Myriam Nicole Out With Foot Injury

Apr 14, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

The winner of the first round of the 2018 World Cup in Croatia last year and consistent podium threat has been injured right before the first race of the 2019 season.

bigquotesI was ready to smash it.
I was ready to rock it.
I was ready to give my best racing with the guuurls!
After 6 months training like hell thanks to @nicstraining & @bparietti doing an awesome job with the @commencal_vallnord team my hopes for the full race season are over for now… I was blown off by the wind mid air whilst training. I landed badly on my foot and it broke and dislocated.
After lots of tears, frustration, the team at @cliniquestjean.capsante took care of me and even made me smile before going for surgery.
Couldn’t thank my lovely friends who were there to help enough @loicbruni29 @paulhette @peferry @ledieuvincent @malene_degn @victor_koretzky @purple_koz and everyone else that sent messages or came to see me at the clinic.
Myriam Nicole

We wish Myriam the best of luck with her recovery and look forward to seeing her back on the bike later in the season.


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 First, Cécile, and now Myriam ! Sacrebleue !
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 Oh la la !
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flag viatch (Apr 14, 2019 at 14:30) (Below Threshold)
 buddy of mine rode on Apr 13th, crashed bad had to be airlifted 800kms away. gonna go visit him tonight at the hospital. its eerie that i also didnt go on a group ride that day into the US because of health insurance concerns. tsk tsk not good
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 trois fois merde !!! I was hoping that Rachel would have a full complement of talented girls to butt heads with this season, Myriam is awesome, and such a great spokeswoman for the sport. Really bummed for her, the foot is so damn hard to rehab due to its weight bearing nature. Feck sakes =/
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 Chocolat Mousse!!
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 Ohhh baguette fromage !
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 L'année commence mal pour commençal !
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 Bouillabaisse aux grenouilles! Heal up soon!!!!!
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flag kookseverywhere (Apr 15, 2019 at 15:45) (Below Threshold)
 french riders falling like the notre-dame
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 @Clemounet: Indeed! Merde!!!
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 I really wish Nicole a speedy recovery. She is one of my favorite riders, she makes racing look like fun and make me want to ride harder.
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 Gutted, I hope you heal well. Your runs will be missed on the WC circuit.
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 This sucks. She's one of my favs and seems like an all around cool lady. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
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 So disappointed that Pompon's out the race for 2019. High hopes that Marine Cabirou and Monika Hrastnik have stepped up a notch on their new teams and can bring some serious heat to the women's category this year.
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 Two weeks ago, I got blown off a jump as well. Broke my tibia plateau and had to have surgery to install a 70mm plate and 6 screws. I can't believe she doesn't have more swelling than that and somehow got into that hammock. Tough lady.
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 Damn dude. Sounds wrecked. Awful. You alright?
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 I’m really sorry to see this @profro, I did similar three years ago. It’s a long recovery, but the feeling you get when you’re back on the bike is amazing. Heal fast.
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 PS: @profro message me if you have any questions about coming back from a TPF. The same goes to anyone else with the injury.
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 two tibia plateu in the same knee as well with 7 years appart. the second one which was last year was a major one with 11 screws and two metal plates holding it all together. it was like 8 hours surgery and the predictions where that i would probably walk again. one year later i still ride downhill and motocross ,i can run and enjoy life. If you work hard with the help of physio, it will reward you faster than expected trust me on this one.wish you fast healing
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Thanks for the encouragement. I have let my doctor know that I want to be aggressive as possible with my rehab. Unfortunately I don't live in an overly athletic community and I don't think they are prepared for how quickly I want to get stared.
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 @profro: its is even worse because everybody thought i was crazy! but it worked out for me bro and i really wish it work out for you! no need to be aggressive but you ll find the flow of how things should be done. And you ll be back on the bike thats for sure! keep me posted , i ll wait to see you on a bike!
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 fantasy comments below threshold in 3...2..
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 thanks for the reminder
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 Thanks for the racist email
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 Heal up fast. You'll get back to what you love before you know it. Stay positive during recovery its hard but it's worth it. I'm 10 weeks out of wrist surgery. I've been focusing on whistler opening since the surgery. Pins come out next week!
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 All the best Pom Pom!
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 That's a big shame, best of luck to her in recovery. Isn't this at least the 3rd time that she's gotten seriously injured? She's a hell of a rider, but you can't win if you can't make it to the start line.
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 Saw her racing in the national cup at Lousã, wish her fast recovery and bring her glamour to the tracks.
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 No.1 fantasy DH girl rider! Get well soon Myriam, stay strong xx
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 danm, her foot looks like dem cold cuts i get at the corner deli
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 No fun! Heal up quickly and speedily! I broke my calcaneus in 2017 season, not a fun process but bounced right back to all activities in due course!
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 That second picture is insane. I give her big props for the ability to remain positive on basically the eve of the season.
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 Prompt rétablissement Myriam!!
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 Don't fergit to update ur fantasy teamz
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 Raaaah nooooon!!
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 This sucks!!! She's always a constant threat! Heal up quick!
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 All the best, heal up quick. You Frenchies continue to amaze!
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 Heal quickly and well!
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 Estie d'calice. Bonne récupération.
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Ce n'est pas en accent français ça.... :p
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 Feel better soon Myriam! Respect!
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 Such a pity for her on the eve of the season. This is a brutal sport.
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 pas bon, guérir vite!
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 WC DH is a cruel game...
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 That's that. Not interested in Women's Downhill 2019 anymore.
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 OHHmelette du fromage.
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 Ahh Noo!!
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