MUST WATCH: Brandon Semenuk - Utah Overshoot

Aug 25, 2015
by Revel Co  
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bigquotesWe stumbled upon this feature while we were filming for Revel In The Chaos. It was the very last piece of the puzzle for our Utah night segment. We finished building it at midnight on the last night we had to shoot. The wind was picking up late every night, so I only got to do a few run ups before it was a 'now or never' situation to hit the feature. This was my very first attempt. The over shoot was close to 70 feet from the take off.

Brandon Semenuk

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 And her I am casing 5 ft jumps
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 I would have panicked let go of the bike and spent 6-8 weeks thinking about my poor decisions
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 wait, the plan was to land on the rock ?
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 Sorry I neg propped you by mistake. But yes. It was supposed to be a rock landing. A Rock'n'roll landing! Big Grin
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 Even 15 ft doubles don't compare to riding that out... would have so landed in hospital... not that I ever would try such a thing...
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 pretty cool how he adjusted the bike last minute to avoid touching the rock with the back end
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 @transition-racer Yes that would have been absolutely disaster!... Such a champions luck/skills...
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 The wheels are probably toast, but I can't believe that he was able to ride that out. I guess that is why he is a god in MTB.
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 yup he moved the bike several times when on air, now that's what I call bike control. and yes here I am scared of a little double.
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flag shuwukong (Aug 25, 2015 at 8:11) (Below Threshold)
 Homo Semenuk
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 Clinched butt-cheecks =-O
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 rode it out like a boss, I'm betting his wrists/ankles are still stinging a little though- that was brutal
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 #gastoflat winner
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 When in doubt, huck it out
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 Shuwukong meant he's a new species I think. Not a fellow a homo sapiens, but something entirely different. The next descendant of my old friends australopithacus afarensis and sahelanthropus tchaedensis.
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 @loamydog Man you're a hero... btw zink really lives in the next house?
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 I guess the build crew at Rampage is gonna have a loooot of beer&taco time with Semenuk not needing landings any more.
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 If that was me, I'd be like Mr. Potato head picking up all my pieces.
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 when in doubt, ride er out
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 Thinking fast for sure...and the right decision. Woulda been ugly if he cased the end of the slab!
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 That is what you call a proper "Gas to Flat"!
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 Wow, he must be pretty fit to hang on to that. I would have hit my head on the bars, slipped the pedals, and broken my wrists and ankles haha.
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 I have a feeling that people will be coming to get blessed by this man, cause he is like Jesus on two wheels.
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 can see him dogfighting with Gwin over "Jesus of MTB" title
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 Maybe Semenuk is this "god" guy Gwin talks about...
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 this is deep!
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 Sure, Gwin was blessed this season. After watching that I'm thinking Semenuk has spent a bit of time down at the Crossroads making a deal
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 Clearly it was a Holy Huck [situation].
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 @Konakonakona-Chameleon best pinkbike comment in my opinion
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 I will second that, still smiling as I write this. Thankyou Konakonakona-Chameleon, I just wish I wrote it.
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 Aww c'mon man, this guy is using my line again!
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 You can tell he's riding in thinking 'no matter what don't come up short!' Big Grin

That said slightest rear wheel case on that rock and he would have been absolutely destroyed.

Monster of a line
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 The ultimate Stoppie Sunday for Bernard Kerr right there.
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 Was that rock feature in NWD 10? It looks weirdly familiar
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 the famous rock that Berrecloth manuals ? I love that segment !!!
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 Holy shit, good eye! Yeah that's the same one!
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 If your name starts with Semen, you're must have big balls!
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 I read that quote under the video and just imagine the next thing out of his mouth being, "eh, no biggie."

