MTB Hopper Builds Giant 10 Foot Long 'Area 51 Fence Stormer' Portable Ramp

Sep 11, 2019
by Adelaida Sinkevic  
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Celebrating world-famous Facebook event “Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us” that will place from September 20th to 22nd, we have created the biggest portable ramp in the history of gravity sports.

Imagining the fiction idea of storming a secret government facility with a downhill bicycle, we made ourselves a challenge to build a foldable ramp that could be easily carried by 2 men, assembled in less than 3 minutes and lift a rider more than 12 ft above the ground (U.S Military most commonly uses 12 ft fences).

Area 51 Fence Stormer

"Once we found out about the event - we knew, that we needed to go big and build something enormous and bold. What came out to be a ramp of 6 ft (1,7 meters) tall and almost 10ft (3 meters) feet long." - Karl Birgil, CMO of MTB Hopper.

Area 51 is a highly classified United States Air Force facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. The famous conspiracy theory has it, that it is the place where the government hides all evidence that extraterrestrial life forms exist. “Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us” is a major event to happen on September 20th with over 2 million people marked themselves as going and 1,5 million interested.

“We were fascinated by the idea of Area 51. We have decided to contribute to the movement in the name of the MTB community. The main idea of the movement is similar to ours, we break limits and rules, gravity sport is a core part of our lives and that is why we have created a ramp so big, that you could jump through the fence of the Area 51.” – said Karolis Liepuonius, the CEO of MTB Hopper.
The construction and the size of the ramp is created so you could jump in challenging heights - 12 feet (3.6576 meters). The height is practically the same as jumping into an open balcony on the second floor of the residential building.

Area 51 Fence Stormer

"That's not the limit of the ramp, with the right speed and attitude, you could jump even higher.” – said Linas Gliaudelis, the chief engineer of MTB Hopper.

We are a small, privately-owned company, based in Lithuania, E.U. Started by creating ramps for learning jumps, eventually, it has reached the interest of more advanced riders and spread its foldable ramp range to models suitable for riders of all levels. More about the company and its product range -

Area 51 Fence Stormer
"We make flying in the no-flight zone possible. That is our main goal, to create an environment possible for jumps in places where it is impossible.” – Karolis Liepuonius, the CEO of MTB Hopper.

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 This is seriously awesome! Mulder & Scully - you NEED THIS!

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