Muc-Off's New Tubeless Products - Eurobike 2019

Sep 4, 2019
by Daniel Sapp  

Last year, Muc-Off launched their tubeless sealant and valves marking their first foray into the tubeless world. Now they've expanded offering a full swathe of products ranging from a rim cleaner to tire plugs and sealant.

Glue and Sealant Remover

Muc-Off's Glue and Sealant Remover helps clean up surfaces and remove residue from tape and sealant. It also cleans off glue if you've been racing cyclocross and need to freshen up your tubulars. It's designed to be used prior to applying fresh tape to ensure good adhesion and is safe to use on most rim surfaces. It sells for €9.95 and is not available in the US currently.

Rim Tape

Muc-Off's new rim tape is their own unique design. The tape has a pressure-sensitive adhesive that stretches and adheres. The material is somewhat transparent to make locating valve holes easy. It also has patches for an imperfect tape job or for when you need to replace a spoke. The tape comes in 6 different widths to match a whole gamut of rim bed sizes from road up to plus size tires. The rim tape is available everywhere and starts at $11.99 USD (€17.95)

Tubeless Setup Kit

Everything to get ready in one kit is the idea behind Muc-Off's "Ultimate Tubeless Kit." It comes with rim tape, patches, valves, and sealant. Like the rim tape, the kits are available according to rim size. The kit sells for $59.99 USD or €45.

Plug Kit

Muc-Off's tire plug kit is robust, resembling that of a miniature size car-tire plugger/reamer. It comes with 5 large and 5 small plugs and stores in a pouch. It works with all different kinds of bike tires. Price is: $14.99 USD and €14.95.

CO2 Inflator

The sidekick to Muc-Off's plug kit, a CO2 inflator, airs riders back up. Each kit has two cartridges and a CNC-machined head. The inflator head has a soft-touch button that helps users moderate the speed at which the CO2 inflates. It's compatible with both presta and schrader valves and has a nice little neoprene sleeve to keep your sweaty fingers from sticking to a frozen CO2 canister. The MTB kit sells for $20.99 USD or €29.95.

Bottled Air Magic - BAM

The BAM or Bottled Air Magic canister is designed to seal up punctures in tires or tubes. It inserts a latex foam along with air in order to seal up punctures even when sealant isn't available. It's compatible with both types of valves, most bikes, and will seal holes up to 4mm. It's not available in the US as of yet but sells for €17.95. A utility belt for it is an extra €5.95


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 I don't why anyone would use Muc-off cleaner for washing bikes. Too me it seems like a waste of money. I just use a little dish soap in a water bucket with sponge and spray hose. Just careful not to put dish soap on rotors. water is also a great way to hit the chain with first prep cleaning.
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 I use a small amount of clothes washing machine detergent powder. Can get it all over brakes/rotors with no adverse effects.
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 I use Pantene to wash myself and my bikes.
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 Soap doesnt seem to be a huge problem for brakes as long it is rinsed off. Does not seem to have the same effect as oil/grease
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 @chyu: Dove soap has less chemicals and is gentle on my skin and bike.....mmm
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 I've used cheap dollar store dishwashing soap with a sponge and water to clean my bikes for a couple decades now. Never had an issue with the soap getting on rotors, even when I've literally wiped the braking surface with the sponge/soap to clean them off.

I understand why one could think the surfactant in the soap would cause a problem, but I've used several different soaps, on several different brake systems. Never a problem.
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 I just bring my bike in the shower and we both get clean.
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 @chyu: at the same time?
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 Just use a muc off spray bottle & the cheapest dish soap you can find. It is is good enough to get the dirt off but wont rinse grease out of your bearings. Try washing greasy hands with cheap dish soap vs good stuff, there is a difference.
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 Because I can get Muc Off all over my rotors and every part of my bike with no side effects. Ever since using this stuff I don't even need to pull out the scrubbing brush. Wet bike, apply Muc Off, leave for 5 mins then rinse off. Clean as a whistle!
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 simple green is a god send
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 I would suggest to also buy a microfibre glove for washing off the mud and then make it dry with a microfibre cloth.
(Just buy the ones for a car hand wash- cheap and do the Job)

