Must Watch: Brandon Semenuk's 'The Yard' Segment from Revel in the Chaos

Mar 24, 2020
by Brian Park  

It’s coming up on 5 years since the release of Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker's Revel In The Chaos, and they just uploaded The Yard segment for free. Still absolutely mind-blowing.

If you missed it the first time around, it legitimately changed the game and is well worth the money. Available on iTunes and Amazon probably a bunch of other places.


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 Absolutely glorious video we all needed! Thank you! That video was as smooth as a fat kid dipped in butter on a slip and slide
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 Amen to that brother!!!
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 Please don't leave us Semenuk ! Keep showing us what art looks like on a mountain bike !
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 Semenuk is, and will always be the King
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 I see Brandon, I click
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 maaaaan it feels like yesterday when this dropped i remember watching it with my friends at our airbnb at whistler for crankworx :'( brandon brought combo tricks to slopestyle he pioneered so much. It's crazy how high the level of riding is right now (looking at you Emil) and I'll always miss when Brandon was top dog. But he'll always be the f*cking don to me, he's the king.
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 same. Number one dude... He's Van Gogh ridding a bike
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 Agreed. As with all sports, new talent will eventually surpass the pioneers in amplitude, combinations, and technicality; but the GOATs will always be the ones who proved it was possible, paved the way, and showed the importance of style in extremes. Brandon will always be king.
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 I always tail whip over road gaps. Whats the big deal?
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 Ay bruh don't be sleeping on that nollie!
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 My 8 year old boy just walked up and said "Is that Brandon Semenuk?" half way through his back yard segment. Amazing how such a young person in the sport can so easily pick Semenuk out. Legend.
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 There is nobody better than Brandon. Dont even try.
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 I dont know... my fireroad manuals have become pretty decent!
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 Self-Isolating at its best....!!!
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 It seems like there a lot of riders out there now with deep bags of technical tricks but they often don't look good doing them in my opinion. Brandon is an artists. His flow, style and timing put him in a league of his own.
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 I love how the intensity of the riding picks up with the music. Even the calm stuff at the beginning is mind-blowing, but by the end of this segment my heart is always pounding and I'm pumped up every time I watch it.
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 Also I love the bonus segment after this where he just stomps multiple world-first tricks and throws the gauntlet down for the slopestyle world. Just a little flexer at the end.
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 @thepwnstar39: Stamping his authority!
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 I love this segment because there's lots of full speed footage, slow-mo is often over used, here it's just right. Things like the tail whip out of the berm/sharkfin over the road, look so much more impressive at full speed. The music really works too. Such a good segment!!
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 Still get goose bumps from this. Could easily watch it another hundred times.
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 Any videos (full length) you'd suggest for those long, boring days?
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 The Expanse on amazon prime. All seasons.
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 Return to earth
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This simple plan should get you through the next few weeks, and hold up the Pink Bike community spirit at the same time.

1. Watch Red Bull TV.
2. Discover sports that you never knew existed, nor even needed to exist.
3. Decide that said sports are awesome.
4. Become expert/armchair critic in said sports in approximately 1 hour.

5. Take to the internet to voice your new-found (and absolutely correct) opinions on said sports and bluntly inform everyone else why their opinions are wrong.

"Pick a sport and be a d**k about it."

In all seriousness, there is a serious amount of good content on there to get through.

Now if you'll excuse me, i have to go argue with people about arbitrary aspects of Red Bull Freestyle Super Ice Lacrosse Championship League Cup (the natural evolution of ice cross, if you didn't know)
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 @DidNotSendIt: Man, I've already become an expert in all those sports and every one is friendly while discussing them. That's why I'm here to argue with pinkbikers about this sport!
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 @DidNotSendIt: I couldn't find that, could you post a link?
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 @DidNotSendIt: HAHA, so true.

I was at a lacrosse game pre-end of days, and overherd the dude behind me:

1st half: "I've never been to a lacrosse game before so I don't really know the rules"
2nd half: "Boo ref - what kind of a call is that? How could you get it so wrong?"
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 I could ride like that to if I had that in my backyard and went into self isolation
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 Well, what can I say that we don't already know. Semenuk will be spoken about for many years to come. Killer tune too, thanks.
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 The band is called Acid Dad in case you wanted to give them a listen.
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 @brycerivers2002: thanks mate, I will do just that.
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 As good as it’ll ever get.
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 Nice yard,
So good to see a man doing the tricks he wants to do.
Comps are seriously pushing the envelope, but I'm guessing he has more fun riding (t)his course.
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 The guy can ride anything. Just mind boggling what he does on a bike.
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 thos kid can ride bicycle, will give a follow
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 I'm notorious for skipping thru vids. I just watched entirely, twice, b2b. lets go a third... What a steeez master
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 Best 5 minutes of the week so far
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 I think it would be nifty to take a body part off my bike someday. On purpose.
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 just amazing!
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 that tune didnt get old
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 Not to be, "that front brake guy"; but, "that front brake guy". C'mon he's literally the best rider in the world.
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 Still DAF!
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 R u Serious
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