MTB Missoula Seeks New Executive Director

Feb 26, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

Have you ever wanted to run a trail advocacy organization? Well, here's your chance. MTB Missoula, based in Missoula, MT, is to thank for Missoula's first directional mountain bike trails, countless races including the Mullet Cycling Classic, and thousands of hours of volunteer trail work. The organization is now on the hunt for a new Executive Director, who will oversee trail development, community relations, administration, and events.

Any interested candidate with 3+ years of relevant experience should send a cover letter, resume, and references to with "Executive Director" in the subject line.

Press release: MTB Missoula

MTB Missoula (MTBM), an independent, non-profit trail association in Missoula, Montana, is seeking a new executive director. After 4 years of stalwart leadership under departing director Ben Horan, the organization stands beside a large body of work, including the community’s first bike-only, public access downhill trails as well as dozens of miles of new bike-friendly multi-use trails. The Board of Directors extends their deepest thanks to Ben for his dedicated effort across his entire tenure, and wishes him the best of luck in his new endeavors.

“Ben has been a huge catalyst for mountain biking and trail development in Missoula and will be sorely missed. But, his departure comes at a time when MTB Missoula is well-positioned to embrace a new chapter of leadership and continue its growth.” -Trent Baker, Board Chair

Originally founded in the early 1990s and revitalized in 2010, MTBM was for years enthusiastically volunteer-run. Since bringing on Ben as Executive Director and Brian Williams as Trails Director in 2017, MTBM has solidified its partnerships with local land managers, landowners, conservation groups and other user groups, bringing mountain bikers to the table for conversations about trail access, management, and development. MTBM has earned its position as an expert voice in the design and management of recreational trails, working to ensure a positive and fun user experience while addressing factors like invasive weeds, wildlife impacts and user conflict. The group organizes about 1500 hours of volunteer trail maintenance annually, and has hosted events ranging from weeknight XC and dual slalom races to the 2017 Collegiate National MTB Championships.

The new Executive Director will be responsible for stewarding the vision of the organization forward. Primary tasks will include: developing opportunities to expand Missoula’s trail network, fostering collaborative relationships with community partners, writing and speaking on behalf of the organization, overseeing trail projects and events, as well as fundraising and administration. The ED will have latitude to identify new opportunities and work with the Board of Directors to set and meet new goals.

Consistent and reliable community engagement has been the key to MTB Missoula’s success. The Board of Directors seeks an inspired candidate with 3+ years of management experience in public lands, recreation, trails, or a related field, and a track record of guiding large projects toward long-term goals. For a full job description see:

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning March 26, 2021. Position is open until filled. Please send resumes, cover letters, and references to with “Executive Director” in the subject line.


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 Sky's the limit with this group. Tons of cool projects to sink your teeth into and a killer board of directors to boot.
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 Marshall Mountain is one of the best trail systems.
  • 9 0
 We've got different ideas of 'best trail system'... 1,600' vert gain & 3.5 mi's of forest road to get to access a trail system with 600' of descent doesn't come close to my 'best' list.
Don't get me wrong, a few well built trails, but hardly worth the pedal in. And all you've got at the end is a 3mi coast back to your rig.
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 @JcHc513: The trails are fun but I 100% agree.
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 Great town!
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 Tried to talk the wife into it, but she said no.
I don't have the experience or people skills anyway.
We read a glowing review of the town with only one negative "...the demographics are painfully homogenous."
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 Yeah, don't move here Smile
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 @JcHc513: Not interested in raising my kids in an extremely homogenous population anyway.
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 @Explodo: I can get behind that 100%
Unfortunately, the rural western mountain town is pretty consistently oatmeal. We all make different choices based on a priority of values, but Missoula is far from "extremely homogeneous". I lived on the Front Range for 6 years. Think Ft. Collins, but a much slower pace and scale.
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 Last I heard from a relator a few weeks ago there were only 55 single family homes for sale in Missoula. Good luck if you are going to move there.
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 You wouldn't have to live "in" Missoula. This does not sound like a 9-5 job on Reserve.
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 @hardtailhowie: it's the same for almost anything within a 40-mi drive of Missoula right now, unfortunately. At the height of the chaos last summer, area realtor's were selling homes sight-unseen to out of state buyers. With the covid-frienzy and peaceful urban demonstrations, Montana started filling up like a trailhead parking lot.
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 I agree, property has blown up but having a flexible job like this and you could live in Stevensville, Lolo, Frenchtown, or even cheaper you could live in Arlee. Also, you just need one house not 55 of them. A 40 mile commute in Montana is faster then a 10 mile commute in Seattle.
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 Let me know if you need an extremely qualified Executive Ridector =P
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 beautiful university town, i will update my Resume and it
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 Great write up, glad to see local groups like this get some attention.

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