Must Watch: Braydon Bringhurst Finds Creative Lines Up & Down Hill in 'Wonder'

Nov 1, 2021
by RockShox  

Every so often you come across a rider whose style and fluidity on a bike leaves you wondering how they do it. How can someone defy gravity, manifest a physics equation into real life, and navigate the most technical descent – uphill – effortlessly and with the utmost humility? Braydon Bringhurst is one of those riders who leaves us wondering.

Bikes entered Braydon’s life at 7 years old. A Rockhopper specced with 100mm of RockShox squish was the impetus behind a lifelong passion that Braydon would eventually embark on through many twists and turns.

Like many kids his age, BMX bikes introduced Braydon to the world of racing. At 11 years old, he met Mitch Ropelato, who shared a curiosity and propensity for finding gaps and fun lines on the track. Their dads hit it off and together they traveled around Utah to the local races.

“We just loved riding, but we didn’t care about winning. We were the first and last on the track. It was way more about the technical side of riding, jumping doubles, and landing in manuals. We were three years apart, so we never raced against each other. We just enjoyed riding together.”

bigquotesWe just loved riding, but we didn’t care about winning. We were the first and last on the track. It was way more about the technical side of riding, jumping doubles, and landing in manuals. Braydon Bringhurst

When Braydon moved to Boise, Idaho, BMX racing became more serious. At 14 years old, Braydon won the first of many National Titles, continuing to travel the country as a sponsored rider for the next four years. During the winters, Braydon transferred his instincts on the BMX bike to the slopes.

“I became a full-blown park rat. I loved the jumps, the spins, the style.” Braydon pursued his passion for freeskiing and eventually became a USASA National Freeski Champion in 2006 and went on to coach at the Olympic Training Center with young kids. In the shoulder seasons, Braydon competed in track and field, specializing in pole vaulting which would later become the ticket to his education at BYU (Brigham Young University).

From the outside looking in, there wasn’t much that Braydon couldn’t do when he set his mind to it. The trifecta of his athleticism – the style, fluidity, and air awareness from skiing; the skills and speed from BMX racing; and the strength and mental focus from pole vaulting – would later set the foundation for Braydon to unearth an unwavering passion and unique approach to mountain biking.

But like most young adults, the question of what you’re going do with your life led Braydon to hang up his bike for a couple of years. School had never been a focus and attending university felt daunting. At 18 years old, he set out on a two-year mission with his church and returned with the realization that he is happiest when helping others. Braydon began coaching an up-and-coming pole vaulter and through the process learned that his own strengths only intensified during the time he spent away. Braydon’s newly achieved 17-foot vault caught the attention of several schools and attending university at BYU became a reality.

“It just felt like that's the spot I needed to be, but I remember walking around campus thinking I was going to fail. I got tutors and learned how to learn, how to study and excel academically, so I could make it through.” It was here that Braydon crossed paths with Craig Manning, a renowned sports psychologist and author of “The Fearless Mind”. Manning taught Braydon how to compartmentalize, harness his strengths, and unlock the process of setting goals and achieving them. Their brief stint of working together forever changed the way that Braydon approached life.

“I learned that in order to do your best work, you have to love what you do – there’s something about setting a goal, honing in on all of the fine details, and the tenacity to go after them. I started to love the feeling of the process and with vaulting, it was very much focused on you and your own performance. No one else.”

bigquotesI learned that in order to do your best work, you have to love what you do – there’s something about setting a goal, honing in on all of the fine details, and the tenacity to go after them. Braydon Bringhurst

After graduating as an All-American in Track & Field and with a degree in film from BYU in 2016, Braydon picked up his first modern trail bike and immediately texted Mitch to go and ride. Climbing and descending on the homegrown trails of Corner Canyon in Draper, Utah, Braydon found the spark that would light the flame of his mountain bike career.

“Mountain biking felt unreal! Coming from slopestyle skiing, I could get the stoke on the descent and have the mental payoff from the climbs. Mitch taught me so much and to this day, I still run the same set-up he prescribed for brake levers, suspension, and tire pressure.”

