Must Watch: Jordie Lunn's Rampage Memorial Tribute

Oct 27, 2019
by Freeride Entertainment  

We put together this edit for our fallen brother. We would like to thank the incredible people that supported his career. Jordie's spirit will live on in mountain biking like no other.

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this video possible:

Calvin Huth
Anthill Films
Jamie Houssein
Clay Porter
Jorli Ricker
Andrew Young
Cam McCaul
Rupert Walker


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 Brendog doing mid-run push ups on The Rock was an incredible mark of respect.
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 Best part of the whole event. I'm fairly certain 90% of the spectators are waking up with sore pectorals today, haha. So many 30 set push ups went down. It still doesn't seem real though.
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 @scott-townes: absolutely correct. Did mine after Brendog's tribute and feeling it today. RIP Jordie!
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 Anybody know where I can find a replay of that run, or know what time it happens in the full replay? Watched the full thing, and skimmed it again and can't seem to find it.
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 @maxyedor: second to the last run. right before seminuks 2nd run.
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This is the replay :

Go to 5:09:00 - redbull must have clipped the bit when they had problems with broadcasting so the times went a bit off from one of the pinned comments with stamps
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 Who the f*ck downvoted this comment?
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 @scott-townes: did my 30 when I saw Aggy did his
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 @cragus-t: probably that accidental's happened to all of us. Probably a scared kid who doesn't want to admit it. Atleast, I hope for humanity--that's what happened.
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 Jordie Lunn is a legend. The man had the heart of a lion and the demeanour of a kitten. The gnarliest and nicest combo of a dude you could ever hope to meet. I've never met any pro who was better with connecting and interacting with the kids. This is a devastating blow to his family, friends, fans and the mtb world. Jordie's brothers and close friends were grieving but also worried that the Rampage riders heads were going to be too affected to be able to ride safely and they wanted to come to Rampage to be with the riders and help give them emotional support and a bit of closure. In a class act Red Bull flew them all down here to be with the freeride mtb family. While the official Celebration of Life is in Victoria, BC there was a gathering on the top of the Gooseberry Mesa overlooking the Rampage sites and Jordie's brothers and Darren Berrecloth spoke some words before everyone there did pushups on a rock at the top of the Flying Monkey/Kong trail and threw a rock left handed, as Jordie always did. Rampage riders and friends of Jordie riding this trail from now forth will always stop and do the same in honour of our fallen friend. Rampage riders who were seen dropping and doing 30 pushups at the event were doing this in memory of Jordie. We love you Jordie Lunn!! RIP brother.
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 Guys, I deleted a bunch of angry comments directed at Red Bull. The video got caught by the YouTube copyright algorithm, and Red Bull immediately opened it up. Sorry for having to delete comments, I just want to keep the vibe in here positive and focused on how rad JORDIE was.
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 sorry i was angry ! sorry
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 It is absolutely incredible... this show was never called Vegan Rampage, Marzocchi Rampage, 26forlife Rampage or Me2Rampage. It has always been called Red Bull Rampage, Red Bull is as big part of mountain biking as Jordie, Bearclaw, Brendog and every freaking hero out there. Throwing crap at Red Bull is not like biting the hand that feeds you, it's denying your existence, it's like saying that travelling back in time and killing your own father would make world a better place. Please don't make sensible people think that actually you may be right and if you are that short sighted it would be better if you never lived or at least dropped dead tomorrow, because in a way, it makes some people feel like that, at least me, and it's not a good place to be wishing someone gone. Red Bull deserves all the respect for being a fundamental developer of this sport as well as many other. Something that cannot be said about other Energy Drinks companies. Thanks Red Bull for doing what you are doing, we all owe you!
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 @WAKIdesigns: poor poor RB

