Must Watch: The Story of Red Bull Joyride

Aug 29, 2014
by Red Bull Bike  

The Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler is the pinnacle of freeride mountain biking. Unlike the world's other big slopestyle contests, Joyride embodies so much more and transcends into the focal point of global mountain biking.

Heading into the 2014 event, the rider who has really made the event his own, Brandon Semenuk, was staring down the barrel of perhaps the biggest ever threat to his monopoly of the spoils. Brett Rheeder had already defeated him at the X Games and was having the season of his life.

Rheeder's run at Red Bull Joyride was nothing short of incredible and in any other contest would surely have secured victory. But there was no accounting for his Trek teammate, Semenuk...

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 This was such an amazing event to attend. Once of the best things was the track build: not only for all the trickable features, but it snaked down the hill allowing spectators to to get close. You could into every curve and wander up-and-down the slope in order to get a great sight line of multiple kickers for each run. Please keep this build around for next year. Well, unless you can make it even better.
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 The route is going to remain pretty much unchanged as it works really well, but we're going to make every effort to improve to the feature layout for next year in any way we can. Thanks for the kind words
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 Doesn't seem like it could get much better by the looks of it. You guys absolutely killed.
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 The two best runs in slopestyle history made the perfect complement to that course… murder indeed!
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 The only thing I can think of is bringing back the hip feature so people can boost as high as they want to. Of course not many riders will go for it since you can get more points for tricking it but maybe have an extra $500 set aside for biggest air? Either way, that hip was one of the best features in the history of Crankworx slope because of how entertaining it was to watch. It'd be tight to see that back again.
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 This years was my 3rd year at Cranworx and watching the Joyride. Everyone on this site deserves to get yourself to Whistler/Cranworx at least once in your life!
Sell a kidney if you have too!
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 Didn't get to go to crankworx this year but did finally after 12 years of riding hit the slopes for the first time.....Life changing! Best part was I was getting paid standby pay when I went because my job site had been evacuated because of fire so it was like a sponsored trip!
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 think this has convinced me to empty my bank account to see this next year
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 If there was a sweet spot on a a cash roll rogatin nailed it.
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 Ah those slow motions....made me drool!
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 Nicolai Rogatkin is steping it up !! Huge props to all big balls out there
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 I Thought for sure he was going to crush it.. He had such a creative and stylish run going. Unreal runs put together at this event tho. Cant believe how fast this sport is progressing. Cant wait till rampage
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 Bearclaw Invitational should be coverage like this!
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 Opening the vid I was sure to watch the whole history of the event:C
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 Rheeder's corked 7 is the most stylish trick in MTB right now, currently tied with Aggy's double buzzer and Sherrard's 1 hand unturndown.
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 Cashroll barspin? Wink
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 Was waiting some videos from the old old crankworxs !!!!!
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 What´s the name of the first song playing? It´s the same as On Track intro song.
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 follow me down sepalot
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 This video gave me the chills.. I'm gonna have to leave my girlfriend next year to head up there..soooooo worth it..
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 Whats the name of the song in the intro?
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 follow me down sepalot
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 Please follow just got pink bike
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