Just like reaching the pinnacle of his disciplines in BMX, freestyle skiing, collegiate track and field, running a marathon, and eventually pursuing his MBA (one of his proudest accomplishments to date alongside his family), Braydon applied the same mindset to mountain biking.

What started as a short film in Moab, would later define his riding style – one that flips the perspective of riding a technical descent upside down, finding the flow uphill – smoothly and effortlessly. Bikerbrayd emerged in the social media sphere with a distinct persona that stood out from the constant stream of shreddit content.

“It’s a true expression of how I view mountain biking. I want to take my love for style and fluidity and portray that in the way I ride. Every time I go out and ride, I am once again reminded that I can set a goal and put in the work to achieve it.”

Behind the scenes, Braydon started the Boise Mountain Bike Festival to bring riders together in the community. The role that Braydon has played in community building through bikes has influenced how he produces his own content. “Social media is all too often used to convey an image and lifestyle. Instead, I want to share the message and feeling that you get from being out on your bike in the most authentic way."

bigquotesIt’s a true expression of how I view mountain biking. I want to take my love for style and fluidity and portray that in the way I ride. Braydon Bringhurst

1. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

While the path that Braydon took to mountain biking today is anything but linear, it’s no wonder that what he is capable of is an amalgamation of his experiences, mindset, and belief in what is possible when you set out to achieve it.

“If I could imagine a ride that I would have the most fun on, it's going to have a super long, sustained, technical climb. In return, it offers a radical descent with a beautiful view. The massive payoff of terrain and beauty is what I try and showcase in WONDER.”

bigquotesYou only have so much brainpower and messing with suspension on the ride takes from that. Flight attendant allows me to maximize my efficiency on the climb and guarantee my bike will be dialed for the gnarliest descent. Braydon Bringhurst

Grafton Mesa DH in Hurricane, Utah has its own reputation as a highly technical, consequential descent. After riding the loop in January with fellow SRAM and RockShox Ambassador, Nate Hills, Braydon wanted to approach the trail from a different perspective where he finds the dichotomy and beauty that lies within the climb and the descent. The trail may be short in length, but for Braydon, it’s not about the miles. It’s about the challenge that lies in every feature and piecing it all together.

“When I am absolutely pushing my physical limits, there is so much to focus on – where to put power down, when to execute a move, and the bigger goal of climbing the whole trail from bottom to top. You only have so much brainpower and messing with suspension on the ride takes from that. Flight Attendant allows me to maximize my efficiency on the climb and guarantee my bike will be dialed for the gnarliest descent.”

Braydon exemplifies that the needle only moves when you step outside your comfort zone. “This is a light into the future of what mountain bikes are progressing to. Every time something new comes out, it's always polarizing how expensive it is. But it always trickles down and that technology eventually progresses mountain biking for everyone.”

The craft doesn’t stop with mountain biking. Braydon’s narrative comes through his videos that are self-directed and self-edited. “I get to create what’s originally in my mind from concept to the final product.”

But… you won’t see Braydon’s name in the credits.

“That’s how I want it. I just want people to go out and enjoy mountain biking more than I enjoy it. I get so much personal satisfaction every time I go ride – to climb that mountain, enjoy the descent, and be reminded that you can do hard things and there are good times after. It allows you to show up as the best version of yourself in all other aspects of your life. It’s an amazing metaphor for life – the daily ride.”