Also, I'm sure somewhere in the world, Josh Bender just shrugged and said "Amateur"
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 talk about the bike being an extension of himself... that statement really rings true here. I talked to Brandon about this part of the segment - he was very humble. "I got lucky". PSH....
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 Like Clark Griswold. "Dad you must of jumped this thing 50 yards! Thats nothing to be proud of son...... 50 yards......"
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 How did he manage to pull the bike up that far without the rear tyre ripping him a new ass?
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 Just watched the movie last night! Definitely worth the $4.99, it was pretty awesome.
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 DO THEY SHOW HIS BIKE!? you can hear that thing crunch
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 I hate these itunes, amazon or vimeo on demand videos. f*ck that. I want a "old school" disc! Even VHS is better than this slave system!!!
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 I get what you mean, but from Vimeo on Demand you can download it, and burn it to disc. Also, this way there's more money to the makers.
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 Did you f.cking noticed he did it by night ??!
Think about what you see as a rider with that kind of speed, blind landing and artificial lights in your eyes ?!
Brandon, hats off !
Oh and please Mr Semenuk, get in a hurry we have only 10 minutes left to shoot that shit Wink
U-N-H-U-M-A-N !
Control !
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 Where he was supposed to land, on this huge rock?
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 go get the movie on itunes.... worth every penny.... u get to see him doing this jump in every brandon possible way
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 It would be a stretch, and i say this while armchair qb'ing laid up with a sprained ankle from coming casing on a blind 60'er but i believe that the absolute sickest way to have handled that would've been to extend and manual across the rock. Higher conciquece and likelyhood of fucking up, sure but doable, i'd like to think so. Awesome feature and great conposure seeing it through.
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 That segment in the movie was insane but seeing this kicks it up to level 10 gnarly, this kid always amazes me.
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 The first gen Session would have snapped in three places. What puzzles Me is the fact that the BoXXer didn't soot an oil streak into his face. Dude's indestructible... /;;/
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 Are u for real?
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 Fecking awesome to ride it out in style but I dare say his shocks are a little stiffer than the average rider to get away with that!
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 freaking last thing I would want to do is come up short on that but then again I would never have the ballz to try that in the first place lol
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 Even if he had landed where he wanted to this would have been godly.
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 watch the movie Wink
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 Hucking like a Boss!!!!
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 Imagine nose bonking the rock...
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 Or super extended manualing it!
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 i still canĀ“t download it on the austrian ITunes :-(
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 Ankles made of steel
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 Hail Semenuk, those about to ride salute you!
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 This was insane! Brandon is a machine. Glad to see he stayed on the bike and rode it out
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 he did well to hang onto it, i felt sorry for his bike.
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 it was all so big it made him look like a figurine on a toy bike
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 When you think he wanted to land on this rock ..... WTFFFF just HOW ?
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 is that his house and "play area" at the end???
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 It is indeed
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 fair bloody play to him
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 damn lucky and skilled
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 would love to see him ride away the undershoot! Seriously great rider.
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 Thats insane!
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 And I thought I was doing something jumping 15 - 20' gaps.
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 Now on Beta Max,,,Rock Star official...
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 And he still rides it out like a boss. Way to stay the course.
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 That is completely insane. Bike skills down to his toenails.
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 Wow how he controlled the situation?
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 holy balls
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 Crazy jump
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 Holly shoot...
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 God dam !!!!
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 Grace under pressure.
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 Holy fuckin hell!!!!
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 ultimate huck to flat
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 What if the front wheel only barely made it over the rock and and he clipped the back wheel? Would have been interesting. Sort of a bmx on steroids move.
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 You can tell he realized that was a possibility. Watch it again: near the end of the jump, when he knows he's going to overshoot, he commits to clearing it, going back into a tuck and pulling the bike up in order to let the back tire clear. Cool, calm, and collected.
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 Yeah, proofs that he is more in the air then on the ground with his bikes. Pure control.
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 hopefully he didn't ride a Demo, he would have crashed ... ^^
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 why do you think Bearclaw and Soderstrom not doing well and Nicholi is on hardtail. Must be the demo axle path.

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