N1NO- Huntforglory Chapter 1

Apr 16, 2015
by SCOTT Sports  
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Follow N1NO as he begins to train for the upcoming World Cup Season, and eventually for the Olympics in Rio. Go behind the scenes to see what preparing for an Elite World Cup season really looks like.
5 March 2015 - Scott-Odlo shoot near Stellenbosch with Nino Schurter Michiel van der Heijden Jenny Rissveds amp Thomas Frischknecht. Photo by Gary Perkin

N1NO- Huntforglory Chapter 1 images
Having grown up in Eastern Switzerland, N1NO's training regimine naturally includes skiing, lots of skiing. Be that on the skates or touring high up in the Alps, N1NO is always looking to get into the mountains.

N1NO- Huntforglory Chapter 1 images

N1NO- Huntforglory Chapter 1 images
Dynamic fitness routines keep N1No sharp in both body and mind.

Stay tuned for the next chapter. Make sure to subscribe to the N1NO YouTube Channel here: http://bit.ly/1IZ6u6M


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 There is literally no clip in this video that I could do.
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 he is sitting in a chair at some point just speaking
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 He is one of the best all around riders in the world at this point (Jared Graves is up on the top of that list too). After he won 2013 XC World Champs he went on to Finale Ligure with Brendog to race the final stop of the EWS and didn't do too bad...he did a lot better than I think most people were expecting him to do! Then in the spring of 2014 he went to go race for Orica Green Edge on Scott's Pro Road team! The dude is an animal!
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 Step 1: turn the bike around
Step 2: run the trad mil in reverse mod
Step 3: enjoy the endless downhill Smile
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 I was a full on DH rider for years, then started pedaling with the xc racer crowd and realized how fast they were both up and down. Humbled. Now 3 years later (and 10,000 kms of pedaling), I can keep pace on the uphills, and am faster than I have ever been on the downhill. For me, this was my next level. And have so much further to go.
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 I ride mostly XC with a group of pretty quick road riders that can still rip a down. It's really amusing when a DH rider will join us for a ride and talk up how much they'll be smoking us on the down. They can a rip a downhill after they've had a nice restful lift to the top, but after pedaling to the top? They usually come seat bouncing up to the group that's been waiting a few minutes haha
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flag atrokz (Apr 16, 2015 at 9:39) (Below Threshold)
 Fitness is fitness. Get a fit DH'er on one of your rides and he'll smoke you up and down. It's all about fitness mixed with skill. Pros have both in spades, because they take every aspect of bike riding seriously. You got faster because you got fitter. Those who think DH is just sit and go are the slow ones at the back of the 'sport' class pack.
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 DH fitness is completely different from XC fitness.

fitness in one discipline != fitness in another

Are you saying an athlete who trains for (and is in peak shape for) a ~5 minute explosive effort will be better equipped on a 3 hr steady ride than one who trains for (and is in peak shape for) a 1.5 to 2 hr steady effort? Will the explosive athlete's muscles really be functioning better at hr 2 of the ride than the athlete who trains for long duration races? I think not. The DH rider rider is certainly in shape, just the wrong sort of shape!

Are the top level DH and XC guys both in remarkably well-trained, dedicated, and "fit" athletes?
Absolutely yes.
Are the top level DH and XC in the SAME shape? Would a top level XC rider beat a top level DH rider in a pure DH race? Would a top level DH rider beat a top level XC racer in a pure XC race?
Absolutely not, and you're a fool if you think otherwise. (unless we're talking Jared Graves haha)
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flag atrokz (Apr 16, 2015 at 11:39) (Below Threshold)
 Are you serious? We aren't pros. Those 'fast' guys you ride with, aren't at a pro level either. We're just goofs on bikes, and overall fitness will help either. Trying to do 'sport specific' training like you're going for gold in the Olympics isn't exactly going to make you much faster than if you worked on your overall strength as a bike rider. You speak in absolutes that 'a DH rider' yad yada. Well, I've got news for you, most fast DH riders around here also race in XC. Go figure. It's called riding a bike, and a LOT of it is transferable. You don't think DH pros work on cardio (because they do)? You don't think XC pros do strength training( because they do)?

