Must Watch: Kriss Kyle Sends Tricks 2000ft in the Air

Apr 13, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesLimits do not exist for BMX rider and Red Bull athlete Kriss Kyle who has achieved something seemingly impossible. With a skatepark suspended from one of the world’s largest hot-air balloons, Kriss Kyle floats over 2,000 feet above ground, showcasing an array of tricks suspended in mid-air for his latest pioneering BMX film. Red Bull

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 Red Bull at it's best - completely unnecessary, a bit silly, but really really fucking cool
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 so damned true
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flag jha (Apr 13, 2023 at 6:22) (Below Threshold)
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 Fortunately NATO fighter jets didn’t shoot them down — that bowl looks like a giant radio antenna for a Chinese spy balloon masquerading as a Red Bull stunt =P
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 Technically a bowl in Denver Colorado would still be higher than this... =P
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 Also the people at that skatepark are higher than this
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 Incredible! Was really hoping he was gonna use that shute though haha...
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 Totally. Pretty amazing, but was thinking the whole time he would "accidentally" fall over the edge, let the bike fall, and then parachute down.
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 @TTASS: Sounds painful for whoever catches the bike on the head.
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 Why ?
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 Because fuck you, thats why!
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 @mtb-jon: Oh dear you little jon boy. You forgot to behave Frown
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 Because Monster Energy doesn't dare to do that in a submarine.
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 because we can (well, Redbull can)
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 Because it's uplifting
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flag jha (Apr 13, 2023 at 6:24) (Below Threshold)
dick pound-
That’s why!
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 Why not?
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 @mtb-jon: luv u too !
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 Full of hot air this guy
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 Head in the clouds
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 @iian: no stratos-fear
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 Yeah, but with lofty ambitions
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 He's a balloon animal!
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 That's how you get more float on the jumps.
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 Basket case.
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 Just don't fly this thing over any important countries for fck sakes. China learned their lesson about party balloons
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 There's always one
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 And by party, you mean spy
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 @nickfranko: Party as in "Chinese Communist Party"
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 I was half expecting the ender to be him "accidently" going over and using the parachute.
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 I was wondering that as well, but 2,100 ft would not be a low risk sky dive, pretty much a BASE jump at that point. Obviously done by many people at that height, but not much room if something went wrong.
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 @eroc43: I don't know much about it, but I'd guess they choose the minimum altitude where he'd have enough time to ditch the bike if needed and deploy the parachute. I bet he got to do a bunch of jumps to get certified in preparation for this. Lucky guy!
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 @eroc43: so craziest ice pick stall ever then?
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 @thenotoriousmic: I looked it up, from 2000 feet up one would hit the ground in about 11 seconds. That is not a lot of time to realize you are falling, get away from the bike, pull the shoot. Again, this is Red Bull, so he no doubt went through a ton of training. But as I said 2000 feet does not give a ton of time.
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 @eroc43: rb usually does a behind the scenes or "how we made it" longer type edit for these big projects, so we'll probably find out in a while. This one will be more interesting than most. Might have even had a remote control deployed parachute. Like one of the guys in the basket would push a button if he went over. In case he injured himself on the way over and wouldn't have been able to pull the cord.
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 I rode yesterday without left sock.
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 Get this man a Red Bull helmet!
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 It sure elevates the sport
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 There is so much I love about this. The absurdity, the camaraderie, the ambition, the execution... The technical level of planning and preparation that went into this is the most incredible part. The riding, is, oddly the easy bit (and even it was spot on and impressive). This was like a Mark Rober meets BMX.

What a cool, over the top idea. The fact that a company in this world is willing to fund things like this is incredibly awesome.
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 Clicks and views on the internet to promote an energy drink...what a worthy cause. lol.
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 @wolftwenty1: I mean sure. But it looks like this project was A LOT of work for a whole team of people that got to be a part of such a cool project. I'm sure a lot of these people will remember this for their entire lives.
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 @Tinga: I mean sure...but you and I already forgot about it Wink

I'm just being a dick...I don't know, this sort of stuff is less and less the guy above said...why?
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 So that’s what China was doing with that hot air balloon…
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 Im sure there was whisky in his red bull to hive him the balls to do that. Well done son ! Im away to lie down, i feel a bir sick watching that
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 Red Bull marketing team: “What haven’t we done yet guys?…wait a minute!”
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flag jha (Apr 13, 2023 at 6:27) (Below Threshold)
 Red Bull marketing team-
What would dick pound do?
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 I must be getting old - really wish he was on the ground so I could see more of the riding.

On the other hand, if they were to tie that balloon down and hang the start ramp for Rampage from it…
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 They were so concerned with whether they could, they didn't stop to think whether they should.
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 It's absolutely wild. But I think that Drew Bezanson's uncontainable wall ride is gnarlier. A 'chute won't help in a 40' fall... .... and Dustin Guenther would have Canadian-picked that rail. Just my 2 cents But still, mad props to the entire project. That's a huge undertaking
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 Whoever came up with this concept is mad!
They filmed this in the sky's above our village (Minety in Wiltshire) , from the ground I couldn't make out Kriss in the skate bowl but was cool to see this slowly float over our house with two helicopters flying around nearby.
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 Sweaty palms when he ice picked that rail
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 Don't let the US air force see that balloon.
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 Tsk. Some riders will do anything to cheat on their Strava vertical.
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 Definitely would of topped it off using the parachute. Bit still cool as fxxk
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 I think it’s really cool that so many people do oddly insane Guinness World Record type stuff, but the YouTube mini edits of ground breaking achievements and stunts are watering everything down.
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 I found myself inadvertently holding my breath during moments in that. Not may vids give me genuine anxiety on that level, absolutely bonkers. Love it!
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 nutty bu**er
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 Need a few more Red Bulls and Waltons to spray infinite cash on everything bikes.
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 when redbull gonna do a submarine version???
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 Best part when they were all S@$^ing their selves trying to land the whole thing back on the ground!
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 what does red bull actually bring to this sport?!
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 Big Ball-oons!
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 A whole new meaning to riding high.
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 Kudos to you Kriss I peed a little just watching it.
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 Red Bull gives you wings!
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 World's first full suspension BMX bike.
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 Kids drinks this shit as it pays for this shit hahahah
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 Imagination run wild in a positive manner Amazing !!!
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 This is amusing me to death.
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 Well that was fucking mental
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 Kriss Kyle is a beast on BMX and MTB
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 That icepick to guard rail.. OMG
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 Totally mad, thanks Red Bull.
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 The “Fonz” has jumped the shark…
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 whats next? a half pipe in ab submarine?
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 Nice !
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 sweaty palms.. engaged
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 Absolutely bonkers
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 No fucking way!!!!
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