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 "Live more like Jordie". Never has there been more truth in words. Thank you for your time with us Jordie. We are all better for it. Rest easy. #LongLiveJordie #livelikeJordie #roughafforever
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 Guys slamming redbull. There's every chance it's an automatic filter and we're just waiting for someone there to unblock it. Flame them if it was on purpose. But give em a chance to fix it first
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 Guaranteed it was programmatic and not a decision on RB's part. I know we're in an outrage cycle, but for what it's worth, Red Bull has been incredibly supportive of Jordie's family since their tragic loss, and the tributes at Rampage were truly honourable.
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 Chills. Choked up. Jordie sounds like he was an amazing human. #longlivejordie
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 As has been mentioned above, the block is almost certainly an automated content filter on Youtube's side (the hash of some frames in the tribute video match the hash of some frames Youtube knows belong to Red Bull, so they block by default. The algorithm doesn't have any context around Jordie).

Red Bull aren't saints by any means, but once a human at Red Bull hears about it they will almost certainly unblock it.
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 Never met Jordie, but still want to live for him!
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 Absolutely never to be forgotten. Your name will be synonymous with Canadian freeride indefinitely. We miss you brother.
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 He was a lot like Kelly McGarry in my mind. A rad dude always ready to throw down. But maybe more importantly a nice guy that always had time for the riders and fans in the sport. It’s been both cool and sad seeing how many people that guy affected. RIP Jordie.
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 Ride in Peace .... .
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 Well said hombre ;-)
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 Gone way, way, way too soon...
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 I would have liked this 10 times if I could..RIP Jordie..
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 Can anyone explain to me what it is about those 30 push-ups?
Ride in peace Jordie
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 His belief was, which is legit in my understanding of human physiology. If you are sitting still you should be doing something to get stronger. Being stronger makes taking damage from practicing that much easier. The gun show on Jordie was proof he did a lot of pushups.
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 @sprtatrailguy: thanks man... That is my beliefs as well. Just thought there was something else to it as well
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 love it.. for my 50th birthday I made myself a goal of making sure I could do 50.. haha.. lets see if I can do that at 60..

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 Busted out an (MTB)opposite truck driver, out of no-where-(last one was over 2 years ago, at the skatepark last sat, I was so pumped I jumped off and did 30 for Jordie. Some skater kid asked me what I was doing, and I replied, "Livin' life like Jordie Lunn, just like you "should do"! I said "If you don't know him, look him up, you'll be a better person...", and as I was leaving that kid came over and said he was sorry for his passing, and that he seemed like a "really rad dude", that actually brought tears to my eyes. This skater kid 'got' Jordie from a quick peek at the internet. #roughAFforever!!!
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 An absolute master of shred, such a rad tribute to to an incredible dude. Ride in Peace! I noticed he has a hoodie that says no bad days i got that tattoo'd on my knee 5 days ago.
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 that's a good saying man. a dear friend who I lost to cancer last year, listening to me crab about being hurt or hungover or whatever, replied "every day you wake up is a good day" and damned if we don't get that thru our thick skulls.
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 no bad days is the alias/motto of Calvin Huth, a filmmaker who worked a lot with Jordie. He was also the one who filmed rough af 3.
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 @Upduro: Thanks for the info dude, awesome!
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 regret is stronger than gratitude, that's why dead people still receive flowers
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 So glad some of his best competitors were able to gather in the desert, really something special to see all these dudes still send it-in his honor. Will never forget Jordie thats for sure, one of a kind of goodness. Thanks for putting this lil piece together.
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 I wish I had met the lad. Thanks for releasing the copyrighted content, Red Bull. It was the right thing to do.
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 I will do Jordie pushups everyday until my body could do them. RoughAF 4ever 3
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 Beautiful. Like swallowing frozen gravel but still beautiful. Rest easy mate.
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 He left some huge footprints. It was really cool to see all of the different ways people paid tribute to him during the week of Rampage.
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 What a Top guy! Class rider and such a huge personality...RIP dude
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 I did 30 at rampage. Nothing but respect for this person.
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 @1:45 simply awesome
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 Amazing person.
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 R.i.p. Jordie :-(
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 kind video, kind man!
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