Takes 2 mins, no scratches and the Bike looks like new every time
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 Uberbike Concentrated Bike Wash is great stuff, and dead cheap as well.
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 @acali: Someone needs to apply rule 34 to this...
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 Dish soap works just fine. Just make sure to rinse it.
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 @MikeyMT: But but but I need fancy colored disposable packaging to make me feel good. Spending money validates my choice of product, and never mind the environmental impact!
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 Muc-Off makes great sealant but it is overpriced like a lot of their stuff. That being said, their sealant is significantly better at sealing punctures and longer lasting than any others I've tried. I've got their sealant in my tires and it has been about 5 months since I initially put them in. Actually just checked it out last night. Doesn't dry up like Stan's. Kinda remained as a thick coating inside. Still very much a liquid, but more viscous. Obviously, I refilled. Great stuff, just wish it was $10 cheaper for a liter bottle.
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 They do a big 50% off sale around New Year - I got a liter of the stuff cheap. And some of the little pouches. l love Muc-Off. My Trucker Co. Milk mated with some e13 sealant and made a hard rubberized entity in my tires.
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 What's the avg temp in your garage over the warm months? My CA garage hits 80-90F every day from May to October. I've tested every other sealant on the market, and Orange Seal easily won the staying-power contest, but I have to refill every 4wks in the warm months (and every 6-8wks in Winter) to have enough sealant to stave off goats' heads & thorns. If your temps are similar, I'd be interested to hear exactly how much your sealant levels drop over the course of a month.
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 @Veloscente: Garage is hot and humid and can easily get to 90* with high humidity in the warmer months. I initially used 120ml of Muc-Off sealant. After 5 months, it has not dried, but has gotten thicker and more viscous. So the water content in the sealant has been reduced due to environmental factors. I've used Stan's and stuff similar to Stan's and they don't last longer than 2 months. I most definitely forget when I put sealant in, hence why I haven't checked in 5 months. I expected it to be a dried up mess, but to my surprise, the entire inside was still coated. Obviously, it won't be as effective as fresh, non-viscous sealant. But the fact that it remained a liquid for that long is a huge, huge win in my book.

I highly suggest the Muc-Off sealant. The initial price can be off-putting, but when you realize that you don't have to refill as often, it can actually end up saving you money.
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 the major selling point is that it weirdly smells good, unlike stans
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 @Almazing: Good to know. Our average summer humidity is in the 20-40% range, so things dry out crazy quick around here, but I'll pay a premium for sealant that will significantly extend my service interval. Have you shopped around to figure out what the best going rate is?
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 @Veloscente: Muc-Off sells for retail pretty much anywhere I've looked so I just buy from Amazon so I get fast shipping.
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flag excavator666 (Sep 5, 2019 at 4:10) (Below Threshold)
 @Almazing Muc-Off sealant is absolute rubbish!

I ended up throwing out the last part of a litre bottle because I couldn't be arsed with the hassle of having it in my tyres...

That is having it in my tyres until it failed to seal even the tiniest of holes and ended up pissing out all over the place.

It is the messiest, most useless sealant I have used yet.

I have now settled on Stan's and Uberbike.
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 @excavator666: I can gather you're angry, but the rest of your rant is incoherent: "until it failed to seal even the tiniest of holes..."
What does this mean? Did it once seal holes, and then lose the ability to do so over time? If so, how long did it actually do the job: for the 2-3 weeks Stan's typically lasts when it is warm out, or less?
I'm seriously interested in hearing the facts of your case against this product: I once bought a liter of Finishline "Fiberlink" Sealant that was so thick it would not flow even a single inch to seal a puncture, so I don't want to waste my time trying another utterly ineffective product.
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 @Veloscente: Is it the correct spelling of tyre that's throwing you off?
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 @excavator666: No, it's that your rant is so poorly written that it conveys next to zero meaningful context. The fact that you've settled on middle-of-pack Stan's when there are better options on the market shows you're only halfway to a clue as a rider, and the rest just screams "clueless writer."
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 That BAM foam+air product reminds me of Güp.
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 and the Güp reminds me of Vittoria Pit Stop.
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 Who buys anything but Stan's and gorilla tape ???
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 gorilla tape is crap as tubeless tape.. its porous and will absorb sealant overtime then unstick and then when you pull it off to re-tape you got all that sticky mess all over the rim.
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It doesn't unstick, and if you do pull it off, WD40 + a rag will get any residue off with ease.
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 stan's is the absolute worst sealant on the friggin market. it won't seal a god damn thing.
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 People who like their tubeless set ups to actually solve problems vs creating more.
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 @TylerG96: I have gorilla tape for over 3 years on one wheel and its still holding. Also no problems on any of the other 5 wheels I used it on. The sticky residue is easily removed with a rag soaked in kerosene/mineral spirit.
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 @Konyp: the cheap, coppery coloured rim tape on eBay is the best I've used yet.
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 muc-off sealant, in my experience, is terrible, don't work, it does not even close little holes and dried in few days. Stan's sealant is the best choice
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 I love muc-off
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 bought mucoff sealant, discovered that the one job it had to do, it didnt do, switched back to stans no problems
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 @Onewilddiesel Agreed, it's utter bollocks.

They shouldn't even be allowed to advertise it as sealant.
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 @excavator666: 9 months in, same Muc-off sealant. DH and Enduro races. Sh1t works for me.
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