Must Watch: Insane Kamloops One Shot with Reece Wallace

Jun 17, 2021
by Chromag Bikes  

Chromag Family member Reece Wallace films a one shot with FPV drone pilot Calvin Huth at the controls.

bigquotesThis was a fun shoot, but surprisingly difficult. After waiting around a few days for the wind, Calvin put the drone in the air and we went to work. When Calvin nailed the shot, I blew it. Then when I nailed it, he crashed the drone. It was like this for about 40 tries, but we finally got the shot in the last morning light - Reece

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Video by Calvin Huth
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 winning world championships and throwing down style in Kamloops. The man does it all!
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flag Morever (Jun 17, 2021 at 9:07) (Below Threshold)
 Different Reece
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 @Morever: You must be new here.
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 Theres a Mark Wallace and a Reece Wilson, though....
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 Getting older than Randy arguing with Dick Pound about mullets
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 @bikeparkmemes: he’s doing the double entendres
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 There’s always two of every name in mtb at any given time: Reece’s, Cam’s, Brendan’s, and actually two Matt walkers FFS lol. In other words, let’s get more creative, parents of pro mtbers!! Wink
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 @SterlingArcher: Be happy, in a few years it will be Aiden, Jayden, Ryder, Cayden, Jaxxxon, and Rælynn
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 @arrowheadrush: u forgot XJ12@!%£
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 @Molesdigmyjumps: Dick Pound
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 @arrowheadrush: Don't forget Maddox, Xavier and Avery
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 @arrowheadrush: Don't forget the twins Brexxon and Jexxon.
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 My favourite bit was where he did a jump.
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 I don't wanna say it, but I also really wanna say it
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 this guy
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 "Must watch" is a bit of a stretch. Cool and all but the title is pushing it.
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 "Watch if you have a minute spare", "Worth a watch", "Not a big deal if you don't watch, but have a watch".
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 @terribleone1982: Reverse psychology...DON'T WATCH!
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 If you've ever seen this line in person, seeing him trick all those jumps and clean everything smoothly is really impressive. Rad video.
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 agree, great ride, but a pretty standard line at KBR..
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 @MikeyMT: "Mustn't watch!!!" Lol
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 @terribleone1982: "It'd be rude if you didn't watch"
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 @colemanb: Looks amazing, until the local grom comes down and cleans it all as well.
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 What video game is this? The graphics are soooooo good!
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 Am I the only one who initially thought he clipped the drone near the end, sending it into the spiraling trajectory towards outer space?
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 Thought the music worked well with up and down air-time of Reece's incredibly smooth run. Awesome drone work made it feel like I was watching a videogame replay. Viewing 4 times in a row is a great way to end the work day!
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 What a drone pilot
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 I found myself distracted during the video, just wanting to see his paint job!
Kinda reminded me of an old school Klein Attitude 1990/91 Team USA.

Sick video too Smile
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 as much as most people hate the drone footy, i quite like it
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 I’m as impressed with whoever the crew was who dug out and built that zone as I am with the amazing riding
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 City tax-payer dollars at work.
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 @bikerbarrett: Interesting. I wonder the rationale behind a publicly-funded pro line.
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 @lastminutetech: I lived in kamloops for 20 years. Rose hill used to be the place to ride on that side of town. Problem was that a lot of trails cut through private property and its also an affluent neighborhood. Park got approved without too much drama if I recall correctly.
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 @lastminutetech: because then you get pro riders like Aggy growing up and staying in your town.
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 @DKlassen8: Nice well it’s definitely well-built. Normally when public money is used for sports and recreation spaces it’s designed to accommodate a wide range of users so I was interested to hear the rationale behind building a space for solely for elite level riders
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 @lastminutetech: Whats in the video is really the only pro-line there. Check out trail forks, the Ranch is mostly blues and greens. There is a pumptrack at the top and a number of jumplines near the exit to accomodate most skill levels. The runs are short but the whole thing is super easy to shuttle. Worth a check out for sure if your in the loops.
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 @DKlassen8: for sure and thx for the insight. I was curious and now I know. Not sure when I’m back that way (we’re in summerland in august) but it’s on the list. Be well
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 nice music tempo for the line
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 Really dope… and pretty brave edit considering 50% of pinkbike comment experts wrote that off after first 10 seconds of not hearing death metal.

Also, did they hire Pete Mitchel to fly that drone?
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 Penny Benjamin
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 This kind of footage would’ve been unthinkable 10 years we get it for free! Incredible stuff.
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 Finally drone footage done right! Calvin, please give the Redbull TV guys some lessons in drone piloting... watching the last world cup was a vomit cam...
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 It took him 40 tries. The live feed redbull guys get one shot, at WC race pace. I dont know if you've ever piloted an fpv drone but being consistent at these conditions is REALLY not trivial. Those pilots know their business Smile
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 Not take anything away from Reece's shot. Its awesome!
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 I enjoyed the WC footage
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 @foxinsocks: I totally get you but having those nauseating novel finishing shots in the race was unnecessary in my opinion. My point is just because you can get wild footage it doesn't mean you should. Just follow the racer/rider!
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 @philshep: agree. But I think they held back the aerobatics in the WC. Maybe i missed some shots...
But you have to realize that its impossible to stay static with drones due to the camera tilt. To manage speed while still framing the subject you sometimes must pull some "trick". Btw, i got a feeling the very ending of this shot was a panic punch out to avoid hitting Reece, (possibly then cruising around not being able to spot him. Those drones done like looking straight downSmile
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 @xTwoSnakesx: I enjoyed it too. But I think there were a few times that they should have cut to a static camera a bit faster. Like where the riders went thru some trees and the drone just climbed a few hundred feet really fast, every time, that kinda was distracting and took away from the action. a couple times is fine, but not every time. Over all it was good, but it can improve a little, and i'm sure they'll make some changes to improve it.

This film was impressive and very well filmed/flown, great job Reece and Calvin!
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 I feel like once we can automate most of the drone piloting on race courses, it'll open up the DH racing scene quite a bit.
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 The ranch from another angle: magnificent to discover the relief as well.
Obviously, the run is perfect.
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 awesome riding! and white knuckle flying! good work!
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 @Chromagbikes y'all need to bring back alchemy. thanks.
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 That was pretty great. Not sure what happened at the end.
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 How many drones died to make this edit?
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 That guy should really get a bike with some fancy paintwork.
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 Must watch?? We have a different definition of insane
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 That was actually dope!
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 Nevermind just read the credits
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 Rad edit my dude,Mountain biking needs more tracks like this one!
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 great cinematography!
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 that was sick
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 Reasonable watch but highly unpleasant listen.
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 I am constantly bewildered by the music choices in bike videos these days. And not in a good way.
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 yep, everyone and their moms mtb now. they lettin' everyone in

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