Wonder is just the precursor to an even loftier goal that Braydon has been chipping away at for the past year. For now, we’ll just leave you wondering what that will be.

bigquotesIt allows you to show up as the best version of yourself in all other aspects of your life. It’s an amazing metaphor for life – the daily ride. Braydon Bringhurst

Braydon Bringhurst's Daily Ride

Frame: Canyon Spectral CF 29 (Size)
Fork: RockShox Lyrik Ultimate Flight Attendant 160mm/44mm off-set
Rear Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate Flight Attendant 230x60mm
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb AXS 170mm
Crankset: SRAM X01 Eagle DUB Flight Attendant 170mm 32T
Cassette: SRAM X01 Eagle
Derailleur: SRAM X01 Eagle AXS
Shifter: SRAM Eagle AXS Controller
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC 200 F/180 R
Handlebars: Deity Brendog 760mm
Stem: Deity Copperhead 35mm
Grips: Sensus Lites
Wheels: ZIPP 3ZERO MOTO 29"
Tires: Maxxis DHF 2.4
Pedals: Time SPECIALE 12

Behind The Set-Up

"I am definitely a fan of riding up and down, so I want a bike that is balanced. Ideally, I want my bike to be enjoyable on the climb but still confidence-inspiring to get rowdy on the descents. I ride 29-inch wheels for the confidence they bring. My last bike was a 27.5 and it was super fun but at any sort of speed, it got twitchy. I do love tricks and jibbing so I have had to work a little extra hard to get that figured out on the bigger wheels. But overall, I prefer the bigger wheels on my trail rides.

I like the Lyrik because it's burly yet still has flex. Coming from a pole vaulting background where my equipment's flex is essential, I really do understand the significance of my bike flexing. The frame, wheels, suspension (stanchions and psi), tires (psi), cranks, and bars... it all works together and if one is too flexy or too stiff, it seems to throw off my ideal setup."

Air Pressure: 85 psi
Sag: 25%
Tokens: 4
LSC: 3 clicks from open
HSC: 3 clicks from open
Rebound: 6 clicks from open

Rear Shock
Air Pressure: 210 psi
Sag: 25-30%
LSC: 3 clicks from open
Rebound: 4 clicks from open

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Words by Sarah Rawley. Photos by Anthony Smith. Cinematography by Tory Powers. Film by Burst Media Creative.


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 Must watch!!? Cheers PB. Would’ve never thought. Haha And cheers for the all the stoke everyone.
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 While I certainly couldn't keep up, it's nice to see I'm not the only weirdo that enjoys the challenge of a super tech climb.
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 See Braydon post, drop everything and watch. Stunning as always, this man defies the laws of physics.
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 Haha much appreciated. Fortunate to be riding these bikes. Happy shredding
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 We need a Brayton/Ropelato collaboration. Even better would be for them to be on the same equipment and riding together a lot. Make it happen Sram!!

BTW they are two of the best riders to watch. Unbelievable style that makes just about anyone want to grab their bike and go ride.
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 Add Cody Kelly to that.- Yeah boi..!!!
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 Maybe some JKW just for some extra sauce.
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 This dude has changed the way I look at trails – like mine are really easy and I just suck.
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 Dear lord. Did you really just climb all of Grafton DH?! Insane riding as usual.
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 Right?! It's hard to comprehend, also the send where gapped that tricky little roller. The thing people on here who haven't ridden it have to understand is how tight the lines are both to go as fast he does, and also how precise that send had to be. No room, I'm talking inches, for error.
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 Braydon's videos are really great at preventing from thinking I am good at mountain biking. Excellent content.
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 I appreciate the praise but that’s not the goal. It just doesn’t matter. Skill. No skill. Who really cares. Just go ride, have fun, and ride again the next day. Happy shredding. Cheers!
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 Wow! I wish the climbing sections has been longer! Be safe be well, Incognito Robin
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 It's so awesome that he can make a climbing edit that makes me really, really want to go for a ride right now. Very few riders can pull that off. He makes some of that stuff look way too easy! Crazy impressive
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 Cahro’s crank flip tips are really paying off in this video...
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 Awesome power. The only other one coming to my mind is Chris Akrigg.
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So true!! I told Braydon last nite! \m/
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 @yoobee: akrigg is a beast. braydon and chris should do an edit together
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 Thank you!
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 Someday I hope Braydon can connect with Chris Akrigg for a video. They have such similar enthusiasm for riding bonkers stuff and having fun doing it. I don't think they share any sponsors currently, but maybe someday!
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 So that wasn't a e-bike on the climb? Looks like he enters beast mode right at the trailhead.
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 I had to look closely as that was my thought as well.
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 wow, great morning. Followed these steps:

