can be. I’m sure you can find some pics of it. I think only Norton was in it @Ds1234:
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 @Ds1234: Thanks for exploring the issue!

Definitely agree on the colour.

Tubes were mostly straight, prior to widespread use of hydroformed aluminum or carbon. I think curved tubes became popular because they indicated the use of new manufacturing techniques. Now we've swung back to straight lines, maybe just for something different. Whatever is popular now, you can bet the next fashion will be the opposite!

I think the next aesthetic that symbolizes "high tech" will be the organic, skeletal look of items designed with topology optimization and generative design.
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 @R-M-R: no worries! looking at some pictures online and I remember how nice the colour combos were. I also feel that placing the devinci logo on the bottom tube (I think) was quite effective too where it was big and bold - it now sits on the top tube where it is a bit small and crammed.

Yes hopefully we see a return to these kinda frames, I really liked them and you don't see them anymore although that is just my preference.

Just wondering, do you work at devinci?
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 @Ds1234: Industry yes; Devinci no.
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 Will Vincent Jouvenal change his name when he gets to the senior category?
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flag noisette (Feb 6, 2021 at 7:30) (Below Threshold)
 Are you kidding?
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 I'm wondering what coating Kushima will have on his forks?
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 Oh do grow up
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 brought a superfoxy, blown away by it and absolutely the best suspension system i've had. Looking for Brook back to the top!!!!!!!
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 Where did you bring it?
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 @Isey: ... to his yard...
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 @Isey: funny
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 Great Team. Yes Yuki. Congrats to be on the Team. Good to see one of many good japanese riders in the wc soon. Its a good Szene in the far east...!!
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 Cool to have new face like this Japanese fellow. Good luck to him.
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 wish them the best for the coming race ( cross finger) and always pleasant to watch them ( Bulldog and Laurie) destroy tracks !!
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 Balfa confirms return to WC by making the frames for Cube like Intense did for Haro.
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 Awesome team and the DH bike is hottt
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 The teams stacked! Good luck in 2021 to everyone! Big Grin \m/
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