Neoride Components Announces New MTB Freecoaster Hub

May 30, 2019
by neoridecomponents  
Riding backwards with the Neoride Components MTB Freecoaster Hub.

PRESS RELEASE: Neoride Components

MTB is known for many continuous tech revolutions. Unfortunately the Freestyle MTB industry is put aside. The major upgrade we saw in a long time was the mechanical gyro, coming from the BMX world. Most riders on the FMB World Tour now run this [more or less artisanal] system that allows the bar to rotate without any limit.

The other recent big change we saw on the slopestyle scene was freecoaster hubs. “Freecos” have also been around in the BMX world for a very long time. They started to show up in the MTB industry a few years ago, but recently they came back as some big names on the slopestyle scene started to ride them.

Freecoaster hubs allow to ride backwards without having the cranks turning. They offer great opportunities to do new tricks that cannot be done with a traditional freewheel hub, either in slopestyle, Skatepark or street riding.

At Neoride Components, we focused on the development of a new freecoaster hub that would be perfectly adapted and optimized for Mountain Bike. We just launched it.

Neoride MTB Freecoaster hub, female axle, 32 holes, 505g (10t version).

The final weight and durability were big challenges when building a coaster for MTB. Considering the disc mount space and the final 135x10mm standard dirt jump hub size, there was little room left for the freecoaster mechanism. That is why the best option for it was the "pawls & springs" configuration.

Thanks to the springs in the driver, the pawls are forced to retract when you stop pedaling, which allows the hub to rotate freely when riding background. Then when you pedal again, a clutch engages the pawls back on the ratchet ring.

As some slopestyle riders run a MTB crank with a big chainring, and some ride a 3 pieces BMX style crank with a smaller chainring, we had to offer 2 options. That is why we came up with a one piece driver with 10t, and a two pieces driver with a 14t sprocket (that can be changed for one from 12t to 16t).

One piece driver vs two pieces driver.

The clutch can be changed to have a smaller “slack” / “gap”. It changes the moment when the pawls are engaged, thanks to different angle designs.

Adjustable slack thanks to different clutch designs (35° and 55° here).


• Size: 135x10mm
• Holes: 32H
• Weight: 505g (10t) / 560g (14t)
• Axle: Chromoly female axle with Chromoly bolts
• Slack ("gap"): 90°, the best compromise for any situation - Adjustable slack to 55° or 35° by getting slack adaptors (available on our website)
• Bearings: 4 precision sealed bearings
• Driver: One piece (10t) or Two pieces (comes with a 14t sprocket)

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The final version of the Neoride MTB Freecoaster Hub is ready. We just made the hub available for pre-orders with 25% off, at $139. Pre-orders run for limited time and quantity, and deliveries are expected for early August.

More information on our website here.

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 buy a freehub from unknown brad or from profile who has been making hubs forever. hmmmmm
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 Buy a 370$ hub to test out if you even want a freecoaster good plan
  • + 1
 @loganflores: most people who are entering the world of freecoasters know whether or not they will need them. i suspect most mountain bikers using them come from the bmx world
  • + 1
 @adrennan: well the majority of people I've know have bought them and decided they don't like them after a few months and sold them off I think in the case of a mtb I would bet most would think they are going to be fakieing a lot more than they actually do.
  • + 1
 @loganflores: Sounds like some real Fake News right there folks!
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 @loopie: i feel like fakie news would be a great bmx magazine given the times we live in
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 They brought Scylence to market before Shimano could? Impressive.
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 There are 100% zero similarities my bro.
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 @Edulmes you can't do backwards coasting on a scylence hub.

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