You made 'absolute' statements, then followed up with specific statements. Not sure you're getting the point that we are talking about us lowly riders and how fitness is required in all disciplines, and how training for either will help with either over doing nothing. Comprehension, do you speak it? Wink
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 It's true what captaintyingknots said above, fitness in one discipline is difference in another let alone in other sports. I used to be a basketball athlete with huge explosive power and other trained body coordination,+a good peripheral vision. I could play around 3 quarter full. But when i try mountain biking, whooaa its completely f*cked me up. Body coordination definetely different, let alone my trained peripheral vision was holding me back in mountain biking because i usually aiming high above the hip in basketball. Some OTB and fall (lot of fall) was the consequences. The adrenaline in mountainbiking(enduro) in steep downhill really makes my heart pounding. Am i well trained athlete, i think so. Am i a good mountainbiker i didnt think so. Nino's video showed us how much it need to be on top off the game and other cross training that need to be done to maintain his body and mind in top shape. Props to this kind of athlete.
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 What's wrong with being at the back of the sport class?
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 captian is missing the point. Not surprising, dude doesn't' even have pics, or anything showing who he is. It's that he makes absolute statements that DHers are slow and not fit enough to ride trails. Forgetting that a lot of local level DHers also race XC, or can be just as fit as the average XC rider, then draws conclusions based on pro training regimes. the sandy vag club can get upset, neg prop, but the fact remains that absolute statements like that are for idiots. Plenty of 'DHers' that could school him daily. Then we get an explaination on basketball.... This is like ESL here, ignore the point and make your own up.

@brownstone, nothing, but the slowest guys are hardly representative of the 'fitness' required to do well in a sport.
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 wow, it just shows how hard you have to work/train if you want to become a top athlete... before i watched this video i thought the training was far easier than what I've just seen here!
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 Bit weird branding Nino and referring to him as "N1NO" throughout but hey.

Ridiculous amount of work going in to staying at the top! Nino is looking a lot leaner this year so I suspect we can see him holding his own on the longer climbs (where someone like Absalon traditionally had a bit of an advantage) as well as the punchier short climbs this season. Nino definitely deserves a good run at the Olympics too- best of luck!
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 this guy is a beast.
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 I often wonder if the top XC riders and even **gasp** top EWS riders are doping. Is anyone keeping an eye out or are we gonna get Armstronged again?
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 @zepper - I think that there's just not enough money out there to act as an incentive. Selling and buying some drugs is a real criminal act that will get you in trouble if you're found guilty. Road bikers need the stuff - the legal stuff - because they rip through, what?, 4-5k Kcal per race and they race multiple stages back-to-back. There's a need and an incentive, sad but true.
I like to think that XC / DH / EWS are a different ballgame...
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 UncleGroOve- I'm afraid that is a naive outlook. XC has had a torrid time of doping in its recent history although most of those guys found their way to the road and got busted there instead. There are also examples of several enduro guys in the top 10 or top 20 getting allegedly busted but the authorities are under no obligation to publicise names so it seems to usually goes down as "a year off injured". In the one main case the alleged rider's sponsors didn't even know!
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 I watch videos like this and I see bikes in laboratories on treadmills, dudes hooked up to VMAX respirators like a lab rat....i know this is common for top level athletes but.......its not hard to imagine when the video camera is switched off the athlete gets a blood transfusion and some horse steroids.

+1 Beardlessmarinrider - see you at tamarancho this weekend ([in spirit] your bike was tested there)
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 This video is for everyone talking about how stupid the XC is... I thought the same as a downhiller until I competed in a XC event and I got totally smoked.
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 Not to mention this guy can downhill, and has cleared some of the most difficult trails in Laguna, first try on his xc bike w/seat up! Respect
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flag dfiler (Apr 16, 2015 at 7:48) (Below Threshold)
 The training and athleticism is impressive... but XC racing is still boring and painful.
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 if it's boring to you it's because you aren't fit enough to play the game
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flag thustlewhumber (Apr 16, 2015 at 8:19) (Below Threshold)
 Still hasn't changed my opinion - while they may have an edge on fitness, most XC to me is just road biking on flat trails with most riders not really understanding how to handle their bikes. For instance, at 2:16 they have him doing a sprint and his head is bobbing all over the place. Anyone with basic downhill knowledge understands how much head movement can throw your equilibrium out of whack, and here we have the top XC rider in the world doing that very thing.
  • 13 1
 I don't see how XC can be boring after seeing races like MSA last year. The courses are fun to watch (rock gardens, drops, jumps, even pump tracks), there's plenty of drama and dueling between the top riders, and it's a WAY more broadcast-friendly format than DH.

I rode the course at Windham last year and some of the steep/techy sections were no joke, especially with my saddle up my ass and my lungs on fire. There's a reason that full suspension, wider bars, and dropper posts are making their way into XC. It's because it's real, fun, fast mountain biking.
  • 19 1
 "most riders not really understanding how to handle their bikes".

Yeah... no bike handling skills whatsoever.