1) Launch Brandon's edit on YouTube and set the Quality to 4K, pause it!
2) Make a fresh cup of coffee
3) Kill all other apps and notifications
4) Make player full screen
5) Tap Play and get psyched!
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 You guys probably missed at about 20 seconds, he extends his dropper post mid backflip. You know your flip game is good when you're thinking about other stuff mid flip.
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 Good catch. Missed that, but I noticed he had his left foot forward (his normal leading foot is right) while casually doing a sui no hander and a 360 near the end. I can barely ride down a dirt road safely with my leading/trailing feet flipped.
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 Haha cheers man. Shred on!
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 @KatzT: hey cheers man. Such a small detail... stoked you noticed that. Happy shredding
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 Always so stoked to see anything from Braydon! Tried a bunch of Porcupine Rim in reverse after hearing he did it and was humbled, such a talented guy!
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 That sounds brutal - wow! Nice effort.
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 Absolutely incredible riding, edit, feel, colour grading, music...
Climbing is where the sport came from and challenging yourself to get up the next pitch, that was on another level.
The descending and tricks were so good but that climbing, about as good an advert for a bike/suspension that you could put out there, just makes me want to click the buy button, then I realise that I am still rubbish at climbing!
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 Good lord, he might have climbed Grafton faster than I descend it.
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 Totally worth the "Must Watch" Braydon! All of his stuff is though.
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 Where are the Flight Attendant settings? "RockShox Flight Attendant" are the first words in the video title, but the only suspension settings listed are the ones that are on every normal suspension.
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 New Rockshox Lyrik ? Any information available regarding that new fork ?

Looks like it's a mini ZEB.
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 Flight Attendant specific. Would be bonkers / a shame if they don't push that across to the none Flight attendant Lyrik for 2022 though....
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 @thomas4th: That is a strange one! I guess they're about to release the updated regular Lyrik soon.
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 You might say it's a real uphill battle to make a climbing edit that's this exciting!.... Sorry that was a super lame joke. Anyways, well done Braydon and filmers!
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 Just want to add.... I truly appreciate the editing and cinematographic skills of Braydon and his team (which get overshadowed by his incredible riding). Between the title, sequence, and music that fits the theme, feels more like watching a short film instead of another shreddits. Well done Braydon, you really should be proud of your MBA. Looking forward to another mind-blowing edit featuring the "loftier goal". P.S. those gaps at the opening scene...I could be talked into trying the first one after a few shots of vodka but the second one? Holy sheet.....
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 spinning high cadence core strength and stability power moves on gnar
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 Crazy video, as any other of his edits.-

Over at Braydon’s as we speak to go ride. Stoke levels at 200%. Proper good vibes here in Boise!!
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 Upduro! Great riding. Very fun to watch.
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 Lets go Braydon!
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 Where is that? What time?
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 @noakeabean: 2nd last photo
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 Damn that was a piece of art!
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 This is why I love e bikes. It's fun to go up and down. Look how easy he is going up those steep hill . I don't even know how we could live without them.
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 respect for Braydon and the stoke of Wonder!
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 Braydon is the truest mountain biker in the game. Always a must watch!
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 His videos are my favorite. Nothing makes me want to ride more than a Braydon vid.
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 on the climbing segment, I kept must be a ebike......crazy power and endurance on teechnical climb...well done lad
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 Great vid, even better write up.
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 Sick Edit!!
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 Killer uphill who needs a motor! Me if i wana ride with you
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 Jeebuz XC riding has come on a bit over the last few years! Great edit nicely done!
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 Woah, you can ride non-ebikes uphill?!?
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 Wonder...ful riding!!! My Lyrik rules too; but I dropped a coil in it: set and forget: Voila'!
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 Favorite rider

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