A PB couch potato critiquing a WC XC rider's technique or handling ability is a joke. These dudes are dirty on bikes.
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 @thustlewhumber, where exactly in Dallas do you practice DH? been there quite a few times and I've seen no mountains, so you either drive for more than a couple hours for your DH sessions or you bring your DH bike to XC trails which is actually funny for someone devaluating XC.
  • 2 1
 Peter Sagan loading his bike on the car!!

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 There's a downhill trail in Cape Town where over a period of months I reduced my Strava time to something I thought was pretty good. Then 1200 riders from the Cape Epic went through there, and the likes of Nino and Jose Hermida beat my time riding the trail for the first time ever, on hardtails. These guys have so much talent.
  • 4 1
 His father coached the Swiss national Downhill Team, and he regularly rides with 'enduro' or gravity guys like Lopes, so he takes the down aspect of riding seriously. He also raced DH for a while when he was younger. So it's not like he's a roadie cross over, he's a MTB racer through and through, regardless of discipline. There's many interviews where he talks about it.

He's an outlier and his multifaceted approach to being great at all aspects of MTB make him a champion. It's awesome to see a champion with so much style and skill.
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 I do wonder how quick the top xc riders would be on a enduro course, their bike skills are top draw and they appear to be in a completely different league of fitness compared to other riders. That dude is hard a nails in this training.
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 Nino beat Remy Absalon to win the Flims Megavalanche race a couple years ago. Back in 2010. His dad was/is the Swiss National Team DH, coach, too...

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 The Cannondale Factory Racing dudes race enduro after the XC season is over. Anton Cooper won one down in NZ. Marco, Mani and Anton went 42, 43 and 44 at Finale Ligure EWS last year. Pretty legit considering they race hardtails all year.
  • 8 1
 Sorry that was day one, they actually did a little better overall. Bottom line Nino, Fontana and Fumic are the reason I watch XC. Amazing skills, stylish jumps, always take the hard lines and rip off the XC course too.
  • 10 2
 Scott likes N1NO, Scott throws megabudget at N1NO for making top of the bill N1NO Webseries, by the looks of it, he deserves it. Good job Scott!
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 Impressive intensity across all of his training.

I'd be interested in seeing the charts (power, VO2 and related data) from that last exertion. Post those in next time for us physiology geeks.
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 At the end, he said the most important thing was having fun... and sort of cracked half a smile before flinging the oxygen mask off his face. Very little about the rest of the training looked like fun... except maybe the skiing, looked like fun. I suppose the winning part is fun.
  • 8 2
 This is such sufferfest. Unbelievable.
  • 7 2
 sh1t - talk about the hard work
N1n0 is the man.
Ready to bet he'd have a blast doing *ndur0 as well
Big Grin
  • 3 1
 Skit touring and nordic skiing are the best / most fun off-season training!!! Just wish I could do it in the Swiss alps....

So stoked for XC racing to begin. Really looking forward to the renewed rivalry between Nino and Absalon now that the Frenchie is on full suspension. Going to be an entertaining season!!
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 Nino is a pretty cool dude that can shred too, that's all I gotta say. Best of luck this year man!
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 Total respect to all pro cyclist no matter what their discipline is. (and that includes free-riders!!) The amount of training is huge, and I'm more so of the kind of rider that likes to do some beer crushing after a ride. I don't think Nino crushes a lot of beers!
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 @zepper there is ainterview on vitalmtb with Jared Graves where he talks about doping in the EWS.give it a watch.

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 Interesting. A cynic would wonder 1) How he can vouch for the entire top of the field and 2) do this after moaning about all the other cheating that goes on? Sure there aren't any LA's in Enduro as the money isn't there but it wouldn't surprise me if a few lived in a world of grey when it came to pre-prep
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 Bike treadmill!!!!!!
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 Fairly standard for most high end testing labs. Wiggins supposedly has one at the bottom of his garden in a shed but I can't imagine many exist outside of the labs TBH
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 His determination to succeed is quite inspiring, wish I had the motivation to train effectively to reach my potential
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 Now I know why I can't be a XC racer: I can never do that 3 tennis balls trick!
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 This video made my willie itchy.
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 If DH one day reach this level of professionalism, goodbye, I prefer a high fitness crazily sports
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 Jusqu'où va l'humilité du VTT ?
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  • 1 1
 oh man that biking/running belt.... thats hard core... I like that
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 I guess to beat the best ,you have to train more than the rest.
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 The DH is a joke in front of this. This is the true cycling!
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 lets go nino!
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  • 1 1
  • 1 1
 science, b.tch!
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  • 1 1
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 hardcore parkour!
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 Where is my Lycra?!
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